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ROOTOUT (55A Expose and destroy) -- Illustration: Device to Root Out Evil (1997) by Dennis Oppenheim -- Galvanized structural steel, anodized perforated aluminum, transparent red Venetian glass, concrete foundations


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Puzzle by Manny Nosowsky, edited by Will Shortz

Four seven-across/seven-down squares linked by a passage with the letter “O” as a radiant for the entries and for four black-square crosses boldly eliciting the symbol for Christianity, this dense crossword puzzle construction is a formidable achievement visually and in wordplay; however, it does not render itself any less or more than the standard end-of-the-week Saturday stumper, and yet, there is no question that it is a paragon of symmetry.
EOSIN (35A Red stain in a lab) -- Illustration: Histopathology of bladder shows eggs of Schistosoma haematobium surrounded by intense infiltrates of eosinophils


1 Claimed as one’s own; 8 Paper binder; 15. Sandlot game; 16. Draft pick; 17. Looking ragged; 18 Lined with trees; 19 Rock guitarist born David Evans; 20 Mike Brady of “The Brady Bunch,” e.g.; 21 Half a nursery-rhyme spider’s description: Var.; 22 Longtime “What’s My Line?” panelist; 23 Go jump in the lake!”; 25 Begin, as an enterprise; 26 1947 semi-documentary-style crime drama; 27 Aces; 29 Communist federation: Abbr.; 30; Common site of archaeological remains; 31 They mean nothing; 35 Red stain in a lab; 37 Dance in a pit; 41 Running wild; 43 “Its true!”; 45 Carrying on; 46 First name in electrical engineering; 47 Run-in; 49 Made happy; 50 Bigger and stronger; 51 Class struggles?; 52 Sanctions; 53; Pro performer; 54 Others; 55 Expose and destroy

ELGIN (25D The _____ Marbles) -- Illustration: Lapith fighting a Centaur; detail of a metope from the Parthenon at Athens; one of the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum


1 Guiness Book weather record category; 2 Former home of the N.F.L.’s Rams; 3 Cooling-off period; 4 Spoils; 5 Immobile in winter; 6 Not wait for an invitation; 7 Eye sore; 8 Bath and others; 9 Carnegie Mellon athletes; 10King of Belgium; 11 Races; 12 Pantries; 13 “_______ and Franklin,” 1976 biopic; 14 Makes flush; 24 Drum accompanying a pipe; 25 The _____ Marbles; 28 Island said to be the home of Homer’s tomb; 31 “Again?!”; 32 With no time to lose; 33 Celebrity chef; 34 Scoundrel; 35 Young members of a convocation' 36 Melville’s Ishmael, e.g.; 37 Comes through successfully; 38 Bristol Cream ingredient; 39 Guide feature? 40 Control tower equipment; 42 Purrer; 44 Links with; 48 Once, long ago; 49 Woodwind instrument: Abbr.

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rock rabbit said...

Wow, another great headliner photo! I'll have to go see the real thing in Vancouver. I love public art, especially when its a bit confrontational.

Coincidentally, when I got "root out", my first thought was of Dubya.... as in "we're gonna root out Evil where ever it exists in the world." Or am I making this up?

Thanks for the street games link -- a fun read. I even recognized a few -- red rover, red rover, send rock rabbit over!