11.03.07 -- Caveat venditor!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

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Puzzle by Brad Wilber, edited by Will Shortz

Not another AUCTIONEER (15A Hammer wielder), yesterday described as (55A Block head?)! Yet, there he is! Who sent him? What will the outcome of his outcry become? Watch your words! This is a fire sale! Yesterday he was looking for the highest bidder, today he’s looking for the quickest sale!

Little wonder, he’s got some real oddities and a few loose ends sitting on the PRIZETABLE (53A Place for trophies at an awards luncheon) that look a little second-hand! Searching in the dark of this puzzle with a FLASHLIGHT (1A Sleuthing aid), one finds a VIRALVIDEO (17A YouTube phenomenon), well, we’re not buying that! How about a TSETSE (21A Safari hazard) -- no way! A STATICLINE (27D Alternative to a rip cord) -- what condition is it in? Does this guy have any STREETCRED (14A Homey’s acceptance) or is that LOADED (40D Like some questions)?

The vendor of this crossword had best get out the markdown slips -- but the solver may have trouble reading them! Curious clues include PENNE (37A Food also called mostaccioli); LEGS (20A Walk-on parts?); PASTRY (25A Napoleon, e.g.); EST (35A Record finish?), you know like “high-est”, etc.; MOLARS (43A Grinders); GOAT (44A One might be kidding); SAND (22D Inards of some clocks); SKEET (24D Earth-shattering activity?); SWINE (28D Coarse type); and WOOZY (42D Vertiginous).

It could be doubted his hammer will ever hit the block, but here’s a list of the goods:

Acrosses (priced to move quickly): ABCS (11. Early education); BAHT (16. Bangkok currency); STAR witness (18.); LALO (23. “Rhapsodie norvegienne” composer); STANLEE (24. Co-creator of Hulk and Thor), hey, they co-starred; SKINTEST (28. Allergist’s procedure); ENTRY (29. Lexicon listing); TWEED (30. Relative of homespun); MCC (31. Century-ending Middle Ages year); PDAS (32. Modern organizers, briefly); TRIER (33. Judge, e.g.); DEER (34. Skittish wildlife); ARENT (36 Fail to be); LOISLANE (38. Fictional Pulitzer-winning journalist in a 2006 film); LASTED (40. Didn’t fizzle); ETCHANT (41. Aquatinting acid); WORK (42. Succeed); CPO (45. U.S.C.G. rank); OBIS (48. “Madama Butterfly” wear); EURODISNEY (49. Much-anticipated Paris debut of 1992); KENT (52. Colleague of 38-Across); ODEA (54. Concert venues); and TINYDANCER (55. 1971 Elton John song).

Mark Downs: FAVA (1. Kind of bean); SAN (51. With 2-Down, seat of Costilla County, Colo.); LUIS (2. See 51-Down); ACRE (3. Plot segment); STA (4. Where folks go off and on: Abbr.); HILLARY (5. “View From the Summit” memoirist); LOVELY (6. Swell); INIGO Lopez de Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (7.); GEDS (8. People may get them before going to coll.); TEE (9. Part of a giggle); TROTTIER (10. Hockey Hall-of-Famer Bryan); ABSENT (11. Not in the picture); BATTLEMENT (12. Archer’s post); CHASESCENE (13. Action thriller staple); LTRS (23. Posts: Abbr.); PEPELEMOKO (25. Casbah fugitive of French film); ANDSOTOBED (26. Noted diary words); TRENT Canal (connector of lakes Ontario and Huron)(30.); TRANSEPT (33. It intersects the nave); DESK (34. Secretary, e.g.); ALAR (36. Garden no-no, now); PARTITA (37. One of six pieces by Bach); SHASTA (39. Daisy variety); GRIN (44. Wink accompanier); CNBC (45. “Power Lunch” channel); PELE (46. Legendary kicker); OYER (47. Legal hearing); and URI (50. Sch. In Kingston).

Mind you, just because it’s the second auction this weekend, it doesn’t mean the goods are anything less than first-rate -- it’s just that you may have already spent your gray matter on matters that mattered yesterday!

Get ‘em while they‘re hot!

International Auction House


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cornbread hell said...

the fire picture on the black background is beautiful. and as always, thanks for the cool links. the transept one made me smile.

DONALD said...

The cathedral site with the transept and other clickable sections was nifty!