02.10.12 — Who Knows?


Friday, February 10, 2012

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk and Brad Wilber
Edited by Will Shortz

Across1. Like eaters of humble pie, SHAMED; 7. Impossible dream, CHIMERA; 14. Clichéd company claim, WE CARE; 15. Surveilled, say, SHADOWED; 16. Onetime pickling liquid, ALEGAR; 17. Pumpkin is rich in it, CAROTENE; 18. Party makeup?, POLITICAL DNA; 20. Abbr. accompanying some dotted notes, STAC; 21. Urban planting favorite, GINKGO; 22. Half the time?: Abbr., AMS; 25. Makes less edgy, BLUNTS; 27. A weather strip may fit into it, T-SLOT; 29. Only Englishman named a Dr. of the Church, ST BEDE; 32. Tony’s “Taras Bulba” co-star, 1962, YUL; 34. Maneuver, PLOY; 35. Reckon, TOTAL UP; 37. Producer of a blowout, maybe, POTHOLE; 39. Danny DeVito’s “Throw Momma From the Train” role, OWEN; 40. Clock stopper, at times, REF; 42. Good dogs for pulling loads, AKITAS; 43. Most negligible, LEAST; 45. Expect, PLAN ON; 47. Winged ELM; 48. Cobble, perhaps, RESOLE; 50. More, in ads, XTRA; 54. Maker of fabrics with intricate designs, JACQUARD LOOM; 56. Tryst figure, PARAMOUR; 59. Running quarterly, for short?, COIN OP; 60. A 40-Across will watch for it, FAIR PLAY; 61. C3H8, e.g., ALKANE; 62. Like some words and swords, CROSSED; 63. Reacted to a punch, REELED.

The Chimera on a red-figure Apulian plate, ca 350–340 BC (Musée du Louvre)

Down1. Alternatives to sales, SWAPS; 2. Spartan toiler, HELOT; 3. ACELA Express; 4. What Jack got in exchange for a cow, in a children’s story, MAGIC BEANS; 5. Form of “sum”, ERAT; 6. Proper, DE RIGUEUR; 7. Attributes (to), CHALKS UP; 8. Grand entrance?, HARD G; 9. Retort of contradiction, I DO NOT; 10. Longtime Dodgers coach Manny, MOTA; 11. Feta milk source, EWE; 12. “Footloose” hero McCormack, REN; 13. Ending for AriZona flavors, ADE; 15. Hardly abundant, SCANTY; 19. N.L. Central city, CIN; 22. Divvy up, ALLOT; 23. Cabbage, MOOLA; 24. Ocular irritants, STYES; 26. “Bad” cholesterol, briefly, LDL; 28. Inscrutable, SPHINX-LIKE; 29. Tiptoed, say, STOLE; 30. Spa handout, TOWEL; 31. Subs, B-TEAM; 33. Body shop offering, LOANER CAR; 36. Cheerleading outfit?, PEP SQUAD; 38. A 40-Across may call it, TKO; 41. Like many bakers’ hands, FLOURY; 44. Walks heavily, TRAMPS; 46. Resembling, A LA; 49. College, e.g., ECOLE; 51. Like the Navajo language, TONAL; 52. ABC’s Arledge, ROONE; 53. Full of adrenaline, AMPED; 54. Shocks, JARS; 55. World’s largest fruit company, DOLE; 56. One-striper, briefly, PFC; 47. Swiss stream, AAR; 58. Spanish stream, RIO.


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