08.08.09 -- Stumps

…Stumps, Lora Armbruster
Saturday, August 8, 2009
Puzzle by Karen M. Tracey, edited by Will Shortz
Across: 1. Crack squad, A-TEAM; 6. Club for bulking up?, SAM’S; 10. Wound, in a way, as a fellow G.I., FRAG; 14. LORNA Patterson who played the title role on TV’s “Private Benjamin”; 15. One of Laban’s daughters, LEAH; 16. Four-time Grammy winner LALO Schifrin; 17. He said “You are free and that is why you are lost”, FRANZ KAFKA; 19. Spanish seers?, OJOS; 20. Offensive action, ASSAULT; 21. Pitcher Orlando Hernández’s nickname, EL DUQUE; 23. Author BRET Easton Ellis; 24. Capital of the Buryat Republic, ULAN UDE; 25. Little auk, DOVEKIE; 28. Cousin of an Omaha, PONCA; 29. Home of the Knockmealdown Mountains, IRELAND; 30. Did course work?, STEERED; 33. Inspirational delivery: Abbr., SER; 34. 1989 Broadway monodrama, TRU; 35. Like some eye surgery, CORNEAL; 40. Test control, PLACEBO; 44. See 57-Across, AUTRY; 45. Moves in a tired way?, ROTATES; 46. “The Great Gatsby” setting, JAZZ AGE; 48. Figures at a pileup, EMTS; 49. Stumps, PUZZLES; 50. 2003 Anthony Swofford Gulf war memoir made into a 2005 film, JARHEAD; 54. Even around the Seine?, BoldEGAL; 55. “Close …”, NOT EXACTLY; 57. With 44-Across, Champion rider, GENE; 58. Old royal residence in 29-Across, TARA; 59. Pianist with 15 Grammys, COREA; 60. Cramped uban dwellings, briefly, SROS; 61. Easy to get into, OPEN; 62. One who was recently a child, TWEEN.
Down: 1. Starting code word, ALFA; 2. Places for some aeries, TORS; 3. Succession of history, ERAS; 4. Title girl of a 1906 L. Frank Baum novel, ANNABEL; 5. One of 58 Chopin compositions, MAZURKA; 6. Like fruit crates, SLATTED; 7. W.W. I military grp., AEF; 8. Second chances for students, MAKE-UPS; 9. Its bulbs are milder than garlic, SHALLOT; 10. Move in an attention-getting way, FLOUNCE; 11. “The Jewel in the Crown” begins it, with “The”, RAJ QUARTET; 12. One way to think, ALOUD; 13. “Check it out for yourself”, GO SEE; 18. German mathematician who lent his name to a “bottle”, KLEIN; 22. Zealand resident, DANE; 25. Drum alternative, vehicular, DISC; 26. Kind of mud pie, OREO; 27. Explorer of North America’s eastern coast in 1524, VERRAZZANO; 31. Player of Det. Earnes on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, ERBE; 32. Some acts, DUOS; 36. Is an affectionate pooch, NUZZLES; 37. Indication that there’s more: Abbr., ET AL; 38. Silver: Prefix, ARGENTO; 39. Some old-fashioned bars, LYE SOAP; 40. Real-life death penalty opponent played by Sarandon in “Dead Man Walking”, PREJEAN; 41. Folklorist/musicologist Alan LOMAX; 42. Draw, ATTRACT; 43. Good profit source, CASH COW; 46. Some high-tech images, JPEGS; 47. A boring person might have one, AUGER; 51. Being abroad, ETRE; 52. Way to turn a ship, ALEE; 53. Cannon shot on a set?, DYAN; 56. TRE corde (music direction).
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