02.14.09 -- Love Takes a Holiday

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited by Will Shortz
Nothing very romantic about today’s Saturday stumper comprised of six 15-letter entries --
RELUCTANT DRAGON (5D. 1941 Disney film based on a Kenneth Grahame story, with “The”); FOOT LONG HOT DOGS (6D. They’re sold in oversize rolls); FIVE AND TEN STORE (7D. Bygone emporium); MAN TO MAN DEFENSE (32A. Aggressive guarding option); ONCOMING TRAFFIC (37A. Bad thing to drive into); ROLL ON THE GROUND (38A. What some dogs and flaming daredevils do).
Other long entries --
GREAT UNCLE (3D. Lionel to Drew Barrymore); ON FURLOUGH (29D. Away, in a way); PLEASE GO ON (53A. “Tell me more …”); REFOCUSES (28D. Shakes off new distractions); TAKE A TOLL (14D. Result in serious damage); and the sole bow to Valentine’s Day, I LOVE PARIS (18A. “Can-Can” song).
Five-letter -- DALLY (59A. Do nothing worthwhile); EMAIL (56A. It’s often filtered); FARAD (36D. F on a physics exam); GORES (2D. Tusks, e.g.); HADTO (49A. Was compelled); IRENE (16A. 1973 musical for which George S. Irving won a Tony for Best Actor); NOMSG (8A Notice in a restaurant); OUTER (21A. Edgy?); PROMO (24D. Many an ad);
YURTS (44D. Nomadic dwellings).
Beyond the foregoing, the solver will need to slog through a half-dozen cul-de-sacs containing a large amount of short and/or arbitrary who-cares fill with lame clues -- ACR (41A. From left to right: Abbr.); ALMA (46D. Book of Mormon’s longest book); 33D. “He eateth grass as ANOX”: Job 40:15; AREA (17A. Stat for a state); ASIN (30D. Clarifying link); AXEL (39A. Winter Olympics maneuver); CHE (42D. 1969 Omar Sharif title role); CLAN (25A. It’s all relatives); CRTS (42A.
Plasma alternatives, briefly); DON (40A. Get into); DULY (43A. As required); EGG (1A. Unpleasant face covering); ERN (19D. It follows directions); ERG (35D. Tiny fraction of a foot-pound); ETAL (1D. Citation abbreviation); EURO (55A. Coin with 12 stars on both the front and back); GEST (12D. Adventure); HAIL (48D. Approve enthusiastically); HST (61A. Surprise winner of 1948: Abbr.); LEAK (20A. Unexpected info source); LEOI (15A. Fifth-century pope called “the Great”); LETT (22A. Member of a NATO land since 2004); MERE (10D. Simple); MIN (34D. See 60-Across: Abbr.); MORA (32D. Third baseman Melvin); NIP (8D. Autumn arrival); NSEC (60A. Minuscule part of a 34-Down: Abbr.); OATH (45A. It’s taken in court); OGRE (57A. Fee-faw-fum); OLIO (4D. Number between scenes); ONEC (50D. “Currently serving” military designation); OPED (45D. Piece of punditry); ORAL (9D. Like some confessions); ORFF (4D. “O Fortuna” composer); POST (52D. Blog bit); RECD (31D. Invoice abbr.); ROAR (28A. Emulate a woman, in “I Am Woman”); SGTS (58A. Company V.I.P.‘s: Abbr.); SLY (54D. Apt to trick); SNIT (11D. Tizzy); SOUP (51A. Added power, in slang); STEP (23A. Manual component); TEAL (47D. Cousin of a greenwing); TON (27A. A long one is 12% “longer” than a short one); TORT (13. Battery, e.g.); UAR (26A. Old Mideast org.).
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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