07.15.09 -- Take It Out!

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July 15, 2009
Puzzle by Joon Pahk, edited by Will Shortz
IT MAY BE TAKEN OUT (38A. Statement about 17-, 24-, 49- and 59-Across),
FRUSTRATION (17. Feeling of no fulfillment), MORTGAGE (24. Frequent home acquisition), FAST FOOD (49. Burgers and fries, often) and LIBRARY BOOK (59. Item that may have a date stamp) are the interrelated entries of this Wednesday crossword.
Other entries of length include
EAST LYME (40D. Town near New London, Conn.), MENTAL NOTE (11D. Internal memo?), ON THE SLY (5D. Surreptitiously), TEMPTS FATE (28D. Maybe takes one risk too many) and THE / XFILES (43A. With 45-Down, “Trust No One” series).
Mid-size entries -- FETCHED (20A. Went for, at an auction); AGATES (21A. Playing marbles); LET’S GO (32A. “Come on, pack your stuff …!”); BLANDA (42A. Hall-of-Fame QB/kicker George); JASCHA (4D. Violinist Heifetz); LENGTH (10D. Extent); 54A.
Bill & MELINDA Gates Foundation; MUSTARD (24D. Colonel suspected of murder); ORGANS (25D. Hearts, e.g.); ST ELMO (29D. Sailor’s patron); TRIBAL (48D. Like “Survivor” councils); UNFAIR (53A. Aggrieved person's cry, maybe).
MORSE (13D. Robert who won a Tony for “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”) headlines the five-letter entries. Robert also won a Tony for the one-man show, TRU. I always like seeing old friends in crossword puzzles, I knew Robert Morse through working with his brother Richard Morse in his one-man show MOLIERE which ran at the same time as TRU.
The remaining five-letter group-- ACT AS (26A. Fill in for); AGAIN (22D. Another time); ANION (50D. Chloride or carbonate); ANITA (39D. “Clear Light of Day” author Desai); AROAR (9D. Bellowing); BANJO and FUNGO (1A. It may be hand-picked, 49D.
Bat used for fielding practice); EBONY (63A. Like 36 piano keys); MAIZE (64A. Original Thanksgiving fare); OCEAN and OCHRE (14A. Deep blue, 15A. Earthy tone), ORIBI (51D. Graceful African antelope); SINAI (66A. Where Moses received the Law); STENT (47A. Arterial implant); UNPEG (12D. Let off the hook?); and finally EL REY (67A. Kingly title in Spanish) sharing its‘ Shortzesque clue with REX (18D. Kingly title in Latin) which shares its‘ X with HEX (23A. Case of bad spelling?).
Short stuff -- ACRE, AKEY, AMIE, BOFF, BON, CHI, COTS, DOZE, EBB, ENO, ESPN, GOT, HAL, INKS, KUHN, LOAD, MAYI, MOE, MRS and MUM, NEUT, NIA, NOIR, NPR, OCT, OKD, ONE, RNA, SER and SUR, STR, SUR, TIX, and just in case you rue taking it out, STET (37D. “Leave it in” mark).
Oh, go on now, take it out!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 11. “The word”; 16. Brian who produced or co-produced seven U2 albums; 19. “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!” network); 29. Big ___; 30. Friend of Falstaff; 31. Szyslak of Springfield; 35. Signs; 41. “Baseball Tonight” network; 44. Fandango offerings, slangily; 46. “___ Dalloway”; 52. Orch. Section; 58. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” actress Vardalos; 62. Comprehended; 65. Cosine of 2 pi. Down: 1. Big Broadway hit; 2. It might be a lot; 3. Neither masc. nor fem.; 6. Whites or darks, say; 7. Mo. Of indigenous Peoples Day; 8. Christogram part; 26 French girlfriend; 27. Barracks lineup; 33. Recede; 34. Rubber-stamped; 36. Former baseball commissioner Bowie; 52. Homily: Abbr.; Polite request for permission; 55. Hard-boiled, in a way; 56. Nod off; 57. “The House Without A KEY” (first Charlie Chan mystery); 60. ___ mot; 61. Uracil-containing macromolecule.

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