04.01.08 -- Feel Like a Fool

Stańczyk by Jan Matejko
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
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Puzzle by Manny Nosowsky, edited by Will Shortz
Appropriately, FEELLIKEAFOOL (33A); FOOLFAINT (16A); APRILFEEL (54A); NOBODYSFEEL (8D); and FOOLINGOKAY (23D) are the inter-related entries of this April Fools’ Day crossword puzzle.
Not looking at the clues, one might wonder is it STUD or STUD, SHARK or SHARK, INCHES or INCHES? -- there’s also a NAVEL that’s an INNIE -- OPIUM for QID or is it QID? Have you ever ordered a QUIRE of paper?
SWOREOFF and TOOKNOTE stand side by side as do OVERSELL and LIVEWELL. I’ve been to FARGO, not to be forgotten! Cold! Want something warmer, there are LEIS and a UKE from that Pacific paradise!
Looking for more BILGE? Is it ARKS or ARKS? ERIE or ERIE. I won't touch that KNOB! The lower left corner left me INRAGS -- MIASMA, TREADS, ATRIA, ACETO, MEDIA, ASSAY, et al.
GOOGOO, ADMIRE, IDOL, so DEF! This puzzle certainly is, so I’ll just be a fool and say I feel this April Fool puzzle’s a KAYO!
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1. Dress shirt closer; 5. Four times a day, on an Rx; 8. Person who doesn’t put down roots; 13. Had on; 14. Acapulco article; 15. State as one’s view; 16. Nitwit’s swoon?; 18. Nonsense, slangily; 19. Torah holders; 20. New York tribe defeated by the Iroquois; 21. Exterior; 22. Cartoon Chihuahua; 23. On the house; 24. Respect; 25. Kind of eyes; 27. Force (open); 28. Turn one way and then back; 29. “A Tale ___ Cities”; 30. Uncompromising sort; 33. Regret some stupidity … with a hint to this puzzle’s theme; 37. Girls in the family; 38. Watergate hearings chairman Sam; 40. Univ. where “Good Will Hunting” is set; 43. Suffix with neat or beat; 44. ___ Conventions; 45. Shabbily clothed; 47. Rock star, e.g.; 49. Speed (up); 50. Vinegar: Prefix; 51. Pre-remote channel changer; 52. R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World __ Know It”; 53. Danger in dangerous waters; 54. Spring in the air?; 56. News groups; 57. “Tastes great!”; 58. “___ do for now”; 59. Analyze the composition of: 60. N.B.A. tiebreakers; 61. Like some orders. Down: 1. Promised to give up; 2. Was attentive; 3. Internet addresses; 4. “Excellent!,” in slang; 5. Paper quantity; 6. Type of 39-Down; 7. Movie companion maybe; 8. Vibes not being up by anyone?; 9. Painkiller since ancient times; 10. “Uncle” of early television; 11. Rages; 12. Some tractors; 16. Red River city; 17. Houston hockey player; 23. Doing credible work as a magician?; 24. Mozart’s “Madamina,” e.g.; 26. Verdon of “Damn Yankees”; 27. Top exec.; 30. Miner’s tool; 31. Hawaiian instrument, for short; 32. Pulled apart; 34. Gifts at Honolulu Airport; 35. Push too hard, as an argument; 36. Have it good; 39. Belly part; 40. Bad atmosphere; 41. “; 42. Steps (on); 44. Asian desert; 46. Places in the heart; 47. Contribution, as of ideas; 48. Buildings near some cafeterias; 51. Bout-ending slug; 52. Mennen shaving brand; 55. Shining.


Linda G said...

I loved your opening picture, as well as the STUD. Of course, I mean the shirt ; )

This puzzle really stumped me in the southwest. I couldn't see MEDIA...wanting it to end in an S...and the clue for INCHES did me in for way too long.

DONALD said...

linda g: just getting around to replying to messages, my computer went down and I was on laptop, which adds so much time, including dealing with the the defunct machinery -- thankfully it was not a virus, but a mechanical thing -- lord knows I pay plenty for all those anti-virus programs (I'm paranoid you understand!) -- ah, the profusion of confusion!