10.20.07 -- The Lady in Green

"The Blessed Damozel" -- Rossetti


Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz

A dash of green with SHE-Hulk, SAPSAGO, RESODS, GARDENHOSE, AMATEUR, DOLLARTREE, ARCADIA, ETAL. accompany the ladies of the puzzle, MOLL, ESTHER, ONLY CHILD, ALI, Janis, MOM, FILLE, and "The Blessed Damozel" to create an image of more than one lady in green for this Saturday extravaganza.

The unattractive SPEEDO, the infamous TRIPLANE, the tasteless GRUEL, join HATRED, ODIOUSLY, STROVE, STRIDE, TODO, IRATE, PEEL, ROTS, TEETERS, and PARTYFOUL as disagreeable items, ameliorated by MINUTIAE too sparse -- ENCOMIA and GENTEEL are but two that HITHOME.

A masterful crossword!

Across: 1. Small suit; 7. Cheese with a greenish tint; 14. “The Outsiders” author; 15. Band seen at parties; 16. Available if needed; 17. Aircraft for the Red Baron; 18. Without reservation; 19. “The Blessed Damozel” poet; 20. “Mr. MOM,” 1983 comedy; 21. Military classification; 23. Result of a day at the beach?; 24. “Infidel” author Ayaan Hirsi ALI; 25. RHODE Island; 26. Object of Oliver Twist’s request for “more; 27. Semimonthly ocean occurrence; 29. Somewhat; 30. “ARLO and Janis” (comic strip); 31. Linguist Okrand who created the Klingon language; 32. It’s “heavier freight for the shipper than it is for the consignee”: Augustus Thomas; 35. Poem whose first, third and seventh lines are identical; 39. Ready to explode; 40. Garcon’s counterpart; 41. Application file extension; 42. Big seller of smoothies; 43. Economist who wrote “The Theory of the Leisure Class”; 44. SHE-Hulk (Marvel Comics character); 45. Goshen raceway’s length; 47. It’s cleared for a debriefing; 49. In a despicable way; 50. Play a flute; 51. Details; 52. Book before Job; 53. Future hunters; 54. Does a landscaper’s job.

Down: 1. Troupe leader; 2. Camera obscura feature; 3. Laudations; 4. Bibliographical abbr.; 5. National chain of everything-costs-the-same stores; 6. Eloise of Kay Thompson books, e.g.; 7. Made an effort; 8. Become evident; 9. Enlivens, with “up”; 10. Figure seen in a store window; 11. Pan American Games participant; 12. Refined; 13. Author of the 2006 best seller “Culture Warrior”; 15. Big step; 22. Disturbance; 26. Typically green tube; 28. Gaffe at a social gathering, in modern lingo; 29. Often-unanswered missive; 31. Tough’s partner; 32. Seemed particularly relevant; 33. Pan’s realm; 34. Putting aside temporarily; 35. Hearty entrée; 36. Country of two million surrounded by a single other country; 37. Let the air out, say; 38. Betrays unsteadiness; 40. Guys; 43. See; 46. Universal remote button; 48. Breaks down.
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