05.28.11 — It's A Secret

Le Secret, c. 1876 William Bouguereau


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Puzzle by David Quarfoot / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “Shhhh!” follower, IT’S A SECRET; 11. Counterpart of Selene, LUNA; 15. Hit video game series featuring “Hammer-ons”, GUITAR HERO; 16. Folder, e.g., ICON; 17. Where many songs are heard, ON THE RADIO; 18. “The Eighth Wonder of the World,” informally, KONG; 19. Advancement aid, TAB; 20. Dwellers in the Southern Carpathians, SERBS; 21. Place of uncertainty, FENCE; 22. “Hang on A SEC!”; 24. Joanne of “Red River”, DRU; 25. Longtime Disney name, EISNER; 26. Pinched, perhaps, NASAL; 28. Master, OLD PRO; 30. Some Dior designs, A-LINES; 32. Some ectoparasites, LICE; 33. Educational grp., PTA; 36. Capitalized on something, MADE HAY; 38. Breakfast offering, POP TART; 40. Central Dutch city, EDE; 41. Direction at sea, ALEE; 43. Common purse item, TISSUE; 44. Belabor, OVERDO; 46. Stunned, in a way, TASED; 47. Wriggle, SQUIRM; 50. C ration replacer, MRE; 52. Bank offering, informally, REFI; 53. Diaphanous material, TULLE; 54. Latin lover’s words, TE AMO; 56. Steely one?, DAN; 57. Campus org., ROTC; 58. Political leader who patented a system to alter the buoyancy of steamboats, ABE LINCOLN; 60. Cutting-edge brand, ATRA; 61. Optical tool for a computer user, LASER MOUSE; 62. Slowly withdraw, WEAN; 63. Continue, in a way, PRESS ENTER.

Down — 1. 1973 Jim Croce album, I GOT A NAME; 2. Deli option, TUNA SALAD; 3. Neighbor in the bleachers, say, SIT BESIDE; 4. School dept., ATH; 5. Requests from an ed., SAES; 6. Slipped, ERRED; 7. Cousin of a vaquero, CHARRO; 8. Drink containing taurine, RED BULL; 9. Largest dwarf planet in the solar system, ERIS; 10. Extremely, TOO; 11. Thus, LIKE SO; 12. East Coast b-ball powerhouse, U CONN; 13. Present, NONCE; 14. Inflame, ANGER; 21. Camping cooking option, FIRE PIT; 23. Support staff, CANE; 25. Home to a famous geodesic sphere, EPCOT; 27. City on the Seine, LE HAVRE; 29. Chew, DIP; 31. Western capital, SALEM; 33. Dead to the world, PASSED OUT; 34. Like some questions, TRUE FALSE; 35. Took a night course?, ATE DINNER; 37. Slangy possessive, YER; 39. Michael, e.g., TSAR; 42. Issuer of a 1986 report on pornography, ED MEESE; 44. “The Wizard of Oz” prop, OIL CAN; 45. Mass attire, ORALES; 47. “The Wizard of Oz” costume, STRAW; 48. Stock QUOTE; 49. Extremely, ULTRA; 51. Eastern leaders, EMIRS; 54. Funicular alternative, T-BAR; 55. Janis Joplin’s “Down ON ME; 58. Ostspitze, e.g., ALP; 59. One found in a pen, CON.


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Anonymous said...

I usually comment on the Rex Parker site, but this day's entry immediately redirects to the May 31puzzle, for some reason. Might that reason be a mistake in the clue for 1d, IGOTANAME? Clearly, as any Croce fan worth his salt would know, that album was published in the second half of 1974, NOT 1973 by several months. An otherwise fine grid, David, especially the cute crossing of Eisner with Epcot--the elephant that caused his downfall. But tsk! Homework, Mr. Q. Homework!