03.26.08 -- Menu

Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Puzzle by Michael Langwald, edited by Will Shortz
What’s on the menu? Well, TBONES (4D. Butchers’ offerings); FIGS (12D. Big Turkish export); KIWI (59D. Fuzzy fruit); SPUD (33D. Tater); ...EGGS (20A. Breakfast specialty of a rock singer?); ...STEW (39A. Lunch specialty of an Emmy-winning actor?); and ...STEAK (57A. Dinner specialty of an R&B singer?). This short-order crossword puzzle dresses up the last three items on the menu with grill men -- GLENNFREYSEGGS, PETERBOYLESSTEW, and SAMCOOKESSTEAK, a/k/a fry, boil, cook, yet no SAUTE (55D. Brown, perhaps). You can order a CAB (62D. Certain red wine, informally), however, no soup, salad, or Joe!
Sorry to eat and run, but I’m out of here!
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Across: 1. Came down (on); 5. Word processing command; 9. Off the wall; 14. Word before luck or cluck; 15. Cut, maybe; 16. Studio sign; 17. To boot; 18. Ill-considered; 19. Targets of some busts; 23. First name in cosmetics; 24. King of the stage; 25. Spanks hard; 29. Constant complainers; 33. Relaxing place; 36. Carry away, in a way; 38. Zebra feature; 43. Informed about; 44. Popular online magazine; 45. Part of M.Y.O.B.; 46. Topple; 49. Pass; 51. Clinton cabinet member satirized by Will Ferrell; 53. Arkansas River city; 62. Spectrum part; 63. Busy place; 64. Docent’s offering; 65. Bicker; 66. Basin go-with; 67. A law ___ itself; 68. Brute; 69. Foreboding trouble; 70. Freshman, most likely. Down: 1. Bit of wisdom; 2. Downtimes; 3. “No more, thanks”; 5. Toiler of yore; 6. Purim’s month; 7. Workbench attachment; 8. ___ alcohol; 9. Makeshift bookmark; 10. Angered and enraged, e.g.; 11. Dracula feature; 13. Mos. And mos.; 21. More recent; 22. Wall St. watchdog; 26. Priestly garment; 27. Pueblo dweller; 28. Topic for Vogue; 30. Mil. Alliance since 1949; 31. Had down; 32. Tailor-made; 34. Le Pew of cartoons; 35. Perched on; 37. Pizazz; 40. More than big; 41. LAX posting; 42. Religious offshoots; 47. It may be under your hat; 48. Brian of ambient music; 50. Sound of rebuke; 52. Expressed amazement; 54. Director Sergio; 56. Rubber hub; 57. Teed off; 58 Bit of aquarium growth; 60. “Did you ___?!”; 61. Lacking moisture.

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