01.31.08 -- BREAK

Langland Bay


Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Puzzle by Paula Gamache, edited by Will Shortz

A note is provided with this crossword puzzle: “The circled letters in the answers to the seven starred clues, reading left to right or top to bottom, spell words that can complete familiar phrases that start with "break."

BREAK is not in the puzzle, and other than being circled letters, neither are the BREAK followers: BREAD, OPEN, WIND, RANKS, APART, FREE, and EVEN. The inter-related entries containing the circled letters have an asterisk preceding the clue -- BRAINDEAD (16A. *Not just stupid); OPIUMDEN (22A. *Setting in Sherlock Holmes’s “The Man with the Twisted Lip”); WITSEND (37A *Perplexed state); RATFINKS (49A. *Informers); APPLETART (59A. *Dessert made from a product of 10-Down); FRUITTREE (10D. *Orchard part); and EVILQUEEN (33D. *Fairy tale meanie).

Quite a volatile group of words -- one can imagine several scenarios utilizing these entries, non-entries, and their clues, but that might best be left to the imagination! PASS (1A. Throw) that all aside and there is yet further fodder in this crossword for the base -- LUST (24A. The hots), LEERS (61A. Satyric looks), AROUSED (15D. Stimulated), “Ich LIEBE dich” (German words of endearment) (58A.) -- Ah! “How foolish OFME!” (46D), I’ll return to my PEW (60D. Church perch)!

Ahem! Seven-letter entries include LAMPOIL (19A. Kerosene); YAOMING (20A. N.B.A. center who has pitched for McDonald’s, Pepsi and Visa); ALUMNAE (54A. Seven Sisters grads); POMPEII (57A. Major Italian tourist site); SLIPUPS (4D. Blunders); WAHINES (37D. Some luau dancers); FLIPTOP (42D. Cigarette box feature); and NAPSTER (23D. Music download source).

“Well, LADIDA!“ (5D) and ATOLLS (45D. Ocean rings) are the six-letter entries. The five-letter entries include SPREE (34A. Shopaholic’s delight); ATRIA (15A. Skylit courts); ROUEN (18A. Where William the Conqueror died); PABLO (1D. Cellist Casals); “That’s AWRAP!” (director’s cry) (2D); SOAMI (3D. “Ditto”); ADELE Hugo, 1975 Isabelle Adjani role based on a real-life story (6D.); ATOMS (9D. Bits); ALIEN (21D. Completely strange); IBIZA (38D. Resort island ESE of Valencia); UMBRA (48D. Planetary shadow); APPLY (50D. Be in force, as a rule), Author Zora NEALE Hurston (51D.); KIRIN (52D. Popular Japanese beer); and SITON (53D. Squelch).

Four-letter entries include ADIN, AFBS, AIRS (29D. Pretense), AMIS, ALLA, ANDY, ANNA, AWOL, BIEN, CELL, FESS, HITE, HWYS, JADE, JOES, LAVA, LIEN, MRES, NOME, ODIE, OLIO, PENN, SANG, STET, and XMAS. Three-letter -- ADV, AOL, DII, EEL, RIM, TAX and VIA (7D. Through).


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Across: 5. It may be found in a cone; 9. Homes for mil. Planes; 13. Object of a manhunt, maybe; 14. Score just before winning; 15. Skylit courts; 18. Where William the Conqueror died; 25. Snow ___; 26. Les Trois Mousquetaires, e.g.; 28. Strain; 31. “Eat at ___”; 35. Canyon part; 36. Daily or weekly, e.g.: Abbr.; 39. 1970s polit. cause; 40. Early sixth-century year; 41. Partner of aids; 42. Come clean, with “up”; 43. Slippery swimmer; 44. “The ___ Report,” 1976 best seller; 45. Co. with a triangular logo; 47. Grill; 62. Sleeper ___; 63. This and that; 64. “Finnegans Wake” wife; 65. Major rtes.; 66. Ivy League school in Philly. Down: 8. Granatelli of auto racing; 11. “Tres ___”; 12. Did a number; 17. 1890s gold rush city; 27. They replaced C rations; 30. Short holiday?; 31. Shade of green; 32. Garfield’s housemate; 34. Put back in; 38. Resort island ESE of Valencia; 54. Milan’s Teatro ___ Scala; 55. Collateral option; 56. Individually.

01.30.08 -- EGGS

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
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Puzzle by Peter A. Collins, edited by Will Shortz
Three entries across the middle of the grid read HALF DOZEN EGGS (36A. With 38- and 40-Across, grocery purchase … or what can be found in some other Across answers in this puzzle), (38A. See 36-Across), (40A. See 36-Across).
There are six across entries in the crossword that contain the letters EGG -- KEGGERS (17A. Fraternity parties), LEGGING (18A. Ankle-to-waist wear), ARPEGGIO (19A. Harpist’s progression), PEGGYSUE (55A. 1957 Buddy Holly hit), BEGGARY (57A. Extreme poverty), and “Eat your VEGGIES!” (mom’s order). -- after all those eggs, vegetables would be welcome!
Other long answers include PALETTE (1A. Choice of colors); BOBCATS (8A. Charlotte hoopsters); AGONIES (15A. Extreme pains); ONEIDAS (16A. Native New Yorkers); MALARIA (63A. Tropical woe); ENGARDE (64A. Fighting words); SKITTER (65A. Move quickly [over]); BEGORRA (10D. Irish exclamation); RAMPART (42D. Castle fortification); and GRIZZLING (20D. Turning gray).
Six letter entries include ENGAGE, TIEROD, BOLGER, MISADD, IMELDA, ENGINE, SIGMAS, MAGYAR (46D. Hungarian), SLUGGO, ALEGAR, AMIGOS, NARNIA, ADDERS, and ILLEST (51A. Coolest, in rap slang).
Five-letter, TERPS, ONEIF, ALOHA, ASFAT (35D. Comparable to a pig), EERIE, ISENT, REFRY, LIMED, SANAA, and AMEAN. Four-letter, ESSE, ADIA, TANG, SSGT, YORE, FETA, ABMS, PEAK, UGLI, YVES, ROES, and DATA. Three-letter, PAK, AGE, LOG, CIG, MAO (28D. Red leader), YDS, NNW, EON, GAT, IRE, EDU, SEP, AGT, MIR, OSE, YAZ, LOW (43A. Moo), IMF, MIN, and APU.
The remaining clues -- Across: 21. F.B.I. worker: Abbr.; 22. Pancho and the Cisco Kid, e.g.; 25. Prepare, in a way, as beans; 27. Like some treated lawns; 28. Launch of 2/20/86; 29. Some deer; 32. Sugar suffix; 33. 1960s’80s Red Sox great, informally; 34. Locale of seven C. S. Lewis novels; 41. Milk snakes; 44. Global financial org.; 45. Facts; 46. No. before or after a colon; 47. Yemen’s capital; 49. “You’re AMEAN One, Mr. Grinch”; 52. Kwik-E-Mart owner on “The Simpsons”.
Down: 1. Nuclear power since 1998: Abbr.; 2. Turn gray, say; 3. Captain’s charge; 4. Captivate; 5. Steering system component; 6. Univ. of Maryland athletes; 7. Latin infinitive; 8. “The Wizard of Oz” scarecrow portrayer; 9. “ONEIF by land…”; 11. It might be bummed, for short; 12. “ADIA, I do believe I failed you” (opening of a 1998 hit); 13. Aftertaste, e.g.; 14. Army NCO; 22. You might get it coming and going; 23. Say 2 + 3 = 6, e.g.; 24. Marcos of the Philippines; 26. Days of YORE; 30. Driver; 31. Summating signs; 33. Gridiron stats: Abbr.; 34. Point just past 11 on a clock: Abbr.; 37. Greek salad ingredient; 39. Long time; 47. Nancy’s pal, in the comics; 48. Sour brew; 50. Spooky; 51. ISENT a Letter to My Love” (Simone Signoret film); 52. Some mil. Defenses; 53. Like some airline ravel periods; 54. Wrinkly fruit; 58. Actor Montand; 58. Gangbanger’s gun; 60. Dander; 61. Follower of “harvard”; 62. Back-to-school mo.
It’s always possible to learn something new from a crossword puzzle… or is it? Today, I’m supposed to believe that a GAT, besides being a gangster’s gun, is also a gangbanger’s gun. I’m tempted to google gangbanger against gangster, but would probably just come up with deviled yeggs!
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01.29.08 -- Rolling

Tapestry by Elaine Normandy
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Puzzle by C. W. Stewart and J. K. Hummel, edited by Will Shortz
THEYCANBEROLLED (39A. What 17-, 26-, 50- and 60-Across have in common), along with BOWLINGBALL (17A. It may end up in the gutter); TURTLENECK (26A. Sweater style); QUAKEROATS (50A. Classic breakfast fare); and MOVIECAMERA (60A. Item on a set) are the inter-related entries of this last Tuesday of January puzzle as this cold month ELAPSES (29A. Runs out) and the SUNDIAL (48A. Old timer?) spends a little less time in the dark while the Earth rolls in its orbit around old Sol. The groundhog is stirring!
This Sunday’s crossword has turned up a second time this week -- yesterday it was a repeat of ATANEND -- today it’s the bowling ball, which on Sunday was featured as the entry THEBALLSINYOURCOURTROOM (72A. Reminder to a forgetful judge on bowling night?). Cool!
Lots to like in this crossword, the words play against each other in a simultaneously harmonious and jangling way -- FANGS and STUDS, NOLO and SOLOED, ALOHA and ADIEU, AIDA, ADELE and ARIEL, ALA and ORO, TEE, TAP and TAPE, ADAGE and OLDIE, OZARK and OSKAR, LABOR and PAYHIKE, et cetera. YAHOO gets a shout, there’s the MOB, the USMC, an IDOL, a LIAR, a CLASS, AMOR, SMUT, FUMES, NOVAE, and CYGNUS, all SNARLED in a handsome weave, a wonderful unrolled tapestry of entries and clues, ideas and words. The clues:
Across: 1. Prominent feature of Dracula; 6. Reunion group; 11. Showman Ziegfeld; 14. “Let’s Make ADEAL”; 15. Search engine name; 16. Designer Claiborne; 19. In the style of; 20. AMINO acid (protein component); 21. Schindler of “Schindler’s List”; 23. Spy’s device; 29. Runs out; 32. Slave girl of opera; 33. Exploding stars; 34. Fuel economy org.; 35. City in Italia; 43. Pageant accessory; 44. Tony Soprano and cohorts, with “the”; 45. Cheese hunk; 46. One on a pedestal; 48 Old timer?; 54. Suffix with butyl; 55. Reporting to; 56. How-to presentations; 59. ATA glance; 66. Fix illegally; 67. Disney mermaid; 68. Sees red; 69. Informal top; 70. Center of power; 71. Some retired racehorses.
Down: 1. Wonderful, slangily; 2. Fuss; 3. Partner of improved; 4. Big bash; SLIM to none (long odds); 6. Stellar swan; 7. Part of a repair estimate; 8. “Got it!”; 9. Showman Hurok; 10. Went at it alone; 11. Cereal morsel; 12. Purple hue; 13. Country/rock’s OZARK Mountain; 18. Nick at NITE; 22. Tangled, as hair; 23. Big tops; 24. Lei Day greeting; 25. Blacktops, say; 27. Surveillance evidence; 28. Fact fudger; 30. Common union demand; 31. Part of a min.; 34. Flow back; 36. Nostalgic tune; 37. Mullally of “Will & Grace”; 38. Fred Astaire’s sister; 40. Bow-toting god; 41. Certain plea, for short; 42. Of one’s OWN; 47. Skin-related; 48. Makes hard; 49. “Semper Fi” org.; 50. Milk purchase; 51. Loosen, in a way; 52. Bit of wisdom; 53. Parting word; 57. Klutzy sorts; 58. Dirty reading; “ORO y plata”; 62. Trader VIC (old restaurateur); 63. Rhea relative; 64 Like Republican states on an electoral map; 65. Braying beast.
Perhaps I should have saved the entries of ALOHA and ADIEU to close, but I didn’t, so I’ll just call it a NITE (18D.) and let this puzzle be the LOCUS (70A. Center of power) to get Tuesday rolling without further ADO (2D. Fuss)!
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01.28.08 -- Seriously!

Monday, January 28, 2008
Puzzle by Michael Blake, edited by Will Shortz
THECHIPMUNKS (55A Singing group suggested by the starts of 20-, 28- and 48-Across) is certainly a very light way of linking three heavy entries together -- ALVINTOFFLER (20A. “Future Shock” author), SIMONWIESENTHAL (28A, Late hunter of Nazi war criminals), and THEODOREDREISER (48A. “Sister Carrie” author)! Alvin and the Chipmunks is an animated music group, consisting of three singing chipmunks: Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. I haven't heard them in years, but as children my brother and I would sing very slowly on a tape recorder and then replay it on fast -- voila, Chipmunks!
Lots of other contrast in this jazzy little Monday puzzle: LAMAZE (26A. Kind of class for expectant mothers) with STIFFS (8D. Cadavers, slangily); TERRA firma (17A.) with EDWHITE (44D. First American to walk in space); CLAMOR (27D. Noisy shouting) with SEDATE (28D. Anesthetize, say); TOWIT (21D. Namely) with Tit for TAT (12D.); and we have a BEAR (10D. Yogi, for one) and a MOOSE (69A. Bullwinkle, for one) -- oh, an there's TERMITE (46D. Orkin target) and ANTENNA (9D. Insect or radio part) -- and a total repeat from yesterday's puzzle, ATANEND (5D. Finished), clued yesterday as (19D. Over).
People in the puzzle joining those pseudo-Chipmunks, Alvin Toffler, Simon Wiesenthal, and Theodore Dreiser, are MATA Hari (1D.); ABEL (2D. Brother of Cain and Seth); "MERV Griffin's Crosswords" (3D.); MARINO (4D. Dolphins QB Dan); LEE (22D. Former auto executive Iacocca); THOMAS (25D. Clarence of the Supreme Court); EARLE (32D. Country rocker Steve); MAMMA (1A. Baby's first word, in Italy); EMO (34A. Comedian Philips); a DIVA (35A. Aria singer); DIOR (37A. Designer Christian); an IMAM (42A. Muslim holy man); LOTT (45A. Former senator Trent); HAN Solo of "Star Wars" (64A.); IRENES (65A. Actress Papas or Ryan); ROGET (66A. Thesaurus author); and last but not least, an actress I directed in a play some years ago, EDIES (71A. Actress Falco and namesakes) -- explaining why I was such a faithful viewer of "The Sopranos".
Pictured below is what the chipmunk in my backyard looks like. He and his extended family live under the tool shed, and I've never heard them make a sound, much less sing!

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Across: 1. baby's first word, in italy 6. commercials 9. touches14. skip _ (lose tempo) 15. tennis do-over 16. katmandu's land 17. _ firma18. mai _ (tropical drink) 19. "yum!" 20. "future shock" author 23. prefix with -lithic 24. wetland 25. antique restorer's efforts, for short 28. late hunter of nazi war criminals 34. comedian philips 35. aria singer 36. brewing coffee produces one37. designer christian 39. semesters 42. muslim holy man 43. shake hands (on) 45. former senator trent 47. _ dye (chemical coloring) 48. "sister carrie" author 52. airport schedule abbr. 53. the 1919 treaty of versailles concluded it: abbr. 54. directional suffix 55. singing group suggested by the starts of 20-, 28- and 48-across 61. dragon ball z game company 64. _ solo of "star wars" 65. actress papas or ryan 66. thesaurus author 67. superlative suffix 68. girlish laugh 69. bullwinkle, for one 70. letter between pi and sigma 71. actress falco and namesakes Down: 1. _hari 2. brother of cain and seth 3. "_ griffin's crosswords"4. dolphins qb dan 5. finished 6. choir voice 7. like most users of sign language 8. cadavers, slangily 9. insect or radio part 10. yogi, for one 11. fedex competitor 12. tit for _ 13. crafty 21. namely 22. former auto executive lacocca 25. clarence of the supreme court 26. kind of class for expectant mothers 27. noisy shouting 28. anesthetize, say 29. "put me down as a maybe" 30. tied down, as a boat 31. "_ changed my mind" 32. country rocker steve 33. prefix with lateral 38. old olds car 40. "the _ squad" of b0s-70s tv 41. throat problem 44. first american to walk in space 46. orkin target 49. be in the red50. wealthier 51. accustomed 55. _ chic 56. corned beef concoction 57. absorbed by 58. soda pop brand 59. thigh/shin connector 60. understands 61. slot machine part 62. excessively 63. in the past.

01.27.08 -- I Need My Space!

Pablo Picasso,
Las Meninas (after Velázquez), 1957

Sunday, January 27, 2008

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I NEED MY SPACE, Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel, edited by Will Shortz

This Sunday construction houses seven entries that add a ROOM to each entry:

AFRAID OF THE DARKROOM (24A. Like a useless photo lab employee?);
BRINGSHOMEROOMTHEBACON (39A. Offers breakfast to students before first period?);
POWDERROOMKEG (53A. Beer sources for genteel guests?);
THEBALLSINYOURCOURTROOM (72A. Reminder to a forgetful judge on bowling night?);
GREENROOMPARTY (92A. What talk show guests have before the broadcast?);
NORESTROOMFORTHEWICKED (107A. Sign outside a church lavatory);
DAVYJONESLOCKERROOM (125A. Where a Monkee changes after a game?).

After those rooms have been given the once-over, there are plenty of nooks and crannies in this crossword puzzle to explore, many of them are dead ends and others are mazes leading one into an attic or a boiler room of angst. Clues are duplicitous and entries are auspicious in strange ways.

Giving pause is such fare as BEAV, SPAC, ZIG, ROUX, OHGOD, OMAHA, OOFS, ASHRAMS, ATANEND, PUTUPJOB, VOSTOK, CHEST, KTOSLIN, and KOBE. Nothing really sadistic or vicious, just a little wiggy here and there, ditto with the clues; e.g., 71D. Pouting person’s action winds up being STAMP -- well, who knew that pouting could lead to that?! Who do you know that stamps when they pout? -- I’d smack ‘em good a couple of WHAMS (32D. Loud hits)! Here’s some pouting and stamping to a tune by DRJOHN (85D. “Right Place Wrong Time” singer, 1973).

Incidentally, it appears there’s a fee for the use of the church’s facility (Sign outside a church lavatory -- “No Restroom For the Wicked”), delineated in the central lower hallway of this puzzles’ maze, following RESTROOM, ONION, FUMES, LOCKERROOM, is TITHE (132A. Church support), immediately followed by 136A. ENTER! Unless you haven’t taken care of 29A. Trespasses -- SINS! -- OHGOD (84A. 1977 George Burns film), a lovely Sunday puzzle?

Finally, subject crossword ends with ONSET (137A. Beginning) -- an appropriate exit -- but hopefully not out the bathroom door into the graveyard!

“My Father's house has many rooms. If that were not true, would I have told you that I'm going to prepare a place for you?” -- John 14:2


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Across: 1. literary elephant 6. succeeded in 11. Hot 17. drag show accessory 20. _ stadium, home of the university of Hawaii warriors 21. baseball hall-of-famer edd 22. Admonish 23. suffix with absorb 24. like a useless photo lab employee? 27. Stephen of "breakfast on pluto" 28. Dejected 29. Trespasses 30. Lineage 31. imported by plane 33. TV oil baron 35. "let's go, Miguel!" 36. Wally’s TV brother, with "the" 38. take on 39. offers breakfast to students before first period? 43. marriage _ 44. part of a. a. r. p.: abbr. 45. first word of "jabberwocky" 46. put a rider on, e.g. 47. it may be false 48. game stopper 50. place for a panel 52. director Anderson 53. beer sources for genteel guests? 57. extremely inept person, slangily 59. sharp turn 62. _ arbor 63. through64. cartoonist bil 65. sauce thickener 66. name in a hymn 67. worthless talk, in slang 69. it may charge you a fee 70. casino surface 71. mattress brand 72. reminder to a forgetful judge on bowling night? 78. early invader of Britain 79. esq. 80. sette minus Quattro 81. Utter 82. give _ of hope 83. Functions 84. 1977 George burns film 86. Fix 87. letter addenda, for short 90. band with the 1989 hit "stand" 91. own (up) 92. what talk show guests have before the broadcast? 95. Yowl 96. playboy's look 97. sloops' headsails 98. Sported 99. poker game with four hole cards 102. see26-down 104. ring stats 106. guest beds, often 107. sign outside a church lavatory?113. stately trees 114. work units 115. satirical paper, with "the"116. they may be scattered 117. short-hop plane 119. potential hangar buildup 120. on the safe side 121. music with jazzlike riffs 124. ruby _ 125. where a monkee changes after a game? 130. "_ poetica" 131. handily defeated 132. church support 133. 1964 Quinn role 134. Still 135. tasty bit 136. pc key 137. Beginning Down: 1. barnyard calls2. _-Romeo 3. Laredo or Nuevo Laredo 4. "now it's clear!" 5. cereal topping 6. Torts 7. responses to punches 8. Crackpot 9. religious retreats 10. 1976 horror film whose score won an Oscar 11. talks from a rev. 12. toll hwy. 13. sports legend whose #4 was retired 14. day spa accessories 15. Unfold 16. "finding _,"2003 film17. eccentric friend on "designing women"18. seldom-used golf club 19. Over 22. 1969 Oscar-nominated film role 25. little job for a body shop 26. with 102-across, dashboard warning light 32. loud hits34. exert, as influence 35. _ 1, Yuri gagarin's spacecraft 36. jaguar alternatives 37. seventh-brightest star in a constellation 39. offer to buy at auction 40. meteorological effect 41. steam shovel inventor William 42. Guthrie’s follower at Woodstock 43. TV host Kelly 48. diva's effect 49. host of public radio's "this American life" 50. cubs' protector 51. survey info 52. increase, in away 54. Poland spring competitor 55. Owen _, john Irving character 56. "a maid with hair of gold," in an old song57. goes it alone 58. attempt to trick 59. "beetle bailey" soldier 60. analogy part61. u.s. possession since 1898 65. kind of hall 66. Schmo 67. rap enthusiast, in slang 68. rob of’ Melrose place" 70. damager of the ozone layer 71. pouting person's action 72. bygone leader 73. fabled race loser 74. reason for an office visit 75. "_ my fault!" 76. Impulse 77. paper purchases 83. turnaround, slangily 84. bauxite, e.g. 85. "right place wrong time" singer, 1973 87. seminar leaders 88. expensive strings 89. diet, listings 91. Brothers 92. beginning, as of an idea 93. seine tributary 94. stirred up, as memories 95. blanket holder 96. golden triangle country 99. prescription phrase 100. "le misanthrope" playwright 101. place for an elbow 102. one pulling in 103. road bend 104. Italian province or its capital 105. singer with the #1 country album "80's ladies" 106. playful movement 108. company with a star logo 109. Source 110. "this one's _!" 111. physical therapy equipment 112. "now it's clear!" 118. the first prophet of god, in Islam 119. Awful 120. feel compassion 122. kind of beef 123. part of a Latin 101 conjugation 126. gridiron units: abbr. 127. Java 128. giant born in Louisiana 129. 1989 gold glove winner darling

01.26.08 -- What's in a Name?

Saturday, January 26, 2008
Puzzle by Karen M. Tracey, edited by Will Shortz
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." -- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Julie, II, ii
What’s in a name? Today’s crossword is not letting on too much -- however, it certainly is full of them: Mary J. Bilge, Ferruccio Busoni, Jean Genet, Phillip Glass, Irv Gotti, Abbas Kiarostami, Erik Larson, Barry Manilow, Liza Minnelli, Naomi (Mara), Tania Raymonde, Alex Rousseau, Sylvia Syms, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Stanislaw Wyspianski, along with Kris (Cheryl), a major domo, a nurse and patient, an admiral and a general, a satyr, Errol, the Owl, Pachebel, Isaac, Turandot, Dad’s, the Weasley family, Harry Potter, Bunsen, a Slav in the form of a Dalmatian and a Pomeranian, and even a JURYBOX (7A. Peer group setting?).
The four corners of the crossword have three nine-letter stacked entries each: Upper left going across: 1. COOKIEJAR, 15. OPPORTUNE, and 17. RECOVERED. Upper right down: 12. ROOTCANAL, 13. MAJORDOMO, and 14. STANISLAW. Lower left going down: 30. JEANGENET, 31. UNDERRATE, and 32. NUMBERONE. Lower right across: 57. HILLSIDES, 60. ENLARGERS, and 62. STEVIERAY.
Does that all look just like a lot of names for names’ sake -- It sure did to me!
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1. Cash cache, often; 10. No surprise outcomes; 15. Happy; 16. Liner threat, once; 17. Well again; 18. Spanish table wine; 19. “Isaac’s Storm” author Larson; 20. Player of the Queen Mother in “The Queen,” 1006; 21. Determined to execute; 22. Wanton type; 24. Please to Pachebel; 26. Shout across the Seine?; 27. Green vehicle; 29. They don’t stay hot for very long; 30. It’s prohibited by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991; 34. Vitamin A; 36. Toughens; 37. Kind of party; 38. General equivalent; 40. “New York City Rhythm” singer; 41. Bills; 42. “Turandot” composer Ferocious ___; 44. Sr.’s test; 45. Dad’s rival; 46. Iranian filmmaker Kiarostami; 51. Weasley family’s owl, in Harry Potter books; 53. Breaking sticks; 55. Minnelli of Broadway; 56. Biblical woman who renamed herself Mara; 57. What kids might roll down; 59. Old lab items akin to Bunsen burners; 60. Darkroom equipment; 61. Cold weather; 62. Blues guitarist Vaughan. Down: 1. They’re seedy; 2. Glass work; 3. Ibid. relative; 4. Crackpot; 5. Hip-hop producer Gotti; 6. “Vous ___ ici”; 7. Peer group setting?; 8. Peaked; 9. Dwarf, maybe; 10. Ill-prepared worker?; 11. Drama honor; 12. Potential canine saver; 13. Personal manager; 14. Playwright/painter Wyspianski; 23. Direct; 25. Mine shaft tool; 28. Honeydew alternative; 29. The Yasawa Islands are part of it; 30. “The Thief’s Journal” author; 31. Review unfairly, maybe; 32. Tops; 33. Cheryl’s “Charlie’s Angels” role; 35. ___ Raymonde, player of Alex Rousseau on “Lost”; 39. Reels; 40. Light white wine; 43. Look askance; 45. Rapture; 47. Six-time Grammy winner Mary J. ___; 48. Patient one; 49. Hyundai sedan; 50. Fresh; 52. It has an exclave on the Straight of Hormuz; 54. Pomeranian or Dalmation; 58. Asian honorific.

01.25.08 -- Reflections

Friday, January 25, 2008
Puzzle by David Quarfoot, edited by Will Shortz
Reflections in this yawning abyss of a puzzle reverberate in a fragmented looking glass through contrasting images -- DUALROLES (3A. Versatile actors may play them) and CYRANO (45D. Edmond Rostand hero); MIRROR (20A. Ape) and ISEEIT (55A Spotter's confirmation); EMAJOR (18A. Key that doesn't include 58-Across) and ASHARP (58A. It's almost a B, scorewise); QUEEN (26A. Powerful piece) and PEON (53A. Underhand?); BEIGES (9A 23-Across and others) and ECRU (23A. Shade shade); ROTE (22A Habit) and INARUT (11D Stuck) in a chasm of TRUELOVE (15A. One and only) shattering amid CRIES (38D. Exclamations) of DONTLIE (39A. "Be honest!"), YEROUT (29A. Call from home), and YESINDEED (36D. "Of course"), and subtly forming a dark narcissistic crossword vérité.
The turmoil of life also exists here in the form of SADRCITY (1A. War-torn Baghdad suburb); ELNINO (16A. Weather Channel topic); KIMJONGIL (35D. Head of state known to his people as "Dear Leader"); TRAP (40D. Piehole) mingling among ETUDES (28D. School exercises) and ITUNES (62D. Apple application) with ATALANTA (17A. Fleet runner of myth) paced to TEAR (54A. Zip).
Solemnness manifests itself with STATESMAN (1D. Henry Clay or William Jennings Bryan) and ARTICLEVI (2D. It forbids religious tests for political office); SLIDEINTO (34D. Enter gently) ATEASE (46D. Calm) and STAID (48D. Composed), while REINHOLD (65A. Judge of films) lights a GASRANGE (60A. Pilot's place) in the SKY (34A. Pilot's place) with an ASCOTTIE (63A. Fancy haberdashery item) for GIJOE (12D. 11 1/2" soldier), ECSEGAR (43D. Swee' Pea's creator) and the OSOS (30A. Zoo de Madrid beasts).
To QUENCH (26D. Put out) this overly reflective ENOTE (13D. Online memo), a list of what's left, right, center, horizontal and vertical, then over and out...
Across: 19. Up to; 25. Biblical miracle setting; 27. Boarding spot; 31. 1936 N.L. leader in slugging percentage; 33. Brooklynese pronoun; 37. Part of Manhattan's Alphabet City; 41. Onetime Serbian capital; 42. Show some spunk; 44. Drops in a theater; 45. Japanese model sold from 1970 to 2006; 47. Meccan pilgrim; 48. Some speakers; 51. Abbr. before a date; 57. Polit. label; 64. No longer in.
Down: 4. Person found in a tree: Abbr.; 5. Buck; 6. Corinthian alternative; 7. It might hold a couch potato's potato; 8. Really hoped to get, with "for"; 9.It can be drafted; 10. ELM bark beetle; 14. Archaeologist David who found the lost Roman city of Kourion; 21. Made some waves?; 24. Word in some British place names; 32. Shade of blue; 49. Dirección sailed by Columbus; 50. British poet Tate; 52. Track-and-field equipment; 55. IPSE dixit; 56. 1982 film title role for Bruce Boxieitner; 59. Traffic stopper; 61. School dept.
"And what is a kiss, specifically? A pledge properly sealed, a promise seasoned to taste, a vow stamped with the immediacy of a lip, a rosy circle drawn around the verb 'to love.' A kiss is a message too intimate for the ear, infinity captured in the bee's brief visit to a flower, secular communication with an aftertaste of heaven, the pulse rising from the heart to utter its name on a lover's lip: 'Forever.'"
-- Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac, Act 3
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01.24.08 -- Hit!

Thursday, January 24, 2008
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Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg, edited by Will Shortz
HITTHE (63A. Words missing from the answers to the eight starred clues), along with PINATA, ROAD JACK, CAMPAIGN TRAIL, GROUND RUNNING, NAIL ON THE HEAD, BULL’S EYE, FLOOR, and SKIDS are today’s inter-related entries of this fun crossword puzzle, clued as follows:
PINATA (13A. *Party game);
CAMPAIGNTRAIL (19A. *Vie for votes);
GROUNDRUNNING (37A. *Get off to a quick start);
NAILONTHEHEAD (55A. *Get it exactly);
BULLSEYE (62A. *Shoot perfectly);
FLOOR (28D. *React to gunfire, maybe); and
SKIDS (31A. *Fail).
To that group, one might as well add the entry AIMS (49D Targets)!
The puzzle also hits the spot with its remaining entries, starting with the eight letter entries: AERIALLY (18A. How trapeze artists perform);
COALMINE (59A. Vein locale); CALLEDON (10D. Selected); and REGINALD Jeeves of P.G. Wodehouse stories (38D.).
Six-letter entries continue with 17A. ARISES, Stems (from); 35A. MEKONG, “Mother of all rivers”; 40A. OLEOLE, Corrida chant; 61A. AVANTI, Classic Studebaker whose name means “forward” in Italian; 1D. SPACES, Gets all ditzy; 2D. PIRATE, Capt. Sparrow, e.g.; 3D. ANIMAL, Zooid; 7D. TOETAG, Morgue ID; 45D. OPENTO, Entertaining; 46D. LOATHE, Abominate; and 47D. EDDIES, Swirls.
Five-letters: CARRY, GRAND, LYNNE, PLIED, SHOES, SNOOD, SPARS, STEAM, TEVIS, UNAPT, and VERSE (30D. Chapter‘s partner).
Four-letters: AIMS (49D. Targets), ALLS, ASIA (14D. Largest of a septet), DIAN, GLAD, HATH, JAGR, NEED, OCHS (9A. Phil who sang “Draft Dodger Rag“), OJAI, ORAN, RASP, SDAK (31A. Where Wounded Knee is: Abbr.), SELF (27A. You, to you, or me, to me), SHAH, SOLE, STDS, SELF, and WANG.
Three-letters: APO, AVG, AYN, CBS, DID (65A. Served, as time), ENO, ETA, EWE, HCL, MAR, MNO, NNE, OJS, OTC, OUT (60D, Unsafe), POD, PST, SDI, SEA (43A. Swell place?), SKY (What‘s up), and YUL.
This is a breezy wonder of a crossword puzzle, a…well, uh -- HIT!
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Across: 1. Locks horns (with); 6. Not Rx; 21. Announcement to passengers, for short; 22. Taint; 23. Rand who asked “Who is John Galt?”; 24. Dolly, for one; 29. Baseball stat.; 41. Hair net; 42. Hockey great Jaromir; 44. Exclusive; 48. Star Wars, briefly; 49. Fictional C.I.A. unit on “Alias”; 51. Calif. Setting; 54. Escape ___; 64. The usual amts.; 66. Gym bag items. Down: 4. Laryngitis symptom; 5. Tick off; 6. Algerian port in “The Plague”; 8. Have as a channel; 9. California hometown of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman; 11. Stomach acid, to a chemist; 16. Naturalist Fossey; 20. 10 Benjamin Franklins; 25. Designer Vera; 26. Ticker tape letters?; 33. Actor Brynner; 34. Johannesburg-to-Nairobi dir.; 35. Telephone triad; 36. Musician Brian; 37. Pleased; 40. A.M. drinks; 50. Carried on, as a trade; 52. Bygone potentate; 56. Shakespeare title starter; 57. Straits; 58. Doth own; 59. “The Dukes of Hazzard” network.