11.18.07 -- One L

Sunday, November 18, 2007

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Puzzle by Patrick Berry, Edited by Will Shortz
This is a frigid November crossword puzzle, ruled by a single letter -- L. All else reads as slave fill, while the switching of the L is perfunctory and frozen. Further, none of the inter-related entries helps much in the solution of the next with each entry coming at the tedious expense of time and the laborious uncovering of same.
Eleven inter-related entries are involved in this monotonous filing chore, provoking thought of so many better places to stick these L’s.
23A Run away from chewing tobacco users? - FLEE SPITTERS (FEE SPLITTERS);
25A Alexander the Great's ambition? - TO SLAY THE EAST (TO SAY THE LEAST);
37A Problem for a sweaty-handed Tarzan? - VINY SLIDING (VINYL SIDING);
56A One who's crazy for a sharp-dressed man? - FOP LOVER (FLOP OVER);
66A Shakespearean prince who's handsome and muscular? - STUDLY HAL (STUDY HALL);
78A Fish-worshiping groups? - COD CULTS (COLD CUTS);
92A What a magician might do with a big saw? - HALVE THE GAL (HAVE THE GALL);
36D Macho beer-drinker's outerwear? - COAT OF MANLY COORS (COAT OF MANY COLORS);
107A How to avoid getting tipsy on hard liquor? - PACE YOUR BELTS (PLACE YOUR BETS);
113A Designed jeans? - PLOTTED PANTS (POTTED PLANTS)
Other entries are an odd lot and seem motivated purely by the basic mechanics of where in the hell to place the L?
This one left me cold.
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1A immature 8A "_____ at large," 2003 fox sitcom 13A el _____ (peruvian volcano) 18A like kashmir rugs 20A for all to hear 21A one-dimensional 22A nebraska town, named after an indian tribe, featured in "lonesome dove" 23A run away from chewing-tobacco users? 25A alexander the great's ambition? 27A leading the field 28A _____ admin (computer techie, for short) 29A revolution-era loyalist 30A black and tan ingredient 31A mental acuity 34A glinting flecks in granite 37A problem for a sweaty-handed tarzan? 41A trawler's trailer 42A much of anats nin's work 45A quite often 46A one of the five stages of grief 48A leaves in hot water 49A _____ de guerre 50A oil company in a 1999 merger 53A technique involving thickly applied paint 55A crumb carrier 56A one who's crazy for a sharp-dressed man? 58A moved two chessmen in one turn 59A early collaborator with eastwood 61A islamic chieftain 62A drug _____ 64A bring on board 65A stole, perhaps 66A shakespearean prince who's handsome and muscular? 68A membranous structure 69A sportswear brand 71A weekly service 72A creditor's collection 73A some hieroglyphic characters 76A at great length 78A fish-worshiping groups? 81A insect egg 82A novelist jamaica _____ 83A you might hear it going up and down 84A backup singer's syllable 85A tridactyl bird 86A scotland's summer _____ 87A market pessimist 89A beguiles 91A powell's "the thin man" co-star 92A what a magician might do with a big saw? 98A theories 99A 1978 disco hit 101A say what isnt so 102A "good gracious!" 103A bass part 105A mr. bean 107A how to avoid getting tipsy on hard liquor? 113A designed jeans? 116A barograph reading 117A dvd box set, possibly 118A "ready _____ ..." 119A flat remover 120A boxed-off map section 121A ladies and gentlemen of the jury 122A producer of the keystone cops films 1D part offirefighter attire 2D ship launched from lolcus 3D favoritism 4D dresses down 5D tabletop decoration 6D good news for some prisoners 7D parade-ground command 8D thin and crisp 9D soothes 10D they're not positive 11D performance that takes a second 12D some web site banners 13D paw 14D following behind 15D oil spill? 16D sealant 17D schedule-keeping org. 19D christine of "chicago hope" 21D eton collar material 24D "man is by nature a _____ animal": aristotle 26D long, long time 30D excitement 32D show signs of falling 33D took a big step 34D bad stuff to microwave 35D one of the forsytes in "the forsyte saga" 36D macho beer-drinker's outerwear? 37D seductress 38D place to hole up 39D not feeling 100 percent 40D breaks 43D gather 44D sweet talk 47D lane on broadway 50D greek god of ridicule 51D contemporary of virgil 52D see 94-down 54D do damage to 57D "_____ dance" (david bowie album) 60D perceptive person's detection 62D throw out 63D pitts of silent film 66D unable to see much 67D little green man 68D figure skater cohen 69D at a slow pace 70D popular sleep aid 71D "excusez-_____!" 74D words mouthed to a camera 75D leaves gasping 77D telegraphy signal 78D short-spoken 79D take up the entire sofa 80D nail holder 83D ginnie _____ 88D iconic anne baxter role 90D gets one's food on a tray, say 93D fleshy-leaved shrubs 94D with 52-down, "symphonic fantastique" composer 95D discharges 96D party to many a civil union 97D begin using 100D bandleader shaw 103D french business partner, maybe 104D "peer gynt" playwright 106D what a line of dots may signify 107D peel 108D charles lindbergh's wife 109D author of "trinity" 110D draw in 111D brisk step 112D posted 113D esp, remote viewing, and such 114D hall-of-famer dawson 115D music genre

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