07.07.11 — U?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Puzzle by Caleb Rasmussen / Edited by Will Shortz

Ugh! The odd entries of BRURON, SHOUR, NOUMPS, GESURN, NEBUSE, EARMURVE, RECULDER, GOOSEBUTUNDHEIT, NEUTAL, BELLCUFF and AROULA are the result of NO U TURN (35A. Traffic sign literally violated 12 times in this puzzle). What’s intended is BRUTAL, SHOULDER, NO U TURN, GESUNDHEIT, NEBULA, EARMUFF, RECUR, NEURON, GESUNDHEIT, BELL CURVE and AROUSE, more or less and/or who could care less!?

The clues across1. What some prices and spirits do, 5. Delay, 8. Cause of weather extremes, 14. Certify, 16. “Ta-at”; 17. Piece for orchestra and soloist; 18. Disagreeably direct; 19. Carry, as a burden; 20. ASK.com (Google competitor), 22. Anatomical passageways, 23. Hunter’s need: Abbr., 25. Author Jong, 27. Use for sustenance, 30. Sight from St. Peter’s Square, 34. “This one’s ON ME”, 35. Traffic sign literally violated 12 times in this puzzle, 37. Mugger?, 38. Give lots of love, 40. Fr. Holy woman, 41. Strip alternative, 43. Nephew of Abraham, 44. It’s a blessing, 47. Christian denom., 48. Gives the oath, 50. Sea spots, 52. Add some cushioning to, perhaps, 53. Entirely, 54. “Art is the triumph over CHAOS”: John Cheever, 57. Grp. of Ducks and Panthers, NHL, 59. One’s pawns on a chessboard, e.g., 63. Birthplace of many stars, 65. Winter item sold in pairs, 67. Skilled hoops player, in slang, 68. Jiminy Cricket declaration, 69. Origami feature, 70. TEA Party, 71. Something received with a ticket.

Down — 1. Pouches, 2. Internet shortening to introduce a different view, 3. 6, for C, 4 Happen again, 5. Paper size: Abbr., 6. Lead-in to boy or girl, 7. Result of being left out in the cold, 8. Flow back, 9, One who has a way with words, 10. Transmitter, of sorts, 11. About, on a memo, 12. Koh-I-NOOR, once the world’s largest known diamond, 13. Doesn’t rent, 15. Prefix with comic, 21. 1990s TV neighbor, 24. “American Morning” airer, 26. Juno, e.g.: Abbr.; 27. Newborns in stable condition?, 28. Bestow, 29. Hardly suppress one’s feelings; 31. “If all goes well …”; 33. Make a MESS of things, 36. Legendary Gaelic bard, 39. Exits, 42. Statistical shape, 45. Medium power?, 46. Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, 49. Awaken, 51. A sports highlight may be seen in it, 54. “Mad Money” airer, 55. When doubled, a cry of approval, 56. Qualified, 58. Unconvincing, 60. “Star Trek: T.N.G.” counselor Deanna, 61. “Thou soft-flowing” stream of literature, 62. Strike out, 64. Before, in verse, 66. Genetic material.

Is the solver to ignore the nonsensical fragments, e.g., RON, R, MPS, GES, SE, RVE, LDER, UTU, TAL, FF. LA … ? U-Turn? Ugh!


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Geir said...

Now I get it. Wherever there is a 'U' the word takes a 'bend' (and the central clue for the traffic sign has two bends because it has two 'U's). The nonsensical fragments after the 'U' are actually the continuation of another 'U-Turned' word. For example the nonsensical 'RVE' at the end of EARMURVE is actually the U-Turn continuation of the 'statistical shape':


Clever. Frustrating.

And happened,to be the first puzzle I played on my newly downloaded iPad app, so I thought at first there must be a glitch in the app somehow.

I was lost until I found your blog post, googling some of the weird words.


Travener said...

This puzzle is too clever by half. I hated it.

Anonymous said...

didn't like this, not quite fair

Anonymous said...

I still don't get iters..
anatomical pathways?