05.12.12 — Don't Cry

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Puzzle by Caleb Madison / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Drinking problem, SPILLAGE; 9. If all goes swimmingly, AT BEST; 15. Sugar, HONEY BUN; 16. André and Mia adopted her, SOON-YI; 17. Change-producing agent, ALTERANT; 18. Water park recreation, TUBING; 19. Big dogs, MASTIFFS; 20. 1969 Tony winner for “Promises, Promises”, ORBACH; 21. Colon’s meaning, at times, IS TO; 22. When to see der Mond, NACHT; 23. Big name in gourmet chocolate, LINDT; 26. More likely to be bowdlerized, RACIER; 30. Chiwere speaker, OTOE; 31. Emmy-winning show of 2007, ‘08 and ‘09, THIRTY ROCK; 35. Rom. Tongue, LAT; 36. Didn’t demur, SAID YES; 37. Face-topping figure, XII; 38. 1955 Dior debut, A-LINE DRESS; 40. Tiropita ingredient, FETA; 41. Maximally mean, BASEST; 42. Nearly flawless bodies, NINES; 43. Place, STEAD; 46. 1989 E.P.A. target, ALAR; 48. One in the closet, HANGER; 50. Starts to stagnate, PLATEAUS; 54. Smallish printing format, OCTAVO; 55. Response to a surprising statement, IS THAT SO; 56. One ma be required to park, PERMIT; 57. Start to squirm, GET ANTSY; 58. 2009-11 Republican National Committee chairman, STEELE; 59. Their voices really carry, STENTORS.

Parnassus or Apollo and the Muses, 1640, Simon Vouet, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Down — 1. Fast shuffle, SHAM; 2. POLA Debevoise, Marilyn Monroe’s “How to Marry a Millionaire” role; 3. Some turnovers: Abbr., INTS; 4. It goes whichever way the wind blows, LEE TIDE; 5. Apollo, for one, LYRIST; 6. Sailor’s behind, ABAFT; 7. Piece offer?, GUN FOR HIRE; 8. Forest race of fantasy, ENTS; 9. Respecting, AS TO; 10. What seeds are often planted in, TOURNEYS; 11. 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate, BOB BARR; 12. Computing behemoth, ENIAC; 13. Coordinate, SYNCH; 14. Like best friends, TIGHT; 23. Woman who “drank Champagne and danced all night,” in song, LOLA; 24. Rom. Tongue, ITAL; 25. Terse demurral, NOT I; 27. Posse, e.g., AIDES; 28. Early radio receiver, CRYSTAL SET; 29. Kin of -niks, ITES; 31. Bits, TADS; 32. Draft team, OXEN; 33. Reference, CITE; 34. Rondos, KIAS; 36. Big ray, SEA DEVIL; 39. Magic show?, NBA GAME; 40. Producer of the venom solenopsin, FIRE ANT; 42. Annual George Jean NATHAN Award for Dramatic Criticism; 43. Bazaar makeup, SHOPS; 44. Indicator of silence, TACET; 45. ENTRE Rios de Minas, Brazil; 47. It might be a triple, LATTE; 49. Mechanical, ROTE; 50. Penn pals?, PIGS; 51. Quintillionth: Prefix, ATTO; 52. Locale in a Beatles title, USSR; 53. Kikkoman options, SOYS.


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