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Sunday, October 7, 2007

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Puzzle by Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes, edited by Will Shortz

Nine squares of three abbreviations for political affiliations (or as the title of the puzzle suggests "positions") -- four squares contain DEM on the left of the puzzle, four contain REP on the right, and one IND in, of course, the center -- otherwise, this crossword puzzle is the very model of free speech. Coming fast on the heels of the first Monday of October -- the day on which the United States Supreme Court traditionally convenes following its summer recess -- is timely!

TUPPERWAREPARTY (24A Event where there might be burping) with FIcIT (15D Sunken cooking site);
DEMARCATED (26A Set boundaries) with DIAc (1D King topper);
READEMANDWEEP (33A Poker player's gloat) with cOS (36D Some records or cars);
CAREPACKAGES (42A Students' gifts from home) with CcE (39D Brunch serving);
DONTMINDIFIDO (65A Response to "Want some?") with SATcOLL (51D Duke Ellington classic);
ACADEMYAWARD (87A Prize since 1928) with INTANc (58D Working together);
INSTANTREPLAY (92A Help in checking calls) with ADc (86D Worker in the TV biz);
SPAREPARTS (103A Junkyard supply) with cORT (104D Loud noise); and
IDEMANDARECOUNT (109A Candidate's "This isn't over!") with SIcAN (95D Supporting instrumentalist)...
Additionally, we are reminded of TUES (107D When to vote: Abbr.).
And now a few words from our sponsors, Nancy Salomon, Harvey Estes, and Will Shortz:
Across: 1. Surgeon’s instrument; 8. Egg white; 15. Having no master; 20. Queued up; 21. Sewing machine parts; 22. Ex of the Donald; 23. Sunflower seeds, botanically; 28. Offends the olfactory; 29. Cleans; 30. Coming; 32. Wait on; 38. Start on a stage; 40. Vacuum tube filter; 41. Bad EMS (German spa); 48. Like Cain; 51. Brought forth; 52. Factor in a wine rating; 53. Afternoon affair; 54. Crew implement; 55. Character size; 57. Mogul; 58. Kind of service offered at some cafes; 60. Rain-BLO (classic bubble-gum balls); 62. Simple housing; 63. Cariou of Broadway; 68. Somme time; 69. Jazzman Jackson; 70. Foolish sort; 71. One present but not participating; 73. Energy secretary under Clinton; 75. Obstinate; 77. Snaps; 78. Delivery people, briefly; 81. Food in Exodus; 82. Slow mover; 84. Feature of many modern computer monitors; 89. Turnabout, slangily; 90. Journalist ADELA Rogers St. Johns; 91. Specify; 95. Wrist injury; 99. Excite; 100. Mum; 101. Mottled mount; 112. Smooth; 113. Not so nutty; 114. Obviously embarrassed; 115. Like a skunk; 116. Blown away; 117. Has in mind; 118. In quality?
Down: 2. Foe of Pizarro; 3. Cowardly Lion portrayer; 4. Baldwin of “The Cat in the Hat”; 5. Turner of records?; 6. Like some trucks; 7. Forward; 8. Flight no.?; 9. Pilgrimage site; 10. Girl with a crook; 11. Stimulant; 12. Like a milquetoast; 13. Goes off; 14. Sydney’s state: Abbr.; 16. Get around; 17. RARIN to go; 18. Put chips in up front; 19. Places; 25. Story that’s over one’s head; 27. Widow’s inheritance; 31. Scrap; 32. Not much; 33. Whole slew; 34. Iroquoian language; 35. Indian tourist mecca; 37. Chekhov who wrote “Uncle Vanya”; 38. Rhine tributary; 42. Summons: Abbr.; 43. Bandleader Kyser; 44. Zodiac symbol; 45. Leave home; 46. Wax theatrical; 47. Lacking, to Louis; 49. Ball club come-on; 50. Snacks often served with milk; 58. Baguette, for one; 57. Accepted criticism without complaint; 59. IV givers; 60. Life story; 61. Parkinsonism treatment; 63. Sachet scent; 64. “Uncle Vanya” woman; 66. Press coverage; 67. Angle with artificial bait; 69. N.Y.C. attraction; 72. Brit in America, maybe; 74. Light line; 75. Show fully; 76. A helping hand; 78. Scott Turow title; 70. BELA Fleck and the Flecktones; 80. Put in stitches; 82. Park lake denizen; 83. Where many vets served; 85. Lead-in to “pray”; 88. Ekberg of “La Dolce Vita” ; 89. Like neglected muscles; 92. Successively; 93. Venomous; 94. Approaching; 96. Primary strategy; 97. Periodical plea; 98. Physicist Ampere; 99.Cybermemo; 100. “You bet!” in Yucatan; 101. Hammer’s end; 102. “Rhyme Pays” rapper; 105. Have ANIN with; 106. Weapon in the game Clue; 108. F.C.C. concerns: Abbr.; 110. Swinger’s stat; and 111. N.F.L. successes.

Another fine crossword from a great team -- Salomon, Estes & Shortz!

Linda G of Madness...Crossword and Otherwise has been vacationing in Hawaii -- during her absence, various guest bloggers have paid tribute to her icon of Ava Gardner -- so for Linda -- AVA!


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ScriberPat said...

Dear Donaldsweblog,

the link for 35D, Indian tourist mecca, shows a photo of the Taj Mahal instead of a photo of the Red Fort of Agra, Agra being the answer for 35D

Norrin2 said...

(I'll handle this nitpicker, Donald.) The Taj Mahal is also in Agra, and is a much more popular destination than the nearby Agra Fort.

Allen said...

This seems to me to be a bad clue: "Put in Stitches" answer: "SLAY"
Any comment? I understand we say of a comedian "You slay me!" or "I'm in stitches." I feel it was a akin to asking, "To what animal are you related?" and the answer being . . . well anything. Even if I don't get one, I'm usually a good sport and laugh and say, "D'oh!" But, this was too far out on a two limbs, IMHO, to be fun.

Allen said...

Of course the cross problem for me being, OBS. What is OBS stand for? B for bicycle? O something Bicycle Service?

Allen said...

Oh THAT kind of delivery :-)
See THAT is fun.
OBS: I got it just after complaining.

DONALD said...

I think "slay" refers to being so funny it kills, and "put in stitches" one's sides burst open from laughter.