08.28.07 -- Elementary!

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Puzzle by Linda Schechet Tucker, Edited by Will Shortz
Clues to solve today's puzzle with BASILRATHBONE (26A Sherlock Holmes portrayer) :
Across: 1. Russian space station; 4. "The Song of ROLAND" old French epic; 10. Spill the beans; 14. Half of dos; 15. Blackboard appurtenance; 16. Like hands after eating potato chips; 17. It's worth listening to; 19. Info in a used car ad; 20. Toll; 21. Conduct a survey; 23. Republic from which Montenegro gained its independence; 25. MAH-jongg; 26. Sherlock Holmes portrayer; 33. Nabokov heroine; 35. "Don't TREAD on me" (slogan of the American Revolution); 36. Where San Diego is: Abbr.; 37. Art DECO; 39. Expensive coat; 41. Cravings; 42. Not silently; 44. Laughing; 46. Drivers' org.; 47. Perfect shape; 50. Building wing; 51. Sale markdown indicator; 54. Variety of rose; 60. Decorative sofa fabric; 61. River of Switzerland; 62. Where the first words of 17-, 26- and 47-Across may be found; 64. It may be in the doghouse; 65. Its alphabet starts with alif; 66. Bard's "before"; 67. Hightail it; 68. Tennessee team; 69. "Help!".
Illustration: The "dancing men" code from "Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon" (1942)
Down: 1. Scents used for perfume; 2. Senseless; 3. English philosopher called "Doctor Mirabilis" ; 4. One who sees it like it is; 5. Fort ORD, former Army post on Monterey Bay; 6. Source of basalt; 7. Purchase stipulation; 8. Place for a crick; 9. Imagined; 10. Cry of glee; 11. Stead; 12. Chester Arthur's middle name; 13. Polar explorer Richard; 18. Isle of exile; 22. Sis-boom-bahs; 24. Snobs put them on; 27. Memorize, as lines; 28. Raging mad; 29. He lost of Dwight; 30. They're controlled by the moon; 31. "Peter Pan" dog; 32. Actress Lanchester, who married Charles Laughton; 33. "Madam, I'm ADAM"; 34. Place to get a Reuben; 38. Catcher of sound waves; 40. ENTR'acte; 43. Mid seventh-century date; 45. Haberdashery items: Var.; 48. Dated; 49. Smell; 52. Old Oldsmobile; 53. They may be dominant; 54. Knife handle; 55. Where Bill and Hillary met; 56. LaBREA Tar Pits; 57. Hatcher or Garr; 58. Part of Q.E.D.; 59. "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" group; 63. Winning cry in a card game.
The solution? Elementary!
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