07.21.08 -- ...and God Created Woman

Jeannette MacDonald, The Merry Widow, 1934
Monday, July 21, 2008
Puzzle by Gilbert H. Ludwig, edited by Will Shortz
As light as a feather, this Monday crossword could almost make one forget it’s a back-to-work day, but then so many of us may be on vacation we’ll not even come across this delightful puzzle, a no-nonsense, exotic little paean to the fair sex.
THEGAYDIVORCEE (20A. 1934 title role for Ginger Rogers), THEMERRYWIDOW (35A. 1934 title role for Jeanette MacDonald) and THEHAPPYHOOKER (51A. 1975 Title role for Lynn Redgrave) constitute a teasing triumvirate of interrelated entries. The ladies also flourish in this crossword with the inclusion of ESTHER (2D. Purim heroine), EVA (25A. With 56-Across, Saint of Hollywood) MARIE (56A. See 25-Across), ODAY (5D. Jazzy Anita), 63A. Writer Zora NEALE Hurston, 15A. Journalist ADELA Rogers St. Johns, all joining in on the metaphorical PEALS (9A. Sounds of bells or laughter) of the divorcee, the widow and the hooker.
Left in near COMAS (4A. Unconscious states) from the feminine SALVOS (8A. Series of shots, as from warships) are the likes of CAESAR (39A. Emperor killed on the Ides of March), EDGAR(16A. Whodunit award), TURKS (19A. Denizens of 45-Down) of ANKARA (45D. Capital ESE of Istanbul) and LORRE (50D. Peter of “M”). Inhumanly ALONE (59A. Uniquely) are the HORTON (47D. Dr. Seuss elephant) and OSCAR (60A. “Sesame Street” grouch). ALAS (41A. “Darn,” more formally)! Ah well, 32A. “That’s one small step for AMAN …”
TALLTALE (35D. Sailor’s yarn), AGREEDTO (11D. Accepted, as terms), LAKEVIEW (12D. Placid vacation vista) and 36D. Charles de Gaulle : Paris :: HEATHROW, are the eight-letter entries. Seven-letter entries are OUTSWIM (22D. Defeat by a stroke?) and AMERICA (28D. Song that begins “My country, ‘tis of thee”).
Five- and six-letter entries include 18A. “This is only ATEST”; BANAL (18A. Like “Have a nice day”); BODEGA (3D. Barrio grocery); CABAL (4D. Plotters’ plot); ENROL (30D. Sign up); ISLAM (42A. Imam’s faith); LEGAL (23A. 8 ½” x 14” paper size); LENTO (50A. Slow, in music); 9D. Lab’s PETRI dish; RUSTLE (1D. What leaves do in the wind); SEWER (62A. Stinky stream); SHEER (49D. Like pantyhose); SLATES (33A. Candidate lists); STEPIN (46D. Enter); and, quite timely, SIPHON (43D. Drain furtively, maybe) when paired with GAS (21A. Phase hotter than liquid).
Little stuff -- ACS, ALAI, AMA, ANN, APT, BLT, CAB, CASH, CEO, EDUC, EINE, ERAS, ESS, FDIC, HEAL, LIT, MEND, OMIT, OUI, POSE, REB, RIO, SCI, SRS, STD, TAR, USO, YMA & YMCA, and finally, 56D. “No MAS!” (“Stop!,” in Spanish).
Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece. ~ Author Unknown
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alanrichard said...

I was afraid that someone would have Indian Love Call with Jeanette McDonald & Nelson Eddy playing on a video. When I'm calling you ooh ooh oooh oooh ooh..................

DONALD said...

We were also spared YMA Sumac crowing the octaves!