08.13.09 -- COIN

Photo: stroboscopic coin toss by Andrew Davidhazy
Thursday, August 13, 2009
Puzzle by Patrick McIntyre, edited by Will Shortz
COIN FLIPS (32A. Starts of some games … and of the answers to 16-, 22-, 48- and 56-Across?), NICOTINE (16A. Ingredient in some gum), ICONOCLAST (22A. Oscar Wilde or Bill Maher, for example), INCOMPLETE (48A. Like some passes) and CONIFERS (56A. Cedar and hemlock) are the interrelated entries of this clever Thursday crossword.
Other entries of length -- AGITATE (2D. Perturb);
AIR SPEED (29D. What machmeters measure); ALTERED (42D. Not the same anymore); BANDAID (37D. Not a long-term solution); FLOSSES (43D. Gets ready to brush, maybe); LICENSE (38D. Certain plate); LOCATOR (3D. G.P.S. device, e.g.); LOITERS (41D. Overstays?); ORIFICE (23D. Opening); REMOTES (53A. They give you control); REPOSTED (27A. Like some announcements that have been lost); SEPTATE (10D. Having a dividing wall, in biology); STAND BY (19A. Request that often follows “Please”); SUNSETS (1D. Hackneyed movie endings); SYNOPSIS (15D. TV Guide info); TRESSES (11D. Locks); WAIT A SEC (44A. “Hold on!”).
Five- and six-letter -- AMINES (46D. Organic compounds with nitrogen); AROLL (47A. Hot, after “on”);
CANINE (55A. Fang); DENIES (52A. Contravenes); EENIE (50D. Start of a counting rhyme); EXPELS (9D. Runs out); FESTS (8A. Themed events); FIASCO (8D. Big bomb); IDEES (60A. Foreign thoughts); 6D. “Back IN NYC” (1974 Genesis song); MISTED (57A. Lightly sprayed); NOELS (33D. Songs from rosy-cheeked singers, maybe); 20D. Buck ONEIL, first black coach in Major League Baseball (Cubs, 1962); ONSETS (20A. Inceptions); ONSPEC (17D. How many writers work); ORIBI (5D. Small African antelope); SERENA (28A. Sister who’s won the U.S. Open three times); SIXERS (15A. Allen Iverson’s teammates till ‘06); SORTOF (35D. Rather) and STOLAF (40A. Minnesota college); TROMP (49D. Step heavily on); TTOPS (25A. Some car roofs).
Short stuff -- CEO,
CMI (55D. Third year in the reign of Edward the Elder), DBL, DWI (36D. Bad record, for short), EATS, EMIL (58A. Mathematician Post or Artin), ERNE, ESS, IIS, LEE and REE, MILD (54D. Like Clark Kent‘s manner), OPED, ROI and ROIL, RETD, SAL (1A. “A peculiar sort of a gal,” in song), SDS, SNO, SSR, TITO (51A. Mambo king Puente), UGO (13A. Actor Tognazzi of “La Cage aux Follies“).
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