08.26.11 — Target

Satellite image of Hurricane Irene at 10:30 p.m. 08/25/11


Friday, August 26, 2011

Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley / Edited by Will Shortz

I'm in the direct path of Irene... if you never hear from me again after tomorrow, you'll know why!

Across — 1. Like a snap, REAL EASY; 9. With 46-Down, strike zones, TARGET; 15. Kind of stew, OX TONGUE; 16. Role Enrico Caruso was preparing for when he died, OTELLO; 17. Eye openers?, DILATERS; 18. He said “I never think I have finished a nude until I think I could pinch it”, RENOIR; 19. Glossy scarf fabrics, ALA MODES; 20. Japanese mat, TATAMI; 21. Well and good finish?, NESS; 22. Like Hollywood, CINEMATIC; 24. Landing place, WHARF; 26. Yardbird, CON; 27. “Here’s Johnny!” memoirist, MCMAHON; 31. Line in the sand?, CARAVAN; 35. Give a hand, DEAL IN; 36. Think that just maybe one can, DARE TO; 327. Put down in writing, INDITED; 39. Deep orangish hue, MARS RED; 40. Take in, SEE; 41. One code-named Renegade by the Secret Service, OBAMA; 43. Hundred Years’ War leader, JOAN OF ARC; 46. Colonial group, ANTS; 50. A destroyer may be in one, ARMADA; 51. “Forget I said that”, IGNORE IT; 54. Like pupils that are too small, MIOTIC; 55. Big, purple Hanna-Barbera character, GRAPE APE; 56. Take stock?, INVEST; 57. Go mano a mano, HAVE AT IT; 58. Discharges, EGESTS; 59. Romulus and Remus, to Rhea Silvia, TWIN SONS.

Down — 1. 1956 movie monster, RODAN; 2. What some dictators end up in, EXILE; 3. What may hold a world of information?, ATLAS; 4. Good earth, LOAMS; 5. Inside opening?, ENTO; 6. Like many ports, AGED; 7. “Absolutely!”, SURE CAN; 8. “Absolutely!”, YES SIR; 9. Rich dessert, TORTE; 10. Elite soldiers, A TEAM; 11. Dollar store?, RENT-A-CARS; 12. Show poor sportsmanship, GLOAT OVER; 13. Waste, ELIMINATE; Like Life Savers, TORIC; 23. Cowboys compete in it: Abbr., NFC; 24. Tiny amount, WHIT; 25. Aid in gaining an edge, HONE; 27. Start of the 16th century, MDI; 28. “1984” activity, CENSORING; 29. Played, MADE A MOVE; 30. Turns off, ALIENATES; 32. Very early 2-Down, ADAM; 33. Hardly seen at the Forum?, RARA; 34. Sign of assent, NOD; 38. E.R. status, DOA; 39. “Goodbye, Columbus” co-star, 1969, MACGRAW; 42. Intelligent, BRIGHT; 43. JAMIE Oliver, a k a the Naked Chief; 44. Certain foot specialist, ODIST; 45. Trivia quiz fodder, FACTS; 46. See 9-Across, AREAS; 47. Ducky, NEATO; 48. Court gimme, TIP IN; 49. Correction corrections, STETS; 52. Language spoken on Pandora, NAVI; 53. Not settled, OPEN.


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