02.08.08 -- One Night Stand

Night Stand
Friday, February 8, 2008
Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel, edited by Will Shortz
So, according to this crossword puzzle, a BLOG might be a Modern vent outlet, and results of compliments are EGOBOOSTS.
Oh well.
Across: 1. Ways to get inside hip joints?; 6. Results of compliments; 14. Is not misused?; 15. Invention convention; 16. Bad mark; 18. Opening on an environmentalist’s agenda?; 19. Wrangler rival; 20. Pay stub data; 22. Person after a lifestyle change, self-descriptively; 23. How a goose acts; 25. Charge; 26. Lug; 27. Modern vent outlet?; 29. You may pass on these: Abbr.; 30. Underachievers are not up to it; 31. Old hippie hangout, with “the”; 33. “Start doing your job!”; 37. Restaurants are full of them; 38. Singer Lennon and others; 40. PRO shop; 43. Where a tongue can be found; 44. “No more!” 45. Rolls over, in a way; 47. Probably will, circumstances permitting; 48. Fragrant resin; 49. Cornerback Sanders; 51. Torch-lighting skater at the 1998 Winter Olympics; 52. Africa’s westernmost point; 54. Woozy; 56. Like some salesmen and preachers; 57. Ryan of “Boston Public”; 58. Brushes off; 59. Club: Abbr.
BIGAPE (26A. Lug)
Down: 1. Laugh-producing game popular since 1958; 2. What ethylene may be used for; 3. Conspiring; 4. Longtime Lakers commentator Lantz; 5. Kind of resin; 6. See stars?; 7. Natives of Noble County, Okla.; 8. Big BEN; 9. Short-term relationship; 10. Alternate; 11. Less apt to learn; 12. Much-studied religious writings; 13. May TV event; 17. Ultra-obedient companions; 21. Mugful, maybe; 24. Measure that resulted in multilingual labeling on goods; 25. They’re hard to see through; 27. Sect governed by the Universal House of Justice; 28. Storyteller’s pack; 31. Web code; 32. Attach; 34. They’re not positive; 35. Turns over; 36. Jersey workers; 39. Pinch-hit; 40. Abstract; 41. Have a connection; 42. Spare part?”; 44. Pitch preceder; 46. Correct; 47. It brings many people to church; 49. Duel action?; 50. “The Facts of Life” housemother EDNA Garret; 53. Silent ERA; 55. 1977 double-platinum album with the hits “Peg” and “Deacon Blues”.
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