08.03.07 -- Nautilus

FIBONACCISERIES (35A "The Da Vinci Code" sequence) -- Illustration: Nautilus


Friday, August 3, 2007

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Puzzle by Charles Barasch, edited by Will Shortz

VOODOOECONOMICS (8D Derogatory term popularized by George H. W. Bush) and FIBONACCISERIES (35A “The Da Vinci Code” sequence) both 15-letters long, slice through each other down and across this amazing, but ruthless, end-of-the-work-week crossword puzzle. Full of arcana and/or seldom-used entries, coupled with a mischievous vagueness as a presiding characteristic of its clues, Charles Barasch, the wordsmith of the day, has constructed a masterly mélange of enigmatic stupefaction.

"Voodoo Economics," Mark Kostabi, 1992, graphite on paper

Who among the living, walks about with such esoterica at the tip of the tongue as EMILIANO (15A Two-time president Chamorro), GAVIN (30A San Francisco mayor Newsom); HENRYVII (12D The Wars of the Roses ended in his reign); MALRAUX (26D France’s first minister of culture, 1959-69) ROIS (23A Beaucoup de Louises); SELENA (62A Jennifer Lopez title role); or for that matter -- AMATOL (2D Stuff in a bomb); ANODYNES (14D Soothing things); GAELS (30D Iona College athletes); SUBIC Bay (South China Sea inlet) (44A); and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, e.g. (21D IRAQI)?

LUREIN (16A Draw successfully); ITSALIVE (58A Horror cry); IDUNNO (18A “Ya got me!”); MYMY (26A “Well, I declare!”); YESWE have no…” (50D); and INEVER (46D “How dare you?”) lead a profusion of confusion that includes KOOKY (46A Out there); JAMMIES (53A Undercover wear?); ALIEN (9D Superman, for one) and SHE (57D Word before some animal names). It’s the clues -- the entries are not all that exotic.

Other acrosses:
1. Celebratory cry
2. It can leave you breathless
17. County whose seat is Redwood City
19. Union in D.C., e.g.
20. Sets up
25. Dismiss as unworthy
27. Stooges actions (SLAPS)
31. Skeleton part
33 Handicap, say
39. Sly slur (INNUENDO)
40. Motor additive
42. Temp takers
56. Bottle
60. Religious leader who wrote “Peace with God”
61. Baseball coverings
63. Bakes

Other downs:

3. Flower named for a German botanist
4. Hackberry relative
5. Pseudologue
6. Soap” family (TATES)
10. Head makeup
13. Dwarf
24. Salad bar binful
28. They can make waves
35. They may follow the drill
36. Wobbly
37. Note offering good advice for life?
45. Come to pass
54. Look Forward in Anger” comedian
59. Books, for short

This is a perfectly proportioned puzzle with good KARMA (49A) and mischievous mystification!

Oh...and TGIF!
Fibonacci Sequence, the spirally expanding geometry of the Chambered Nautilus shell, the similarly appealing geometry of flower petals, or in the famously “perfect” proportions of DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man
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Ciera Elani said...

Hi Donald,
I was wondering what the sources for your nautilus illustrations were. did you design yourself?

DONALD said...

Unfortunately, I cannot find the source at this time -- it was almost a year ago. I usually provide a link under the illustration -- here is a site that may be of interest; however --