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Christmas Shopping, c. 1928 -- Lauretta Sondag
Saturday, December 15, 2007

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Puzzle by Rich Norris, edited by Will Shortz
Forget this crossword puzzle! Get out there, jump into the melee for the upcoming holiday, join in the running to and fro! The JIFFY (9D Flash); the FLEE (25A Take off); the HIES (4D Rushes); PRANCE (53A What reindeer do); JARS (10D Jostles); and be ZEROED (14D Took dead aim, with “in”) upon -- why the hustle and bustle? Is it much ado about nothing? Or is it this puzzle running from it’s own bad dream!
OKAY (24A Up to snuff), first, the positive -- IAGREE (16A Pro’s remark); ITHINKSO (36D “Probably”); SEESTOIT (37D Gets the job done); and GOINGAT (41D Beginning with vigor); and that’s it!
The negative? Well, it sounds like a really bad day at the mall! Be ONNOTICE (2D Warned), ODDSARE (31A Words of expectation) ONEINTEN (15A Pretty poor chances) of avoiding the HOTHEADS (1A They get sore easily); SOTS (19A They’re lit); TOSSPOTS (63A They’re fried); the SADIST (35A Meanie); and you’ll be TESTABLE (3D Subject to an assessment?); hey, they SNEAKED (8D Didn’t proceed forthrightly) in front of you and then LIED (28A Wasn’t straight); the sale that they GOBACKON (58A Fail to keep); all will UNSETTLE (17A Shake) and TEETER (13D Be about to fall) ’til you yell QUITIT (56A “Enough!”) -- too bad, there’s more -- AXES (49A Dumps); and in another aisle, RHEA (48A Mother of Hades); ANTI (55A Pro fighter); it never EBBS (54D Low points); word upon word appearing like so much bad news, oh Fuhgeddaboudit! -- EXEUNT (45D Order to leave).
The rest of the shopping list:
Across: 9. JJPUTZ (6’5” All-Star relief ace with identical first two initials) (too much information); 18. FRASER (1970s- ‘80s Australian P.M.) (mortified in Memphis); 20. STAFFS (Places to make notes); 22. UTO-Aztecan language; 23. ETA (Itinerary abbr.); 26. SIBS (Rivals for the folks’ attention, maybe); 29. BEARD (Part of some disguises); 30. ACLU (Org. that fought warrantless wiretapping); 33. TEETHE (Raise canines?); 39. Ingredients in a protein shake); 43. ETES (Part of a French 101 conjugation); 44. MEDAL (Get bronze, say) (I don’t care if it is a verb, it doesn’t connect); 47. LOIN (Butcher’s offering); 50. ELIA (“A Chapter on Ears” essayist); 51. ISR (Where Mt. Tabor is: Abbr.); 52. SES (Paris possessive); AMBROSIA (61A Dessert of chilled fruit and coconut); 62. Liszt’s “Paganini ETUDES”.

HOUSESAT (Filled in for a vacationer, in a way); 5.
ENT (Fangorn Forest dweller); 6. ATTS (Caseworkers?: Abbr.); 7. DELTOID (Muscle named for its shape); 11. PGA (Org. with aces and chips); 12. URSULA (Sci-fi author Le Guin); 21. FADS (They come and go); 25. FEEDER (Tributary); 27. SUTRAS (Buddhist teachings); 28. LOEW (Eponymous theater mogul); 29. BRA (Top piece); 32. ASSN (Grp. With a common purpose) (would that they were!); 34. HAL (“I’m sorry, Dave” speaker of sci-fi); 38. TSARINAS (Catherine I and others); 40. ELLA Peterson, lead role in “Bells Are Ringing”; 42. GIACOMO (Composer Puccini); 44. MASQUE (Certain ball); 46. DESILU (1957 RKO purchaser); 50. ERTES (“Symphony in Black” and others); 53. PIKE (Main route); 55. “Rent-ACOP”; 57. T1D (Rx instruction); 59. ARS sine scientia nihil est ” (old Latin motto).
It‘s almost Christmas, it's only once a year -- there are better things this weekend with one's time to do with ado!
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