08.03.11 — To a T


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Puzzle by Paul Guttormsson / Edited by Will Shortz

The twentieth letter of the alphabet gets a workout in this pleasant-enough Wednesday gimmick puzzle. Every answer contains at least one T and all the clues begin with the letter T. The three main entries are TEMPORARY TATTOO, TENNESSEE TITANS and TEETER-TOTTERING.

Across — 1. Transact business on the Internet, E-TAIL; 6. TV/radio host John TESH; 10. Turkey club?, NATO; 14. Travelers alternative, AETNA; 15. Toss in a chip, ANTE; 16. Touched down, ALIT; 17. Tricky driving condition, SLEET; 18. Tax-exempt educ. Groups, PTAS; 19. Times Roman, for one, FONT; 10. Traditional use for henna, TEMPORARY TATTOO; 23. Tackle-to-mast rope on a ship, TYE; 24. Tiny bit, IOTA; 25. Typist’s key: Abbr., ALT; 28. Transmitter of waves, ANTENNA; 31. Train stop: Abbr., STA; 34. Tear-gassing cause, RIOT; 36. Tevye’s “good”, TOV; 37. The Beatles’ meter maid and others, RITAS; 39. Team in the A.F.C. South, TENNESSEE TITANS; 43. Tallow sources, SUETS; 44. To the NTH degree; 45. Trouble with a lid?, STYE; 46. Time period on a financial stmt., YTD; 47. Takes a step toward biting?, TEETHES; 51. Took a chair, SAT; 52. Trap or record preceder, SET A; 53. Teleflora competitor, FTD; 55. Tilt-boarding, TEETER-TOTTERING; 63. Techie’s address starter?, HTTP; 64. Topic lead-in, AS TO; 65. Take as a given, POSIT; 66. The U.N.’s Kofi ATTA Annan; 67. Tranquilizer gun projectile, DART; 68. Two-color horse, PINTO; 69. Tensed, TAUT; 70. Terminal approximations: Abbr., ETAS; 71. Towel ends?, ETTES.

Down — 1. Toward sunrise, EAST; 2. The “T” of TV, TELE; 3. “Time to rise!” (“Up and AT ‘EM!”); 4. Tending to bungle things, INEPT; 5. Tito Jackson’s sister, LATOYA; 6. Toledo tidbit, TAPA; 7. Theater’s ENTR ‘acte; 8. Take the night off from partying, say, STAY IN; 9. “The Ten Commandments” star, HESTON; 10. Three-country agreement of ‘94, NAFTA; 11. Tons, A LOT; 12. Two-time All-Star Martinez, TINO; 13. “The Touch of You Hand” lyricist, OTTO; 21. Tears, RENTS; 22. Tempest game maker, ATARI; 25. Trying to look cultured, ARTSY; 26. Title for Sulu on “Star Trek”: Abbr., LIEUT; 27. Tempered, with “down”, TONED; 29. Talking-TOS (scoldings); 30. Track meet component, EVENT; 31 Tds and interceptions, STATS; 32. Tucker with the #1 country hit “Here’s Some Love”, TANYA; 33. Thing of value, ASSET; 35. “The Closer” airer, TNT; 38. T.G.I.F. part, IT’S; 40. “Terminal Bliss” actress Chandler, ESTEE; 41. Third-person ending of old, ETH; 42. Thug’s crime, often, THEFT; 48. TD Waterhouse online competitor, E-TRADE; 49. Torments, EATS AT; 50. Treeless tract, STEPPE; 52. Time-honored Irish cleric, for short, ST PAT; 54. Tout DROIT (straight ahead: Fr.); 55. To the extent THAT; 56. “Tell Mama” singer James, ETTA; 57. Traitor’s rebuke, ET TU; 59. Tomás’s “other”, OTRA; 59. Tykes, TOTS; 60. “This ISN’T what I expected”; 61. TV’s Nick at NITE; 62. “Three deuces and a four speed” cars of old, GTOS.


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