08.30.11 — Ain't She Sweet


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Puzzle by Bernice Gordon / Edited by Will Shortz

BARN, BYRN, BORN, BIRN, BERN and BURN found in CLIVE BARNES (18A. Longtime New York theater critic), EDD BYRNES (23A. Actor in 1960s TV’s “77 Sunset Strip”), MILLE BORNES (34A. Popular card game since 1954), DAVID BIRNEY (39A. TV/film/stage actor once married to actress Meredith Baxter), ST BERNARD (53A. Big dog) and FRONT BURNER (59A. Prime cooking spot) constitutes the interrelated group of this sweet Tuesday crossword.

Mid-size — ABRIDGE, ACREAGE, ALCOVE, CAR DOORS, DIAMANTE (37D. Old Mitsubishi model), ELENA and ELLER, I’M DONE (65A. “That’s it for me”), I ASSUME (42A. “It seems evident that …”), LACEY, LANDED, LECTOR, MARIS, MASSEUR, NO ONE, OVERSEE, PARMA (51A. Italian city famous for its cheese), R AND R, RARER, ROAD MAP, SEA WAR, SIRREE, TODDLER, VERMONT (41D. First U.S. state to abolish slavery), WEIRDLY.

Short stuff — ABE and AGE, AIN’T She Sweet“, AKA, ANN, ART, AUDI, CCI, CNN, COCO, CROP, DIP, DOT, EASE, ELL, ENS, FAN, IBIS, IKEA, RS, “Could IT BE Magic”, MAL and MAW, MOD, NEB and NEE, NOL, NOTE, NOW, ODE, OLEO, ORY, OWEN, PER diem, PIS, RAT, RBI, RDA, REBA, REY, RIO de la Plata, RST, SRI, “Mazel TOV!”, UGLI.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Hungry mouth; 4. Person assisting a worship service; 10. Jockey’s whip; 14. Lincoln, the Rail-Splitter; 15. Place for a bookcase; 16. Auto company whose name is Latin for “listen”; 17. Title of respect; 20. Emphatic follow-up to yes or no; 22. Corporate dept. that may include labs; 26. Nary a soul; 29. Tropical citrus fruit; 30. Fleischmann’s products; 32. Wilson of “Midnight in Paris”; 33. Spanish king; 37. Speck; 38. Org. issuing many refunds; 45. Informer; 48. International furniture retailer; 49. Facility; 50. Madame Chanel; 56. Yankee great Roger; 58. Came ashore; 63. ___ de mer; 66. Get along in years; 67. Memo; 68. Conflict waged between navies. — DOWN: 1. Rubber man?; 2. Cut; 3. In an odd manner; ___ Davenport, long-running “Doonesbury” character; 5. Aunt ___ of “Oklahoma!”:; 6. Start of the third century; 8. Be in charge of; 9. Singer McEntire; 10. Nowadays they usually have power locks and windows; 11. Decrepit; 12. Pindar creation; 13. Fraternity letters; 19. The Atlantic’s Cape ___; 21. Baseball stat; 24. ___ pros. (court record abbr.); 25. Building extension; 27. Born, in Brittany; 28. Naval officer below lieut.; 31. Annual theater award; 34. Quaintly stylish; 35. Bary Manilow’s “Could ___ Magic”; 36. Suffix with contradict; 39. Fondue feature; 40. Alias; 43. Alphabet trio; 44. Beak; 45. Motorist’s guide; 46. Farmland spread; 47. Real young ‘un; 50. Piers Morgan’s channel; 52. Realm of beauty; 54. Justice Kagan; 55. Less done, as steak; 57. Long-legged wader; 59. Ceiling addition; 61. Nutritional allotment, for short; 62. At once.

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