07.24.09 -- L'Homme Désespéré!

Self Portrait (The Desperate Man) 1844, Gustave Courbet
July 24, 2009
Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz
T.G.I.F.! -- nearly a dozen never-before entries and slew of clues of no clue!
Across: 1. It doesn’t exist, NO SUCH THING; 12. Find fault with, COMPLAIN ABOUT; 14. A soldier’s gear, for example, GOVERNMENT ISSUE; 16.
AMELIA Bloomer after whom bloomers are named; 17. Raison D’ETRE; 18. Rent to another, RELET; 19. Toy from China, PEKE; 23. “Young DAN’L Boone” (short-lived 1970s TV series); 24. You might grind it out, BUTT; 25. Fast hits, LINE DRIVES; 27. With 5-Down, snooping aid, CAM; 28. Discussed at length, HASHED OVER; 29. Musical direction that means “lyrical” in Italian, CANTABILE; 30. Actor who debuted in “Kung Fu: The Movie”, BRANDON LEE; 32. Snooping aid, TAP; 35. Activities at punk rock concerts, SLAM DANCES; 36. “Gotta run!”, TATA; 37. High bark, YELP; 38. End USER; 39. Foolish, in British slang, BARMY; 40. Fruit salad ingredient, MELON; 42. Folk singer Tom PAXTON with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award; 43. It gets you up and around, SPIRAL STAIRCASE; 48. Words from one who won’t settle, SEE YOU IN COURT; 49. People in a line DESCENDANTS.
Down: 1. Whim-wham, NOVELTY; 2. It might contain a filling, OMELET; 3.
Diagonally set spar, SPRIT; 4. Bone involved in pronation, ULNA. 5. See 27-Across, CAM; 6. Move quickly, HIE; 7. Spike’s former name, TNN; 8. Ring contents, maybe, HAT; 9. Bibliog. Equivalent of “ditto”, IBID; 10. Calamitous decline, NOSE DIVE; 11. French painter GUSTAVE Courbet; 12. Arise, COME UP; 13. Pulitzer-winning historian Frederick Jackson TURNER; 14. Outfits, GARBS; 15. Fish that can move equally well forward and backward, EELS; 19. Team whose home arena is the Palace of Auburn Hills, PISTONS; 20. Better, ENHANCE; 21. Company with a tree in its logo, KEEBLER; 22. Fluid dynamics phenomena, EDDIES; 25. Convertible carriage, LANDAU; 26. It’s assumed, ROLE; 28. Bit of assistance, HAND; 29. Local or regional Boy Scout gathering, CAMPOREE; 30. Nullifies, as an oath?, BLEEPS; 31. Made a comeback, RALLIED; 32. Medieval conquerors, TARTARS; 33. Maximally, AT MOST; 34. Max PAYNE of video game fame; 35. “SYMS by Sinatra” (1982 collaborative jazz album); 36. Reaganomics recommendation, TAX CUT; 39. One addressed as “lord”, BARON; 41. Parliamentary faction, NAYS; 44. Ad LOC (at the place: Abbr.); 45. Good name for a trial lawyer, SUE; 46. Ingredient in Delftware glazing, TIN; 47. “What next?”, AND
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