06.15.12 — Say Aargh!

The Dentist, 1622, Gerard van Honthorst


Friday, June 15, 2012

Puzzle by Mark Diehl / Edited by Will Shortz

Rife with groaner clues and hard-to-swallow answers, this Friday crossword is much like a visit to the dentist. Say Aargh!

Across — 1. Field agents?, SCARECROWS; 11. Amount to, COST; 15. Home of Owens Corning Corporation, TOLEDO OHIO; 16. First lady Harrison, ANNA; 17. Catchphrase of the ‘80s, I WANT MY MTV; 18. Rock’s Kings of LEON; 19. Big party, FETE; 20. Big party, BASH; 21. Coulrophobe’s bugaboo, CLOWN; 22. Extra turn in Monopoly, FREE ROLL; 24. “Monster” actress, 2003, RICCI; 25. Explanatory lead-in, I MEAN; 27. Composer/conductor Webern, ANTON; 28. What was yours, at one time?, THINE; 31. Puck, for one, WOLFGANG; 33. Building with giant doors, HANGAR; 35. Envy, anger or greed, maybe, MOTIVE; 36. Many a prom corsage, WRISTLET; 38. Napa Valley sight, VINES; 39. Postal stamp on una carta, AEREO; 40. Patrick of “Barry Lyndon”, MAGEE; 42. Dotted ones are half again as long, RESTS; 43. French cathedral city, CHARTRES; 48. Hard hits, WHAMS; 49. Curly-haired toon, BOOP; 50. Possible result of an allergic reaction, WELT; 51. Joe Hardy’s girlfriend in the Hardy Boys books, IOLA; 52. What an ad blocker might block, POP UP VIDEO; 54. Oater sound, CLOP; 55. Taking a load off, CHILLAXING; 56. Big name in salad dressing, KEN’S; 57. Current, PRESENT DAY.

Down — 1. Shortchange, STIFF; 2. Duck and quail, COWER; 3. “A LATE Walk” (Frost poem); 4. O’Connor of “Xena”, RENÉE; 5. Setting for Yankees home games: Abbr., EDT; 6. Money-saving fast-food option, COMBO MEAL; 7. Nassau ROYALE liqueur; 8. I = V/R, OHMS LAW; 9. Accompanying, WITH; 10. Like the K.G.B.: Abbr., SOV; 11. Excusing oneself from work, maybe, CALLING IN; 12. “Home on the Range” range, ONE OCTAVE; 13. Treats to beat the heat, SNOW CONES; 14. Kind of bed, TANNING; 21. Comparatively arch, CRAFTIER; 23. Carnival booth with soda bottles, RING TOSS; 26. Jean, Jacques or Jean-Jacques, NOM; 28. Like some paper punches, THREE-HOLE; 29. Do business?, HAIR SALON; 30. They’re usually found on the margins, INSET MAPS; 32. Tomato, LOVE APPLE; 34. “Stand” band, REM; 36. “Walk On By” singer, WARWICK; 37. Zesty casserole with a crust, TACO PIE; 41. Halloween personae, GHOULS; 44. In the midst of, TWIXT; 45. Overhauled, REDID; 46. “The Vampire Diaries” girl, ELENA; 47. Rank smoke, STOGY; 49. Nobelist name of 1922 and 1975, BOHR; 52. D.E.A. target drug, PCP; 53. Transportation for many a Little League team, VAN.


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