08.20.09 -- Parallelogram

The Making of a Galactic Parallelogram, NASA
August 20, 2009
Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski, edited by Will Shortz
PARALLELOGRAM (36A. What’s revealed by connecting the special squares in this puzzle in order), along with the “special” squares containing 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, comprise the interrelated group of this fine Thursday crossword. The across entries with the numbers include 1SIE (20A. Toddler‘s attire) [onesie]; AGE 2 (21A. Time for potty training, maybe); TAKES 5 (22A. Rests); 4 DAY (51A. Nice kind of workweek); BIG 3 (53A. G.M., Ford and Chrysler). The down entries with the numbers -- DR1 (15D. Be an utter bore?) [drone]; EAS2OD (13D. Best Director of 1992 and 2004) [Eastwood]; 5 FOLD (24D. Like the symmetry of a starfish); IN4THS (41D. How mini-pizzas are usually cut) [in fourths]; 3 RS (55D. School basics).
Other entries of length include AMEN AMEN (37D. Final words of Numbers 5:22); ANTECEDENT (14A. The fool in “A fool and his money are soon parted”); BE ORIGINAL (58A. Advice for essay writers);
ICE SKATERS (62A. Eight producers?); I DON’T DRIVE (17A. Excuse given for asking for a ride); LANGELLA (11D. Tony-winning “Frost/Nixon” actor).
Mid-size -- APIECE (42D. Each); AS A GIFT (26D. Free of charge);
ASTERISM (12D. Constellation); ELYSEE (65A. Paris palace); ENDEAR (2D. Ingratiate); INVITE (8D. You might get one before a party); OPINES (43D. Sounds off); OR ELSE (45D. Bully’s warning); PARODIES (36D. P.D.Q. Bach’s “Sanka Cantata” and such); SARANAC (23D. Beer from upstate New York); STOCKS (3D. Has on hand); STUPOR (49A. Daze); WAISTS (1D. Middles that are often too big); WESSON (1A. Big name in oil); VOLARE (44D. 1958 #1 song with the lyric “Let’s fly way up to the clouds”).
Five-letter -- 48D. Old comic strip “ABBIE an’ Salts”; AFORE (29A. Burning); A MIND (39A. Start of the United Negro College Fund slogan); ASK OF (42A. Want from); EROSE (34A. Jagged); GAOLS (35A. Clinks overseas); GOGOS (35D. “Beauty and the Beat” band); 41A.
IRENA Szewinska, Olympic sprinting gold medalist of 1964, 1968 and 1976; LEGIT (40A. Kosher); REELS (31D. Walks unsteadily); SOLID (32A. Not shaky); STEER (9D. Direct); UNITY (50D. Concord).
OORT cloud (region of comets far beyond Pluto), OVO, RASA, SECS, SRS, SSNS, TIME, TRA, YEPS (O.K.’s from the O.K. Corral?).
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Remaining cues -- Across: 7. Easter flower, in Is-sur-Tille; 10 Butterfly wings, e.g.; 16. Tabula ___; 18. Humanoid trees in Tolkien; 19. Ticks, say: Abbr.; 25. Chorus line opener; 27. Handel cantata “___ e Leandro”; 43. Ab ___ (from the top); 46. Partisan leader?; 47. Tube top; 56. Setting for an Agatha Christie novel; 57. Proctor’s call; 61. Dickens creep; 63. Payroll dept. figs.; 64. Wiring experts: Abbr. Down: 5. When Canada celebrates Thanksgiving: Abbr.; 6. Washington in the Songwriters Hall of Fame; 7. Hawaiian strings?; 10. Neck of the woods; 30. Part of some chains: Abbr.; 34. Celtic land; 38. Albanian coin; 54. Exits; 59. Presidential nickname; 60. Square dance partner.

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