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Friday, November 9, 2007

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Puzzle by Henry Hook, edited by Will Shortz
SAW (24A Horror film that starts in a filthy lavatory) is a very odd way to clue a fill word so common in crosswords, and a very long way to go to get there -- including its reference to the opening location of the film!
After that, if no one has got out the hook, where can this puzzle go -- YOUOK (1A Concerned query), YEAHIMFINE (1D Hoped-for reply to 1-Across) -- perhaps one can profess to be UNIMPRESSED (3D Apt. to say “So?”) or BLASÉ (14D Sighing a lot, maybe), even though RANRAGGED (40A Wore out) by this week’s UNIQUELY (17A Without a match) LADIDA (16A Pretentious) ORDERBLANK (2D Payment is often sent with one) ilk of crossword puzzles straight from the STYX (13D Deep river?)!
The River Styx, Gustav Dore
AHEM (18A “Pardon me”) if I EMOTE (Get all histrionic), show BIAS (36A Slant), or get the WRONGNUMBER (25D Call slip?), but this week’s string of puzzles were the FLESHIEST (33A Most in need of toning) in a long while -- the crossword puzzles sullying the space in the Arts & Leisure section renders it SORTA (47D In a sense) UNLETTABLE (30D Too awful even to fix up, as an apartment) even for someone with the DTS (46A A.A. discussion topic).
Pleasure yourself with such entries as CORSELET (15A It’s a cinch), go figure; SEADWELLER (31D Octopus, e.g.), yes Virginia, the answer is not cephalopod; SANTERIA (56A Afro-Caribbean religion) with its use of animal sacrifice; NLAT (38A About 40 degrees, for N.Y.C.), what?; POBBLE (58A Toeless creature in an Edward Lear verse) and STEMLESS (6A Without a leg to stand on?), heaven help we’re not conjuring amputees; INNS (Hostel environments), hostile hostels?; DUELER (61A One with a second helping); or how about a little friendly Friday reminder, FIRER (63A Personnel director, at times)?!
To somewhat EMBRITTLE (26A Weaken, in a way) the proceedings, we have polite remarks such as OUI (59D Overseas agreement); AHEM and ADIEU (19A Closing bid?) -- while for its implementation, the puzzle DEPUTES (48A Appoints as an agent) such personages as SIRPAUL (21A McCartney, to fans); BERNIE (14A Vermont senator Sanders); a DRUSE (29A Monotheistic Syrian); PEKES (42A Some lap dogs); Engine manufacturer Briggs & STRATTON (60A); THEBEARS (62A Super Bowl XX champs); BIP (36D Marcel Marceau character); SELA (12D Ward of “Once and Again”); UTHER Pendragon, King Arthur’s father (23D); ESTRADA (28D Ponch player in 1970s-’80s TV); the MSQUAD (9D Lee Marvin TV oldie); and the GOP (41D Bush league?).
The remainders: MAX (20A Peak); ONEA (35A Top-rated, in a way); POI (49A Roast pig side dish); PODIA (52A Stands); MALT (55A Brew choice); OID (4D Relative of -ish); Mauna KEA (5D), not Loa; SCUD (6D Missile with a mobile launcher); TONI (7D Product whose ads featured twins); ELEM (11D He or I, but not you: Abbr.); ERIES (8D Iroquois’ foes); AIS for Alibi” (22D); ALTIMAS (19D Some Nissans); LEU (10D Moldovan money); LEONE (27D West African currency); EAT (32D Take the cake?); TEASE (34A Twit); STPETE (43D City connected to the 4.1-mile long Sunshine Skyway Br.); OSTER (45D Kitchen appliance brand); DIOR (53D Pricey gown); IANS (54D McShane and McKellen); TAB (57D Bill); and PDF (58D Sharable computer file, for short), leaving one hoping for better in SEASONTWO (44A Result of a new TV series’ renewal) -- finally -- OATH (50D Four-letter word, aptly); INRE (51D On); and the ever-rude PSST (49D “Over here”)!!!
SAW, otherwise defined as a proverb or maxim, can also rasp and grate. Seen here, it’s an absolute horror!
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cornbread hell said...

the 2 octopus links are amazing. shark-eating and self-eating. wow!

was the obese link to a is for alibi intentional? hmm...

DONALD said...


Yeah, it seems an octopus will eat anything that moves!

The link for AIS for Alibi was in error -- thanks, it's corrected!