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Elevator shaft of the Cooper Union Foundation Building, NYC, designed by Frederick A. Peterson, construction began in 1853 and was completed six years later -- the building won immediate recognition for its round elevator shaft, Italianate brownstone exterior and basement auditorium -- The Great Hall where Lincoln, Grant, Cleveland, Taft and Theodore Roosevelt all spoke prior to becoming President, along with Presidents Woodrow Wilson and William Jefferson Clinton.
Friday, March 28, 2008
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
When commenting on the February 23rd puzzle, which was also authored by Barry C. Silk, I noted that depending upon one’s familiarity with selective areas of interest and experience, a crossword puzzle in which no word relates to another in any way, shape or fashion can be a tiresome and thankless chore. I then mentioned one entry that was of interest to me -- today, I find none.
However, the mantra at this WEBSITE (16A. A mouse may help you get there) is "the blog shall be posted." -- much like the old post office slogan "Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor gloom of night shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."
You’ve got mail! Word has it that SOUTHPHILLY is also known for the SOFTPRETZEL. ATHESCENE is where it’s happening, but what is “it“? It’s COMESLATER, not COMESAFTER. QUONSETHUT, only WWII, really? ONEPERCENT of genius is inspiration, 99% is perspiration, leading to WATER BORNE and SPORTSWEAR, not SPORTSGEAR. EYEFUL could be EYECUP.
ETTE (13D. Major conclusion); URSA (53D. Major start?), not DRUM. SANO, not SANE. ADHERE rather than ATTACH. NEUROSIS is not an apartment complex, THREEPM, not SEVENPM; a flea market is called a SWAPMEET if you have fleas; it’s SNERT, not SANDY. SALSAS today, and SALSA yesterday. REAL, RIAL, RIEL, RYAL RYEL, it’s so unreal!
Suddenly, I’m reminded of the WHELP (47D. Whippersnapper) of an office boy who quit his job and threw the mail cart down the open elevator shaft -- I’m sure this would include anything containing NEEDANAP, ACQUIRE, SMALLER, TMOBILE, TOURNEY, ATLANTA, THERETO, ANTENNA, SHARPEN, ROSALIA, SNIFTER, SIXTHMAN, MARINO, METRE, ABLER, GLENN, EPPIE, LSAT, LINZ, URB XES, HEF or COW.
The mail cart’s in the shaft -- call maintenance!
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Across: 1. Pick up; 8. Not as consequential; 15. What seeds may be found in; 17. Sprint competitor; 18. Setting for TV’s “Matlock”; 19. Layer that scratches; 20. Stadium snack; 22. She, overseas; 24. Time to burn?; 25. Winter Olympics equipment; 27. ___ Highway, old auto route from New York City to San Francisco; 28. Overwhelms, with “down”; 32. ___ Pacific Airways; 34. Drag during the day?; 37. Petroleum gases; 39. Legalese adverb; 40. Part of some complexes; 42. Person lifting; 43. “Symphony in Black” artist; 44. Strike marks; 46. Comics canine; 47. Symbol of limpness; 50. Symbols of authority; 51. Where to order a cheesesteak “wit” or “witout”; 56. Bully; 57. Six bells, nautically; 58. Reprimand lead-in; 60. Patron saint of Palermo; 61. Aid in picking things up; 62. Make a point of; 63. Brandy holder. Down: 1. Where it’s happening; 2. Follows; 3. W.W. II shelter; 4. City area, briefly; 5. “Last one ___ …”; 6. Job-related moves, for short; 7. Spectacle; 8. Cousin of a flea market; 9. Reading rhythm; 10. Less error-prone; 11. Its scores range from 120 to 180: Abbr.; 12. Capital of Upper Austria; 14. Coin on the Spanish Main; 21. Ringleaders’ nemeses; 23. Be glued (to); 26. Not loco; 28. His #13 was retired in 2000 by the Miami Dolphins; 29. How much of genius is inspiration according to Edison; 30. Like typhoid bacteria, often; 31. Gym shoes, e.g.; 33. Referendum choice; 35. Lukewarm reviews; 36. Mountain ___ (Pepsi products); 38. Best substitute on the court; 41. Bandar ___ Begawan, capital of Brunei; 45. Some dips; 48. “Silas Marner” girl; 49. One of the Mercury Seven; 51. Orch. Section; 52. Eager cry; 54. Tendon trouble; 55. Subject of Nepalese legend; 59. Mag founder of 1953.

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