06.23.12 — Eye on Saturday

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Puzzle by Laura Sternberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Lower one’s racket, QUIET DOWN; 10. Establish, ERECT; 15. 1 + 1, SNAKE EYES; 16. Disperse again, RESOW; 17. Realized in the end, CAME TO SEE; 18. Emcee’s delivery, INTRO; 19. Have mastery over, OWN; 20. Part of a suite no., EXT; 21. Asian soup ingredients, WONTONS; 23. Some antique buses, REOS; 25. Wrangler’s assent, YEP; 27. Setting for many early online discussions, USENET; 28. 1999 Ron Howard bomb, ED TV; 29. Aunt or uncle’s leader?, GREAT; 31. Honk off, RILE; 32. They’re found in orbits, EYEBALLS; 35. Feature of many an Italian skyline, ALP; 36. Evoker of 1950s nostalgia, SHA NA NA; 39. What some vaccinations prevent, TETANUS; 41. Knock, PAN; 42. Person trying to move things?, MARKETER; 44. Certify, AVER; 46. “The TSAR’S Bridge” (Rimsky-Korsakov opera); 47. Terminal division, GATE; 51. What gums might do, RECEDE; 53. Cause of a messy breakup?, TNT; 54. Where the John Day R. flows, OREG; 55. One might do a countdown, RADIO DJ; 7. Engadget’s co., AOL; 59. Coll. administration, GRE; 60. Common desktop clutter, ICONS; 61. Fascinates, INTRIGUES; 64. Like some kids’ shoelaces, NO-TIE; 65. Most carefree, BREEZIEST; 66. Journalist Ifill and others, GWENS; 67. Gumbo seasoning source, SASSAFRAS.

Down — 1. Measure of popularity, Q SCORE; 2. Like someone who couldn’t care less, UNAWED; 3. Response to an accusation, I AM NOT; 4. Wring (out), EKE; 5. What les cheveaux grows on, TETE; 6. Like blood coursing through one’s veins, DE-OXYGENATED; 7. On-site shucking sites, OYSTER BARS; 8. Dwarf, WEE; 9. Compass letters, NSEW; 10. Sportscaster Andrews and others, ERINS; 11. Thrifty customer, e.g., RENTER; 12. Like the developers of Skype, ESTONIAN; 13. Big Red, in the N.C.A.A., CORNELL U; 14. Dances country-western style, TWO STEPS; 22. They were traditionally attached, OUTLET STORES; 24. Ren’s cousin of cartoon down, SVEN; 26. PEA-brained; 30. Disappointed Olympic team members, maybe, ALTERNATES; 33. Nigerian food staple, YAM; 34. Fr. Place name starter, STE; 36. Not all-out battle, SPARRING; 37. Freak, HAVE A COW; 38. Toast lead-in, at times, ANECDOTE; 40. Vessel protected by Hera, ARGO; 43. “2 Broke Girls” costar Dennings, KAT; 45. Curb, REIN IN; 48. Trial attorney, e.g., ARGUER; 49. Wright with an Oscar, TERSA; 50. Discharges, EGESTS; 52. Hospital units, DOSES; 56. Yacht parts, JIBS; 58. "LIZA of Lambeth” (Maugham novel); 62. Its fist pres. Was Gen. Burnside, NRA; 63. Picture the suffix, GIF.


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