02.11.11 — Light


Puzzle by Adam Cohen, edited by Will Shortz

A well-mixed bag of clues and answers for this Friday crossword — have a good weekend!

Across — 1. Loser to Al Pacino for Best Actor of 1992, STEPHEN REA; 11. Simple folks don’t put them on, AIRS; 15. Where pitchers are often placed, SALES ROOMS; 16. Get in a hold, STOW; 17. Paparazzi targets, GLITTERATI; 18. Scratch, KALE; 19. Two out of twenty?, TEES; 20. Wheels, CAR; 21. “Let’s Cook It Right” author Davis, ADELLE; 23. “She HATH Dian’s wit”: Romeo; 25. Cutting back, ON A DIET; 26. Sunshine State athletes, GATORS; 29. “Antigonae” opera composer, ORFF; 30. Honest ADE (drink brand); 31. Form a clandestine union?, ELOPE; 33. Référendum vote, NON; 34. They’re often broken after being reached, TIES; 35. Group seen in late night hours?, AEIOU; 36. Wildly positive, RAVE; 37. Onetime communications giant, ITT; 38. Pesäpallo is their national sport, FINNS; 39. He broke Gehrig’s 70-year all-time hits record, JETER; 40. Like a series finale?, NTH; 41. TV persona giving prank interviews, ALI G; 42. They’re not allowed to travel, CAGERS; 43. Service stripe sites, SLEEVES; 45. Protein-rich seed, SOYA; 46. Second hand, HELPER; 47. Creation on the sixth day, MAN; 48. Oscar-winning screenwriter Tally and others, TEDS; 52. Title character of 1920s Broadway, ABIE; 53. Navel base?, ORANGE TREE; 56. Flooring option, PINE; 57. Its newspaper is the Nugget, NOME ALASKA; 58. 24-Down, in Dijon, ETES; 59. Old Hollywood’s method of promoting talent, STAR SYSTEM.

Down — 1. Squad leader: Abbr., SSGT; 2. Something that’s related, TALE; 3. Fashion designer Saab, ELIE; 4. They offer lots of food that people won’t eat, PET SHOP; 5. Cold war inits., HST; 6. Causes to stand, ERECTS; 7. Singer Jones, NORAH; 8. Cannon sound, ROAR; 9. First responder, for short, EMT; 10. Cause of global panic in 1957, ASIAN FLU; 11. Pled, ASKED; 12. Like much Renaissance art, ITALIANATE; 13. Renewed, in a way, ROLLED OVER; 14. Deal-closing aids, SWEETENERS; 22. Crackers, DAFT; 24. Add up to, ARE; 25. Onetime meringue-filled treats, OREOS; 26. Work out, GET IN SHAPE; 27. Some, A LITTLE BIT; 28. Not be a rebel, TOE THE LINE; 29. Taking credit?, OWING; 32. Actor O’Hare of “Milk”, DENIS; 35. Wing parts, AILERONS; 36. Sails events?, REGATTAS; 38. Top pick, informally, FAVE; 39. Big name in late-night, JAY; 42. Dances with one person after another?, CONGAS; 44. They often have pistol grips, EPEES; 46. Not so 22-Down, SANER; 47. Remembered one?, MAMA; 49. “The even mead, that ERST brought sweetly forth …” “Henry V”; 50. Hockey player’s “dangle”, DEKE; 51. Rich layer, SEAM; 54. Bushwa, ROT; 55. Minnesota city with Vermillion Community College, ELY.

"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."
~ Thomas Alva Edison


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