10.21.07 -- "E" as in Eh?!

Sunday, October 21, 2007
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Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley, edited by Will Shortz
Eight entries ask the solver to imagine a long E sound become a short E sound:

CHICKENLEAGUE (23A Organization of easily frightened people?) -- EH?
BLANKCHEEK (40A Result of not wearing rouge?) -- EH?
HARDPRIEST (97A Strict Jesuit?) -- EH?
EDUCATED GEESE (117A Smart fowl?) -- EH?
PASTRYSHEAF (13D Bundle of pies?) -- EH?
SIMONSEIZE (16D “Mr. Cowell, grab that ‘American Idol’ contestant!”?) -- EH?
AGOODMEANIE (65D Bully turned Samaritan?) -- EH?
REDHEARING (72D House Un-American Activities Committee event?) -- EH?

LEPEW (52A Cartoon character who amorously chases Penelope) makes scents a little off center in this crossword, accompanied by such characters as MEDEA (88A Euripides tragedy); MAGRITTE (34A “The Treachery of Images” artist); Football Hall-of-Famer EARLE (Greasy) Neale (47A); DOLAN (59 HBO founder Charles); SEALE (92A Bobby of the Chicago Eight); SLAVE (103A Ben-Hur, for a time); ANISTON (116A “The Break-Up”: co-star, 2006); “The Great SANTINI” (Pat Conroy novel) (120A); OTHO (2D Roman emperor with a three-month reign); NERO (45D Last ruler of the Julio-Claudian dynasty); ALEC (44D “While We’re Young” songwriter Wilder) ; ILDUCE (101D W.W. II nickname); NAST (111D Cartoonist who created the Tammany Hall tiger); and OLDTIMERS (86D Veterans).
Other stuff -- Across: 1. Drink with a straw; 8. Resting places; 13. Bit of congratulations; 16. Nurse; 19. Open-mesh fabric; 20. "Day of WRATH" (what Dies Irae" means); 21. Oil used in making polyurethane; 25. Clambake item; 26. Chuck; 27. Unbending; 28. Sensors; 30. Heaps; 31. Place to buy a hookah; 33. Italian eyeglass; 38. Go for again; 39. They're checked at the door; 42. Seven SEAS; 43. Psalm, e.g.; 46. Right triangle figure; 48. Part of a dash; 49. It goes around at an amusement park; 50. Some skirts; 57. Jams; 61. For one; 63. Modern prefix with village; 64. Blood fluids; 68. Wagner's Tannhauser, e.g.; 68. Radio no.; 70. Nasty biter; 73. Turns the other way; 75. Freedom from government control, for short; 77. Traveling; 81. State; 83. Object rising in a Van Gogh landscape; 85. Brand of Lego bricks; 87. "SADTO say..."; 90. It may not need clarification; 94. Level; 95. Indian honorific; 96. Elevator button; 99. Neuron's tips?; 100. Peru's El MISTI volcano; 102. Psychiatrist's urging; 105. Sign up; 107. Univ. paper; 108. Extraction; 110. Houston pro soccer team; 112. Made a case; 121. Shoe store purchase; 122. Comeback; 123. Cold war jet; 124. Word before or after old; 125. "Nice!"; 126. Less sufficient.
More stuff -- Down: 1. Faction; 3. Speech spot; 4. Some movie theaters; 5. Commercial end for Water; 6. Common pizzeria order; 7. Lie detector alternative; 8. Precious, to a Brit; 9. Reach rival; 10. Hungarian; 11. A/C meas.; 12. Start to weep; 14. Blue chip, maybe; 15. Haberdashery purchases; 17. Lifeless; 18. Intrinsically; 22. Relatively recent time; 24. Achieved in school athletics; 29. One cold symptom; 30. Place for couples?; 32. Procter & Gamble soap; 34. 13 years before the Battle of Hastings; 35. "Biography" channel; 36. Banded rock; 37. Fisherman's trap; 40. Real-estate ad abbr.; 41. Capsized, with "over"; 51. Red Sea port; 53. Drawn back; 55. Fair-sized plot; 58. Cornwall carriage; 50. "Take your time"; 52. Towel stitching; 67. 1932 Democratic campaign plank; 69. Market value of a company's assets divided by their replacement cost; 70. Video shooters, for short; 71. Eye part; 74. Eschewing help; 76. Eyed angrily; 78. Something bid; 79. Bygone explosion, in headlines; 80. Wrong; 82. Not take out of the company, say; 84. Onetime Movietone productions; 89. A defendant may be tried in it; 91. Latch ONTO; 93. Like most sitcoms; 98. Some footballers: Abbr.; 103. Charley horse, e.g.; 104. Roofed patio; 106. It ends with a baccalaureat; 109. Chinese mafia; 112. Drudge; 113. For fear that; 114. 90o from sur; 115. Some game; 118. Black bird; 119. Transcript fig.
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