07.10.09 -- Crève Cœur

Broken-Heart-Less by Ron Gamble
July 10, 2009
Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited by Will Shortz
CREVE COEUR (7A. With 9-Across, Missouri city whose name means “broken heart”), ROMANCERS (24D. Beaus), CRUEL AND UNUSUAL (1D. Torturous, perhaps) and TRUE CONFESSIONS (44A. Story-filled magazine since 1922) are the dramatic interrelated entries of this terrific crossword.
Adding to the mise en scène are ABERRATIONS (15A. They’re irregular), PREMARITAL (30A. Like some relations), FERRET OUT (2D. Dig up), RELATE (34A. Connect) and ELATED (8D. High), PREVENTS (26D. Checks) and DELETES (49A. Strikes), the shadowy and insidious CABALS (7D. Intriguing bands) -- a crossword filled with bits and pieces of a shattered self -- PRO and CON, SOW and STIR, ESTOP and SHUT -- sound too dramatic? HUMOR ME (29D. “C’mon, at least consider it!”)!
SURGE PROTECTORS (8D. They may avert computer damage) leads off the eclectic material which includes the mid-size entries of
ANTONIO (31D. The merchant of Venice), DOLORES (13A. 1941 #1 hit for Tommy Dorsey), EMANANT (47A. Flowing forth), LAURELS (11A. Composition of some old crowns), LEAPS ON (32D. Seizes, as an opportunity), OVERSHOE (3D. Rubber), PALESTINE (18A. Former British mandate); PRONE TO (26A. Frequently exhibiting, by nature), ROSARIO (48A. Argentine port on the Paraná), SLATHERS (20A. Puts on thickly), SPITTED (28D. Stuck at a roast), SWENSON (50A. Housekeeper player on “Benson”).
The unlucky-in-love
TOSCA, (40A. Floria TOSCA, Puccini title role) is the stand-out among the five-and six-letter entries -- 39D. ASIAN Games (quadrennial event), HAITI (19D. It has departments named Nord, Sud and Ouest), OVINE (38A. Like bellwethers); four RE- words -- REHIRE (24A. Bring back on board), the aforementioned RELATE, RELIEF (27D. What some maps show) and RETILE (10D. Fix, as a shower stall) -- SCENE (37D. Happening spot), SENATE (21D. A house divided?), SNOOD (23A. W.W. II factory wear) and THERE (22D. “All done!”).
Short stuff -- ACAT and ACTA, CFO, DOE and DUE, EEC, ENE, ESSE, GTO (17A. The Monkeemobile, e.g.), HEIL, IMUS, INS, LAPS, MRS, ONE (with A CAT, Quaint sandlot game), PUN, SOLE (Print maker).
When the night has been too lonely/ and the road has been to long,/ and you think that love is only/ for the lucky and the strong,/ just remember in the winter/ far beneath the winter snow/ slies the seed that with the sun's love/ in the spring becomes the rose.
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Anonymous said...

Artistic blog! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating the distorted picture of my grid. I love it! That really makes the layout abundantly clear! -Joe Krozel