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Detail of Illuminated page from the Textus Roffensis. The Textus Roffensis was begun in the early 12th. century in the episcopate of Ernulf; it is the most precious document in the archives of Rochester Cathedral. This page (folio 119 recto) marks the beginning of the cartulary of Rochester Priory.
The illumination comprises the illuminated letter R of Regnante formed out of an angel and winged dragon coloured green, lake and vermilion and introduces the charter of King Aethelbert (or Ethelbert) of Kent to bishop Justus granting land near Rochester for the foundation of St. Andrew's Cathedral Priory in 604. Latin. By kind permission of the Dean and Chapter of Rochester.
Sunday, March 16, 2008
Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski, edited by Will Shortz
Featured in this Sunday crossword are nine inter-related entries of standard phrases that have the addition of two letter Rs in each entry to make a new and unfamiliar sometimes comical phrase, defined with loosely appropriate clues --
PORKERFARCES (23A. Broad comedies involving hogs?);
PRETTYCRASHACCOUNT (34A. Beautifully illustrated report of a computer failure?);
TORTEBRAG (51. Cake maker’s boast?);
IGAVEITMYBRESTSHORT (61A. French director’s comment about his submission to a film festival?);
CROWCHIRP (74A. Bird call on a farm?);
HOMERAWAYFROMHOMER (89A. A Simpson without access to his volume of the “Odyssey”?);
FRISTFRIGHTS (106A. Former Tennessee senator’s Halloween costumes?);
DRIPINTRO (15D. Opening remarks at a coffee makers’ convention?); and
MORONPIER (71D. Where a dope unloads a ship?).
Remaining Across: 1. Place for bluegrass; 7. #1 on the charts; 12. Blast; 20. Kia sedan; 21. Café con LECHE; 22. Certify; 25. Like traditional Catholic Masses; 26. N.H.L.’s Tikkanen; 27. Entertainment center at many a sports bar; 28. Where bluejackets go; 30. Movement that inspired ‘60s fashion; 31. Good viewing spot for a canyon; 32. Bickering; 33. Bookcase lineup; 39. Clark’s partner; 40. It’s put on some houses; 41. “It’ll COST you”; 42. Stockholm-bound carrier; 45. First year J.D. student; 46. Makes eyes at; 49. All-time top-selling Atari video game; 53. Short-legged, thick-set horse; 55. Not badgering, say; 56 Flood survivor; 57. Nursery rhyme call sung to an old French melody; 60. Short breaks; 67. Wide-headed fastener; 68. Smears; 69. Ang Thong resident; 70. How some kids spend the summer; 73. “Peer Gynt” mother; 79. They’re developed by a muscleman; 82. Lip cover; 83. Nebraska county with an Indian name; 84. Super Bowl XLII M.V.P. Manning; 85. Gen. Lee, in brief; 86. Loyal; 88. Lobster claw; 94. Rocker Morissette; 96. Till compartment; 97. Succulents that soothe; 98. Easy wins; 99. Starter starter?; 100. Sign that’s often lit; 101. Film editor’s job; 104. Most heterogeneous; 109. Prestigious; 110. Curt; 111. Name on some euros; 112. Sources of a cosmetics oil; 113. King in 1 B.C.; 114. Body-sculpting undergarment.
Down: 1. Be down; 2. Narrative writing; 3. Razor brand; 4. Cartoonist Browne; 5. Breakfast menu heading; 6. Brave words?; 7. Mason of a sort; 8. Griffin who loved game shows; 9. Virginia is in it: Abbr.; 10. Cover; 11. Redcoat’s ally; 12. Do for a V.I.P.?; 13. South American tuber; 14. Creatures with three hearts; 16. Paying guest; 17. “Do IDARE?”; 18. Baseball catchers; 19. Time on la Cote d’Azur; 24. Banking initialism; 29. “… to name just a few”: Abbr.; 31. Not straight; 32. Seller’s terms; 33. Symbol of blackness; 34. Coup start; 35. Clinton’s attorney general; 36. Pitcher; 37. Give ALEG up; 38. Also addresses, as with an e-mail; 42. Long-necked instrument; 43. Opposite of reject; 44. Payroll dept. ID’s; 46. Light wind?; 47. Sacred cup; 48. Christine of “Running on Empty”; 49. French cleric; 50. OFNO consequence; 52. Check holder: Abbr.; 53. Monthly charge; 54. Couple in a rowboat; 57. Tournament passes; 58. ASTRO Boy, classic figure in Japanese anime; 59. One of Dumas’s Musketeers; 61. “INTEL Inside” (slogan); 62. Louis Vuitton competitor; 63. Rat-ATAT; 64. Some Wharton alums; 65. Tooth holders; 66. Hawaiian Punch rival; 67. Sticky stuff; 72. Words on a deathbed, maybe; 74. Bass CLEF; 75. Popular snack cakes; 76. Talked-about twosome; 77. Part; 78. Tree in bloom in a Van Gogh painting; 80. Five-dollar bills, slangily; 81. Photocopier option: Abbr.; 82. Fraternity members; 86. Highest grade; 87. Was not cooped up; 88. Love; 89. Whence the line “To sleep: perchance to dream”; 90. Stopped fasting; 91. Vented; 92. Minnesota’s St. OLAF College; 93. Fabrics that shimmer; 94. Stood; 95. Led Zeppelin’s “Whole LOTTA Love” ; 99. Norms: Abbr.; 100. OSSO buco; 101. Bloke; 102. UTNE Reader; 103. Bygone autocrat; 104. Touched; 105. “Didn’t I tell you?”; 107. Clearance rack abbr.; 108. Valedictorian’s pride, for short.
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