10.22.07 -- Sheep!

Monday, October 22, 2007
Puzzle by Lynn Lempel, edited by Will Shortz
"Sheep!" Read it and weep! It says "sheep!" Not ewe, lamb or ram, nor LAWRENCEWELK, CLAMBISQUE or FAIRAMOUNT (an awfully long way to go for three sets of circled letters spelling EWE, LAMB, and RAM) -- SHEEP! The rhyme says SHEEP!
No wonder she can't find them!
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1. does sums 5. pillow filler 9. flapper hairdos 13. scuttlebutt 14. like a manly man 15. escapade 16. part of the eye that holds the iris 17. ____ and pains 18. what "thumbs up" means 19. bandleader in the polka music hall of fame 22. explosive initials 23. pinocchio, famously 24. mock 28. dance with a wiggle 30. lord 31. card that's taken only by a trump 32. mail carriers' assignments: abbr. 34. creamy soup 38. city where van gogh painted sunflowers 40. suffix with sucr- and lact- 41. pacific republic 42. substantial portion 45. pile 46. component of bronze 47. permit 48. washington's capitol ____ 50. precipitates at about 32 degrees f 52. left hurriedly 54. new deal program inits. 57. one who lost what's hidden in 19-, 34- and 42-across 60. hawaiian isle 63. more than perturbed 64. "unfortunately ..." 65. give a hard time 66. nobodies 67. small field size 68. branch of islam 69. plow pullers 70. jean who wrote "wide sargasso sea" 1. no longer a minor 2. couch 3. made a stand and would go no further 4. polaris, e.g. 5. bangladesh's capital, old-style 6. color of fall leaves 7. "thank goodness!" 8. rhinoplasty 9. chap 10. tree loved by squirrels 11. maidenform product 12. cloud's site 14. psycho 20. 90 degree turn 21. ushered 25. "fantastic voyage" actress 26. honda division 27. get ready to drive, in golf 29. _-friendly 30. agents under j. edgar hoover, informally 32. balsa transports 33. path 35. booty 36. tempe sen. 37. comedian mort 39. 1972 u.s./u.s.s.r. missile pact 43. latin american with mixed ancestry 44. oedipus' realm 49. wedding vow 51. doolittle of "my fair lady" 52. distress signal shot into the air 53. divulge 55. explorer who proved that greenland is an island 56. basilica recesses 58. fearsome dino 59. jack of early late-night tv 60. ____ butterworth's 61. what a doctor might ask you to say 62. israeli gun

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