08.22.12 — Sturm und Drang


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

STURM / UND / DRANG (38A. With 40- and 41-Across, 18th-century literary and musical movement), STORM / AND / STRESS (7D. With 36- and 53-Down translation of 38-/40-/41-Across), JOHANN / GOETHE (45A. With 45-Across, writer associated with 38-/40-/41-Across) and GERMANY (26A. Country associated with 38-/40-/41-Across) constitutes the interrelated group of this very fine, aptly agitating and chaotic Wednesday crossword rife with interesting variety.

Other — DESERT SUN (6D. Palm Springs paper, with “the”), DOG STAR (51A. Sirius), DRAUGHT BOARD (25D. Place for an English king?), GROUND SPEED (42A. Aircraft velocity figure), HEIRESS (48D. Paris Hilton, for one), HERBERT (30A. “Babes in Toyland” composer), IT HAD TO BE YOU (27D. One of Sam’s tunes in “Casablanca”), OSMOSIS (46D. Absorption process), P E RATIO (32A. Wall St. stat), TETRAPODS (8D. Four-footers), WATER RATS (20A. Marsh rodents).

Mid-size — AMAR’E Stoudemire, ASSAD, “… poem lovely as A TREE”, BERRA (31D. “It gets late early out there“ speaker), DAMAGE, Rio DE ORO, ENTERS, GOLEM (17A. Humanoid of Jewish folklore), IDEAL, IMBUE, ISAOS (35A. Golfer Aoki and others), JOINED, LOOFA, MAMET, MARCO Rubio, MARTYR, MONDE, OASES, ORBIT, RESTE, RHOMB, ROXIE Hart (“Chicago” role), TECATE (54D. Mexican beer brand), UNITS.

Short stuff — A FEW, ALAE, ALG, AMOS, ANES, BUS, CHAS Addams, CMD, DIAN Fossey, DIRT, “ERI tu”, ESAI Morales, ETE, HERE, IDS, MAX, MELT, “The Tilled Field“ painter Joan MIRÓ, MOSS, NOON, OEN, OLES, OST, OYER and terminer, PGA, SDS, SOL and SOO and SOT, SONG, TEE, TERI Polo, THAN, UNO.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Either of two Syrian presidents; 6. “Spring forward” inits.; 9. “Oleanna” playwright; 14. Bather’s scrubber; 15. When to observe 6-Across in France; 18. Elbow-bender; 23. Mil. Headquarters; 27. They’re flashed at guards; 30. “Babes in Toyland” composer; 32. Wall St. stat; 34. Wings, in zoology; 37. Comparative word; 50. 90 degrees from Nord; 55. Vintner’s prefix; 56. Permeate; 58. GPS suggestion: Abbr.; 59. What much space junk is in; 61. Time for both hands to be up; 62. Sen. Rubio; 64. “All yours!”; 65. Morales of “Caprica”; 66. Worth a 10; 68. Word before poor or cheap; 69. Remainder, in Rouen; 70. Moor growth; 71. Radical org. of the ‘60s; 72. Camels’ pit stops; 73. Sightseer’s ride. — DOWN: 1. “Solve for x” subj.; 2. The Great Lakes’ ___ Locks; 3. G, in the key of C; 4. Not many; 5. Price to pay, informally; 9. Joan of Arc, notably; 10. Pal of Andy; 11. Peak, slangily; 13. Pipe joint; 21. Actress Polo; 22. Hydrocarbon suffixes; 23. Cartoonist Addams; 24. Go soft; 28. Gorilla expert Fossey; 20. “Yesterday” or “Tomorrow”; 39. Earth, to the French; 41. Rio ___ (African region); 43. South American cardinal?; 44. Links org.; 45. Yoked; 49. Punches in, say; 52. Egg rating; 57. Rod and rad; 60. Equilateral figure; 63. World Cup chants.

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