01.17.09 -- SFUMATO

Pieces of Mona by Bigchrist
Saturday, January 17, 2009
Puzzle by Brad Wilber, edited by Will Shortz
SFUMATO is one of two or three entries that are not of the usual everyday fare for a crossword; however, the clue is doggedly descriptive in penance for the oddity, if not more or less so than for PEYO. The remaining lineup of entries are the usual suspects, all fairly familiar -- it’s the clues that create the degree of difficulty bordering upon sadistic mystification.
Across: 1.
Stadium stands; 10. It’s sometimes ribbon-shaped; 15. They have extensions; 16. His tribute to Marilyn was remade for Diana; 17. Vents; 18. Pant; 19. 2004 U.S. Women’s Open winner Mallon; 20. 100 sen; 21. Future egg; 22. Pricing words; 24. Bracing; 26. Cardsharp’s goal; 27. Brown and others; 29. Futile search; 32. Ace; 34. Range accessory; 35. What 16-Across has been called since 1998; 36. 64 crayons, e.g.; 37. Gave away an intruder, maybe; 41. Military districts; 45. Glare; 47. Whence some spaniels and terriers; 48. N.C.A.A. rival of Vassar; 49. Like some weaves; 51. Legendary athlete on the 61/23/75 cover of Sports Illustrated; 52. Landslide election winner of 1945; 55. Player in a docking station 57. Gerrymander; 58. Lipstick shade; 59. Player of Pat Nixon in “Nixon”; 61. Word after Vanilla or Chocolate, at Dunkin’ Donuts; 62. Forward; 63. Head of Hogwarts School’s Slytherin House; 64. 34-Across sporter.
Down: 1.
Artist’s tone-blending technique used in the “Mona Lisa”; 2. Part of some splits; 3. Spent; 4. Communist leader?; 5. Trunk protuberance; 6. Not advanced; 7. Where Hampshire College is; 8. Try to land; 10. One-named Belgian cartoonist who created the Smurfs; 9. Certain card issuer: Abbr.; 11. “The Black Stallion” lad; 12. Go nowhere; 13. Dessert garnished with crumbled macaroons; 14. Only Mouseketeer personally chosen by Walt Disney; 21. Try to block; 23. Volkswagen model; 25. Kindred; 28. Sharply irritating; 30. Governor or mayor follower; 31. Buzz generator on Wall Street; 33. Words often accompanied by a 45-Across; 37. Music store array; 38. Player of Richard Nixon in “Blind Ambition”; 39. Its flag features an olive branch inside a wreath; 40. 1950 film that opens with a man reporting his own murder; 41. What to flash when you need a lift?; 42. First U.S. coed college; 43. Spell; 44. Wallace STEGNER, Pulitzer winner for “Angle of Repose”; 45. Idle; 50. Certain jazz combo; 53. Miner’s aid; 54. Part of a noted reb’s signature; 56. Show pluck; 59. Yak; 60. Photocopier abbr.
Doing research for this write-up, I came across this amazing YouTube video --
How to paint the MONA LISA with MS PAINT -- 9,481,559 views!
SFUMATO, OOCYTE or OTIOSE might require a mental spellcheck in this otherwise BASIC-entry puzzle, but not much else. Interesting juxtapositions -- DIRTYLOOK with ORELSE, STAYPUT with YEARN, PASTA and TORTONI; ELECT with SECTORS; ASSERTIVE with DARE; RIEL and REELIN. Two full-name actor entries are JOANALLEN and RIPTORN as Pat and Richard Nixon -- albeit in different films. Colleges, AMHERST and OBERLIN. SNAPE and SNIPEHUNT, SKIPASS and PASSAT, ELEE and PELE, SIB and SIR. Oh and it’s CEE not CHE. I’ll quit now, I’m beginning to JAW (59D. Yak)!
Signing off singing!
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