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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
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Puzzle by Jim Page, edited by Will Shortz
JUSTSAYNO (36A Slogan popularized in the 1980s ... and a hint to 17-, 25-, 28-, 48-, 51- and 60-Across) along with HOLDSBARRED (17A A la a free-for-all), BRAINER (25A Really easy decision), GOODNIK (28A Bum), FLYZONE (48A Restricted airspace), HITGAME (51A Pitcher's coup), and GREATSHAKES (60A Mediocre), are the inter-related entries of today's Wednesday wonder.

Well, I hope everyone’s day turns out to be a little more cheerful than today’s EDITION (40D Bibliophile’s concern) of the crossword. Joining the parade of negativity is ESTOPS (5A Prevents, in legal speak); DAM (11A Dental device); BOOHOO (15a Blubber); KNOT (21A Granny, for one) (I know, I know); TIREOF (23A Become bored by); “Whoso diggeth APIT shall fall therein”: Proverbs (58A); EROSION (2D Wind and rain cause it); LODGED (4D Stuck) and EBB (5D Fall back); SOAK (Overcharge); TORN (7D Of two minds); YAH (39D Derisive word); and SMARMY (47D Excessively flattering). There’s even AMMO (55A BB’s and shells) and an ARMS race (68A). "No." -- the shortest sentence in the English language!

For the positive there is D√ČTENTE (11D Warming, of sorts); To the NTH power (1A); POETRY (9D “The bill and coo of sex” per Elbert Hubbard); SAFE (42A Call at home); and somewhere in between -- TOTALLY (41D 100 percent). Hang in there!

Venus and Adonis -- Francois Lemoyne, 1729

Plenty of people in the puzzle including NPR host NEAL Conan (1A) YVETTE (30A Mimieux of “Where the Boys Are”) (she comes to mind when the puzzle presents us with ELOI); ADONIS (46A Hunky sort); AMELIA (64A Suffragist Bloomer); TERI (65A Hatcher of film); LYRICS (67A Hal David output); OHROB (8D “The Dick Van Dyke Show” catchphrase); an ATHLETE (12D Wheaties box adorner); Singer Ella MAE Morse (13D); DIEGO (22D Muralist Rivera); ONETERM (44D Like Carter’s presidency); ZAPATA (50D 1952 Brando role); EMEER (52D Mideast V.I.P.); GAL (60A Hoedown partner); and SIS (62D Family nickname), with or without a MONIKER (43D Handle). Creatures include KITS (29D Little foxes) and YETIS (39A Fabled “snowmen”).

More across: 16. When to get to the airport to pick someone up: Abbr.; 19. It’s definite; 20. Western lily; 22. DEL Rio, Tex.; 31. “Newhart” setting; 32. World Series prize; 35. Double curves; 43. Unruly do; 53. Good horseshoe toss; 54. Eastern “path”; 59. Museum hanging; 63. Mag. Info; 66. Whatever amount.

More down: 3. Wing part; 10. Lawn base; 18. Shortly; 24. TGI Friday’s; 24. Holiday trees; “AVON calling!”; 27. Hi RES monitor; 33. Code-cracking org.; 34. Large fishing hook; 36. Self-professed ultrapatriotic; 37. Old Voice of America org.; 38. “Gimme a C …!,” e.g.; 45. PER diem; 49. Repeated word in “She Loves You! ”; 56 Saharan land; 57. Ear-related; 59. Things in tubes; 61. Airline to Oslo.

The Y’s have it today with YVETTE, YETIS, YELL, YEAH and YAH.

All in all, after all is said and done, a fun puzzle -- YES?!


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