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November 1990 saw the release of Madonna’s first “greatest hits” album 'The Immaculate Collection'. It featured two new singles, 'Rescue Me' and 'Justify My Love'. Co-written by Lenny Kravitz, the latter song featured a video directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino which included nudity, simulated group sex and a bit of good old sadomasochism and bondage. It was banned by MTV.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Party pooper, BUZZKILL; 9. Tree related to the ylang-ylang, PAPAW; 14. Local money?, UNION DUES; 16. Zombie’s craving, FLESH; 17. Gridded display, STREET MAP; 18. Tourist buy in Mexico, CARTA; 19. Foible, TIC; 20. Moolah, WAMPUM; 22. RIOT Act; 23. Ancient rival of Judah, EDOM; 25. “Growing Up GOTTI” (2004-05 A&E reality show); 26. “MONA Lisa”; 27. Relatives of newtons, DYNES; 29. Algebraic unknowns, X AND Y; 31. “Savvy?”, DIG; 32. “Well, DUH!”; 34. Literally, “pick me up, TIRAMISU; 36. Beverage substitute, CREAMER; 40. Too cute, say, KITSCHY; 41. Johnnie Walker blend, RED LABEL; 43. It’s made every day, BED; 44. Parliament’s end?, ASH; 45. Dogma, CREED; 47. German leader?, SOFT G; 51. One crossing a line, SCAB; 53. Richard of NBC News, ENGEL; 55. King who consulted the Witch of Endor, SAUL; 56. Chuck, HURL; 57. “The Pianist” setting, WARSAW; 59. Knoxville-based org., TVA; 60. Breakers ahead, PERIL; 62. Sweet spot, COOKIE JAR; 64. Serotonin, E.G., AMINE; 65. Hierarchy, TOTEM POLE; 66. Classroom units, DESKS; 67. Captain of the Nebuchadnezzar, in “The Matrix”, MORPHEUS.

Down — 1. Cry when exposing something secret, BUSTED; 2. Out of order, UNTIDY; 3. December birthstone, ZIRCON; 4. Actress Caldwell, ZOE; 5. “I KNEW it!”; 6. Accessory to a case, ID TAG; 7. Foozler, LUMMOX; 8. Eagerly accepted, LEAPT AT; 9. Forrest Gump’s rank: Abbr., PFC; 10. Cell phone function, ALARM; 11. Intermittent, PERIODIC; 12. Stagger, ASTONISH; 13. “Gotta love him!”, WHAT A GUY; 15. Traveler in 1957 news, SPUTNIK; 21. Main vein, MIDRIB; 24. There might be one on a hero, MEDAL; 28. Tree whose leaves were once smoked by Indians, SUMAC; 30. David who directed the final four Harry Potter films, YATES; 33. 55-Across, e.g., HEBREW; 35. Operations were once commonly performed in thi, MSDOS; 36. Resting place, informally, CRASH PAD; 37. 1991 Madonna hit, RESCUE ME; 38. “Apollo 13” actor, ED HARRIS; 39. Simulate, in a way, RE-ENACT; 42. Subject of an air traveler’s complaint, LEG ROOM; 46. Old Chrysler make, DESOTO; 48. “All or Nothing” rapper, 2005, FAT JOE; 49. Second-smallest member of the United Nations, by population, TUVALU; 50. Bad looks, GLARES; 52. Flip one’s lid?, BLINK; 54. Staples Center player, LAKER; 58. Wuss, WIMP; 61. Article in L’Express, LES; 63. Book before Phil., EPH.


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