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Logarhitmic radial photo of the universe, Pablo Carlos Budassi


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Puzzle by Erik Agard / Edited by Will Shortz

CTR (56A. Abbr. found at the 56-Down of this puzzle’s four longest answers), along with the four answers, constitutes the main feature of this lackluster Saturday crossword:

ASPECT RATIO (20A. 16:9, say)
PROJECT RUNWAY (33A. Fashion series since 2004)
MAGIC TRICKS (49A. Legerdemain)
LG ELECTRONICS (15D. “Life’s Good” sloganeer)

Other across — 1. Goes quickly after takeoff?, STREAKS; 8. Series of antecedents, LEAD UP; 14. Professor who tries to kill Harry Potter, QUIRRELL; 16. ANGINA pectoris; 17. Not one favored, UNDERDOG; 18. Randomly distributed, STREWN; 19. PBJ filling?, AND; 22. Muscles for some fraternity guys, DELTS; 24. Shake, LOSE; 25. Mo. Of National Grandparents’ Day, SEP; 26. Raft, SLEW; 27. Height, APEX; 29. Viewfinder?, POLL; 30. Some nerve?, OPTIC; 32. Nobelist Frederick SODDY, pioneer in radiochemistry; 37. Asner’s “Elf” role, CLAUS; 38. Browning, for one, RIFLE; 39. It might be found in a café, LAIT; 40. Spanish interrogative, COMO; 41. All-nighter, maybe, RAVE; 45. Writer AYN Rand; 46. Cold-shoulder, SHUN; 48. ASTIN Mackenzie of “The Facts of Life”; 53. Cooperstown inst. HOF; 54. Words before and after “Am too!”, ARE NOT; 55. Longest continuous corporate partner of the Olympic Games, COCA COLA; 57. Get misty, TEAR UP; 58. Fall guy?, STUNTMAN; 59. Galley slaves, e.g., OARERS; 60. Least abundant, SPAREST.

Down — 1. Teams, SQUADS; 2. Smuggling aid, TUNNEL; 3. Judges 14:14 has the only one in the Bible, RIDDLE; 4. “Maid of Athens, ERE we part”: Byron; 5. Hamlet takes a stab at it, ARRAS; 6. Some gym shoes, KEDS; 7. Spill, SLOP; 8. Holds up, LASTS; 9. Word with deux or nous, ENTRE; 10. Home of the Unesco World Heritage Site Fatehpur Sikri, AGRA; 11. Light refreshment, DIET SODA; 12. Hard to handle, UNWIELDY; 13. Splendid array, PANOPLY; 21. Sportsperson who may take a bow?, COX; 23. Situation that makes a double play impossible, TWO OUT; 27. Tucked away, ATE; 28. Snap, PIC; 29. Dungeons & Dragons attributes, POWERS; 31. Wear for the weary, PJS; 32. TV inits. Since 10/11/75, SNL; 33. Feature of many a McDonald’s, PLAY AREA; 34. Macs and such, RAIN GEAR; 35. Part of a crater, RIM; 36. Saucer, perhaps, UFO; 37. Red Juice hybrid, CLAMATO; 40. Contemptible sort, CUR; 42. In, AT HOME; 43. They take bows, VIOLAS; 44. Terrible one?, ENFANT; 46. Comb, SCOUR; 47. Certain address starter, HTTPS; 48. Yoga pose, ASANA; 50. About, IN RE; 51. Some Red Cross supplies, COTS; 52. Single-serving coffee holder, K CUP.


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