11.07.07 -- A Busy Harbor

A Busy Harbor -- Thomas Bonar Lynn


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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Puzzle by Richard Chisholm, edited by Will Shortz

TWOKINDSOFBOATS (38A What 18-, 23-, 55- and 63-Across each comprises), along with LOVELIFE (18A Romantic goings-on); HOUSEPARTY (23A Tupperware sale event); ICEFISHING (55A Catching cold?); and AIRSPEED (63A Cockpit datum) are today’s inter-related entries, four giving forth eight types of boats: LOVE BOAT, LIFEBOAT, HOUSEBOAT, PARTY BOAT, ICEBOAT, FISHING BOAT, AIRBOAT, and SPEEDBOAT.

Six-space entries include LIAISE (4D Act as a go-between); KENNEL (5D Boarding site); PRONTO (8D Chop-chop); ENVOYS (9D Embassy figures); PIPETS (47D Lab tubes); SCHEME (48D Intrigue); LEGATO (19D Smooth, musically); KANSAS (39D Toto’s home); ESCORT (50D Debutante’s date); SHUTIN (51D Confined); CHALKS (1A Scores, as with a victory, with “up”); LADIES (14A Door sign); ASIANS (17A Mongol horde, e.g.); MOTIVE (65A Whodunit plot element); IRISES (68A Spring bloomers); and ATNINE (71A When many stores open).

Five-space entries: STEIN (20A “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose” writer); UTICA (34A Erie Canal city); SIXAM (43A Early time to rise); CUTIE (62A Good-looker); CLASH (1D Don’t go together); HASTO (2D Must); ADIEU (3D It means “Go with God”); EULER (7D Calculus pioneer); CAIRO (11D Where “Aida” premiered); ALFIE (12D Jude Law title role); TEENS (13D Many Justine Timberlake fans); RAVED (Was incoherent); OLAFS (41D Five Norse kings); BLAND (52D Short on flavor); OPINE (53D Say one’s piece); OGRES (54D Shrek’s ilk); ITISI (57D Answer to “Who’s there?”); NIVEN (58D David of Pink Panther movies); and GEESE (59D Foie gras sources).

Four-space entries: ACES, ATME, BOOS, ELEV, EPEE, ERIN, FOCI, GOES, LPGA, NAPS, OSHA, PENN, PHIS, RENO, URNS and YSER. Three-space leftovers: ALE, CAT, CTR, DES, ESE, ESP, HUB, IAN, IMA, LOX, MIA, NNE, NRA, PAY, PLO, SSS, STL, STS, and TWI. That’s a lot of fill, but whatever makes your boat float!
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