08.20.11 — Trouble

Carmen Sandiego is a media franchise of educational computer and video games, television programs, books and other media featuring a thieving villainess of the same name.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Puzzle by Byron Walden, edited by Brian Cimmet and Patrick Blindauer
(This crossword was the playoff puzzle at Lollapuzzoola 4,
 a tournament held in New York City on August 6th.)
  Edited by Will Shortz

Ooooo, nice puzzle!

Across — 1. Indian home, HOGAN, this gave me trouble, I’d TEPEE; 6. Store, STASH AWAY; 6. Gloucester and Kent, in “King Lear”, EARLS; 16. 1822 Walter Scott novel about Capt. Clement Cleveland, THE PIRATE; 17. Its calling code is +39, ITALY; 18. President Harding’s Laddie Boy and others, AIREDALES; 19. Elvis’s and Mariah’s record number of weeks at Billboard’s #1, SEVENTY-NINE; 21. Big mouth, MAW; 22. Carmen Sandiego cover-up?, TRENCH COAT; 23. 8 on the Beaufort scale, GALE; 24. Until June 25, 2011, its first three digists had geographical significance: Abbr., SSN; 25. “Tempest” Golden Globe nominee Julia, RAUL; 26. Purple, LURID; 27. Lived in King James’s era?, DWELT; 29. “Jason Lives,” e.g., PART VI; 30. Notes in passing?, REQUIEM; 33. Like the word “Its,” often, MISUSED; 34. Crows, EXULTS; 35. Ice cream case selections, PINTS; 36. Take what one oughtn’t, POACH; 37. Weapon that comes in easy-to-carry and hard-to-carry varieties, MACE; 38. Lacuna, GAP; 41. Snarling, say, RUDE; 42. Ursi maritime, POLAR BEARS; 45. Place that shows placing and showing: Abbr., OTB; 46. Miami or Amsterdam, for example, GATEWAY CITY; 47. Uniform shade, OLIVE DRAB; 49. “Let’s NOT GO there”; 50. Something one might be forced to wear at work, FAKE SMILE; 51. Top, ONE-UP; 52. Deal incentive, SWEETENER; 53. Some of them are flukes, WORMS.

Down — 1. Withdrawals that may incur substantial penalties?, HEISTS; 2. Tom Mix vehicles, OATERS; 3. Second Commandment word, GRAVEN; 4. Wrench handle?, ALLEN; 5. “It’s Gonna Be Me” band of 2000, NSYNC; 6. Emergency directive?, STAY CALM; 7. Become sparse, THIN OUT; 8. From above, AERIAL; 9. Blown, SPENT; 10. Mask, HIDE; 11. Constellation between Scorpius and Triangulum Australe, ARA; 12. Supercenters, e.g., WALMARTS; 13. More than gnawed at, ATE ALIVE; 14. Celebratory chant at Chicago’s Grant Park on 11/4/08, YES WE DID, this was my other trouble, I‘d had YES WE CAN; 20. Basketball long shots; THREES; 23. Mavens, GURUS; 26. In a bad place?, LAST; 27. Sweet, to Scipio, DULCE; 28. Dating, WITH; 29. Sebastián PIÑERA (president of Chile beginning in 2010); 30. Reprimands, REPROOFS; 31. Gary Cooper played on in “Man of the West”, EX-OUTLAW; 32. Certain ATV; QUAD BIKE; 33. Dickens character whose first name is Wilkins, MICAWBER; 35. Blonde picked up at a bar?, PALE ALE; 37. “We feel your pain” sloganeer, MOTRIN; 38. Ankle covering, GAITER; 39. Kind of eraser, ART GUM; 40. “Hearts and minds” activities, in military slang, PSYOPS: 42. Luke’s mother in “Star Wars”, PADME; 43. Already, BY NOW; 44. Tightwads’ prefix, ECONO; 46. Exploit, GEST; 48. Capital of Victoria, VEE.


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