08.14.07 -- Doofus

36A STELLA (Stanley's love in "A Streetcar Named Desire")
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Puzzle by C. W. Stewart, edited by Will Shortz
NINCOMPOOP (18A Doofus); BIRDBRAIN (27A Doofus); DINGALING (48A Doofus); NOODLEHEAD (55A Doofus); NUMSKULL (4D Doofus); and DUMBBELL (39D Doofus) are the inter-related entries with their repetitive Shortzesque clues, an impressive six, in this idiot’s delight of a crossword puzzle. I am sure the thesaurusification could go on and on, but pity the poor doofus!
To ensure the solver doesn't take this name-calling personally, the puzzle finishes with (61D A person who is not a doofus) -- YOU! While I appreciated the sentiment, it was a little late -- what's next? Idiot? Putz? Jerk? Simpleton? Fool? Hopefully NOONE (50D Nary a soul) mistakes IGOON (49D Shall I GO ON?" [Want me to continue?]) for GOON -- clued as "awkward, grotesque, stupid, etc." by a closet-full of pedagogical academicians! Of course, we also have PANSIES (7D Pretty violets) and TENDERS (43D Chicken TENDERS); JUDAS (34D Traitor) and PAROLEE (32D Many an ex-con) -- and then there is EPITHET (42A Nickname) -- which Webster's more accurately defines as an adjective, noun, or phrase used to characterize some person or thing, often spec. a disparaging one (Ex.: "egghead" for an intellectual) -- perhaps we'll get (A person who is not an intellectual) -- YOU!
Oh, it goes on -- SOU (59D Pittance); NEED (65A Crave); LEDOUT (38A Shown the door); OMITS (25D Cuts out); LAPSE (24D Expire); ORDEALS (19D Difficult experiences); LOCKE (24A English philosopher who wrote "Wherever Law ends, Tyranny begins"); EMMA (23A Novel on which "Clueless" is based); ELOPER (46A Runaway bride or groom); SMEAR (47A Eyeliner problem); and LALA land (37D) -- what a mess of negativity!
In the event you're OBESE (51A Overweight plus), a friendly reminder is here; then there's PILL (31 Tablet) and AMA (Doc's org.); this puzzle is filled with the INS and outs (1D) of going POSTAL (32A Part of U.S.P.S.) -- oh forget it, IGOON, I REPEAT (30 Parrot) myself -- NANU (13A When doubled, an old sitcom goodbye) -- BAM (9D "Pow!")!
I'm outta here!
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