10.19.07 -- A Man of a Few Words

Friday, October 19, 2007
Puzzle by Frederick J. Healy, edited by Will Shortz
Very conversational today: OHWOW (10A), NONEATALL (17A); EATIT (21A); BIG TALK (36A); QUOTED (2D); WAITASEC (12D); IVEHADIT (37D), GETALIFE (38D); EMOTION (42D), SOS (43A)!
People: DUANE Hanson, Sam SNEAD, somebody ABBY, ELAYNE Boosler, EILEEN(S) Collins, ODIE and ODIST, TESLA, Alexandre DUMAS. Places: AUSTRALIA, PALACES, CONCOURSE. Food: SALSADIP, SPICE, and SLOPS. Not much happening here.
Placements: SQUEEGEES, AUSTRALIA and NONEATALL stacked across up left, AIRINGOUT, CONCOURSE, KNEEPANTS down left. Up right vertically, WAITASEC, ONTIPTOE, WESTERNS, down left BORABORA, IVEHADIT, GETALIFE. SIMOLEON, OVERDONE, and KNAPSACK sort of hung out to dry in the center., INBORN and ROBUST stuck down left. SPOTS and EYES, REV and RET, NOB, NOP and NOS, little stuff -- what’s not to like?
Not a dull word in the house!
Across: 1. Windshield wipers; 10. “Unbelievable!” ; 15. Darwin’s home; 16. Superrealist sculptor Hanson; 17. Zip; 18. They stand for something: Abbr.; 19. Station info, briefly; 20.Checks out; 21. 1984 hit parody of a 1983 hit song; 22. Get moving, with “up” ; 23. Four-time Vardon Trophy winner; 25. Area below the hairline; 26. Lock changer?; 29. Turn out; 31. Narrows: Abbr.; 32. Directory data: Abbr.; 34. Clam; 36. Bluster; 40. Hardly humble homes; 41. A bit much ; 43. Call in a calamity; 44. No longer doing the job?: Abbr.; 45. Bombards with junk; 47. Become active; 50. Pull out of AHAT (produce suddenly); 52. Makes out; 54. Fat cat, in England; 56. Packs in stacks; 58. Short distance; 59. “Eight is Enough” wife; 60. Creator of lofty lines; 61. Freshening naturally; 63. Something to get a kick out of; 64. Park gathering place; 65. Starters; 66. Garb symbolizing youth.
Down: 1. Not as touched; 2. Like successful orators; 3. James Forrestal was its last cabinet secy.; 4. Portions of les annees; 5. Stat for a reliever; 6. Slalom targets; 7. Comic Boosler; 8. Astronaut Collins and others; 9. Toasted triangle topper; 10. One of Jon Arbuckle’s pets; 11. Changsha is its capital; 12. “Hang on!” ; 13. Eager; 14. Things that may be shot in stages?; 24. “La Reine Margot” novelist; 27. ENTR ‘acte; 28. Ways to go; 30. Some shirts; 33. Dishes out undauntedly; 35. Trailer’s place; 36. South Pacific island; 37. Cry before storming out; 38. “Lighten up, will ya?!” ; 39. Hiking aid; 42. Hate, say; 46. “Tristram Shandy” author; 48. Natural; 49. In the pink; 51. 10 kilogauss; 53. Relish; 55. Disk units; 57. Bring to a standstill; 59. Mar makeup; 62. Letter run.
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Deborah Kerr, September 30, 1921 - October 16, 2007
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