11.23.08 -- Picture This

Le Bateau, Henri Matisse, 1953, as displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in 1961
PICTURE THIS, Puzzle by David J. Kahn, edited by Will Shortz
LEBATEAU (25A. Title of a work by 23-Across), WATERMEDIA (46D Styles of 25-Across and the like), PAINTING (120A. 25-Across, e.g.), HENRIMATISSE (23A. Leader of the Fauvist movement), FRENCHARTIST (122A. 23-Across, e.g.), UPSIDEDOWN (41D. How 25-Across appeared at a 6-Down in 1961), MOMAEXHIBITION (6D. N.Y.C. cultural event); MFAS (116D. Some 6-Down curators: Abbr.), FORTYSEVENDAYS (55D. How long 25-Across was 41-Down before being noticed and fixed).
Note (Appearing in print): "When this puzzle is done, read the circled letters clockwise starting with the last letter of 66-Across; and read the shaded letters clockwise starting with the second letter of 77-Across"; e.g., a SAILBOAT REFLECTION. The circles, if connected, give a rough visual of Le Bateau itself.
The remaining clues:
Across: 1. Dr. Seuss character with a red hat; 7. Train stop?; 12. Not useless, as clothing; 20. British noble, for short; 21. Football Hall-of-Fame coach Greasy NEALE; 22. Earmarked (for); 26. Publicity; 27. Fictional spread; 28. Hip in the ’60s; 29. Hideout; 30. Agcy. Overseeing reactor safety; 31. It’s deep; 33. Winter protection; 35. Metric weight; 36. Vegetable with yellow pods; 38. Nurse; 39. Intense aversions; 44 Somewhat reduced; 47. Academic area; 50. Debate (with); 51. Whirling; 53. Nabokov novel; 54. Flying grp. Since 1918; 56. OSLO Accords of 1993; 57. Workout target; 58. “On&On” singer Erykah BADU; 61. Special OPS; 63. Say “Final answer,” say; 65. Will be now?; 66. Double-layer breads; 67. First name in spydom; 69. Paris’s RUEDE la Paix; 70. Supplies of greetings; 73. What Ramona wore in a 1966 Chuck Berry song; 76. Year Super Bowl XXXVII was played; 77. Ziegfeld Follies designer; 79. Scuffles; 80. Morning deposit; 81. Individual; 83. Al Kaline, in uniform; 84. Son, at the Sorbonne; 85. It’s cultivated in the Andes; 86. Stone in a 2008 Olympic medal; 87 Rejections; 89. Invoice amount; 91. Carted off; 93. Auspices: Var.; 94. Cushion user?; 98. Brags about; 99 More cool; 102. Canterbury can; 103. Boardinghouse boarders; 105. Florence attraction; 107. Musical for which Ben Vereen won a Tony; 108. Those, to Munoz; 112. See 106-Down; 115. Nobelist Pavlov; 116. Big D player; 117. Visiting the U.S. capital; 119. Sportage maker; 125. Factor in a restaurant rating; 126 Skylit areas; 127. Like the return of swallows to Capistrano; 128. Cupid, e.g.; 129. Fiber-yielding plant; 130. Volleyball position.
Down: 1. Old term of respect; 2. Concert venue; 3. Otter cousins; 4. Home of the Ramon Crater: Abbr.; 5. Scuffling; 7. Brightest star in Scorpius; 8. Tiki bar offering; 9. Devil’s home?; 10. Onetime political columnist Joseph; 11. Sax player’s need; 12. Cleanup hitter, e.g.; 13. Like the earliest Olympic festivals; 14. Animal oddity; 15. Had a big laugh; 16. Long-distance letters; 17. Revolutionary 1930s bomber; 18. Duke of Cornwall’s father-in-law, in Shakespeare; 19. Part of H.E.W.: Abbr.; 24. Show horse; 32. Like the mathematician Euler; 34. Fond du LAC, Wis.; 35. Personal quirk; 37. Horned viper; 38. Reply to irritably; 40. Compound variant; 42. Kipling short story, with “The”; 43. Low-cost accommodations, briefly; 44. Reddish purple; 45. Angrily crusading; 46. Styles of 25-Across and the like; 48. Ancient land near the Dead Sea; 49. Pouch; 52. Spain joined it in 1982; 59. Be bold enough; 60. Web browsers; 62. Unreasonable pricewise; 64. Oozy mixtures; 66. Fraternity letters; 68. Prefix with chemical; 71. Most urgent; 72. Well-oiled; 74. Concert venue; 75. Brings around; 78. Brad and 86-Down, e.g.; 82. San Francisco’s NOB Hill; 86. Touch off; 86. See 78-Down; 88. “The Laughing Man” author; 90. Prospering ones; 92. DAR es Salaam; 95. Make a slip; 96. “Alley OOP”; 97. Current; 100. Worked on a Life sentence?; 101. Coulee; 104. Ho Chi MINH; 106. With 112-Across, Okla military area; 107. First installment; 109. Get around; 110. Bridal path; 111. Butterfly variety; 112. On APAR with (equal to); 113. Celebrity; 114. Andersson of “Wild Strawberries”; 118. Canadian natives; 121. “Ladders to Fire” writer; 123. Long in films; 124. Make lace.
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clever puzzle. one i enjoyed very much.

DONALD said...

Right you are!