06.24.12 — Spiral

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SPIRAL, Puzzle by Will Shortz


INWARD: 1-4. Photocopier function, SORT; 5-9. Prophetess, SIBYL; 10-14. Musical with the song ”Oh What a Circus”, EVITA; 15-23. Polite type, GENTLEMAN; 24-29. Womb, UTERUS; 30-35. Sweet drink, NECTAR; 36-39. Camp and hospital furnishings, COTS; 40-48. Short-tempered, IRASCIBLE; 49-55. Percussion instruments, MARACAS; 56-61. Woman in Oaxaca, SENORA; 62-67. Racetrack habitué, BETTOR; 68-73. 2011 Inductee into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, AGASSI; 74-81. Georges LEMAITRE, astronomer who proposed the Big Bang theory; 82-90. Like human pregnancies (hyph.), NINE-MONTH; 91-94. Telepathy or clairvoyance, so to speak, GIFT; 95-100. ACETIC acid.

OUTWARD: 100-97. Mention, CITE; 98-89. Bitter dispute, CATFIGHT; 88-84. “Julius,” e.g., in Gaius Julius Caesar, NOMEN; 83-77. Subject of Newton’s first law of motion, INERTIA; 78-70. Singer Etheridge, MELISSA; 69-63. Strangulation device (var.), GAROTTE; 62-54. Titled lady of Italy, BARONESSA; 53-47. Chewy candy, CARAMEL; 46-43/ Inexpensive pens. BICS; 42-33. Blue blood, ARISTOCRAT; 32-26. Strong reproof, CENSURE; 25-18. Popular diner sandwich (2 wds.), TUNA MELT; 17-8. How numbers below zero are expressed, NEGATIVELY; 7-1. Nightclubs, BISTROS.


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