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Isoda KORYUSAI (fl. c 1764-1788) -- A rare chuban showing a female monkey grooming a youngster, a waterfall behind. Saru, "Ape" from a set of "Twelve Elegant Signs [ of the Zodiac ] ". Koryusai produced some of the most exquisite kacho of the eighteenth century. Published c 1780.
Friday, November 16, 2007
Puzzle by Chuck Deodene, edited by Will Shortz
Back-and-forth and nitpicking -- QANDA and QUIBBLES -- sound familiar?
That’s right -- your friendly local Comments section -- enjoy!
Across: 1. Back-and-forth, QANDA; 6. One at the helm, STEERSMAN; 15. ‘USEAS directed”; 16. Product identifier, TRADENAME; 17. Apple storage devices, IPODS; 18. It maintains a proper attitude, AUTOPILOT; 19. “Western Star” poet, BENET; 20. Mount TAI, sacred Chinese site; 21. Sunder, PART; 22. Source of support, BRA; 23. Fragrant, SCENTED; 27. Bbl. fraction, GAL; 28. LITE rock (radio format); 30. Bills are in it: Abbr., AFC; 31. Deal-killing words, NOSALE; 33. Bibliographical abbr., ETAL; 34. Venue of many Richard Petty wins, DAYTONA; 36. First-class handouts?, SYLLABI; 38. Herd-thinning menace, RUSTLER; 42. Semirural, say, EXURBAN; 44. Time magazine Person of the Year, 2005, BONO; 45. One working on a board, IRONER; 48. Party in Pretoria: Abbr., ANC; 49. Poses in a studio?, YOGA; 50. Photographer Goldin, NAN; 51. Town on the Long Island Rail Road, SYOSSET; 54. Sprout, KID; 55. Channel blocker, SILT; 57. Letters before a street name, AKA; 58. “I’ll give you AHINT …”; 60. Colloquial, IDIOMATIC; 63. Newswoman Poussaint, RENEE; 64. Logic’s counterpart, SENTIMENT; 65. Rich spreads, PATES; 66. Trunk accumulation, TREERINGS; 67. Common dog name, SPORT.
Down: 1. Nitpicking, QUIBBLES; 2. Harshness, ASPERITY; 3. Relating to babes, NEONATAL; 4. DADE City, seat of Pasco County, Fla.; 5. Right hands: Abbr., ASSTS; 6. 1945 film musical with the song “It Might As Well Be Spring”, STATEFAIR; 7. Cutting out?, TRUANCY; 8. Suffer a loss, slangily, EATIT; 9. Shogunate capital, EDO; 10. Mouthpiece, REP; 11. Scissor, SNIP; 12. Costa del Sol port, MALAGA; 13. Unprincipled, AMORAL; 14. Green stinger, NETTLE; 24. Crème Egg maker, CADBURY; 25. Proclaim, ENOUNCE; 26. Underbosses’ bosses, DONS; 29. 1990s sitcom, ELLEN; 32. Didn’t get involved, SATBY; 35. Does, as business, TRANSACTS; 37. Choppers, AXES; 39. Probe, LOOKINTO; 40. Bring about with some effort, ENGINEER; 41. Cavalier evaluation?, ROADTEST; 43. On the sundeck, BASKING; 45. Not yield, INSIST; 46. Corporate shark, RAIDER; 47. Seeing the sites, ONLINE; 52. Like muesli, OATEN; 53. Diamond protectors, TARPS; 56. Lug, TOTE; 59. Jalopy, HEAP; 61. It was deorbited in 2001, MIR; 62. “Bel-AMI” (Maupassant novel).
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Anonymous said...

No one seems to comment here. Why?

DONALD said...

Well, there are plenty of crossword forums already in existence, and it never seemed important to promote another -- this blog doesn't ask questions of it's viewers, nor does it solicit comments in the daily text as do most blogs.

The New York Times runs an excellent forum, check that out.

To sum up, I look at the comments section as a place for "comments" -- discussion is fine, but it takes deliberate effort to promote same and stir it up. Not my cup -- this blog gets, according to SiteMeter an average of 2,000 visits daily, so that's my motivation to continue the blog.

However, when I do hear from a reader, I am always attentive and appreciative of the remark, no matter what it may be -- as I implement practical comments of a critical nature, and just love to hear anything positive.

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

I love this site and use it often. I really enjoy the added pictures and commentary.
Jan in TX

DONALD said...

Jan in TX

Ah! Motivation! Thanks!

What part of Texas? I lived near Oklahoma City, OK for a little less than a year, ages ago!