07.04.08 -- July 4, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008
Puzzle by John Underwood, edited by Will Shortz
USA, USA, USA (13D. Start of a patriotic cheer, 40A. Middle of a patriotic cheer, 61D. End of a patriotic cheer), along with AMERICAFIRST (20A. 1916 work by 28-Across), JOHNPHILIPSOUSA (28A. Subject of this puzzle), STARSANDSTRIPES (48A. Title subject of a 28-Across work) and THEMARCHKING (55A. Sobriquet for 28-Across) are the interrelated entries of this Fourth of July crossword puzzle, a beautiful word celebration from the NYT for the 232nd birthday of the United States, following the prescription of John Adams that it be observed as a “day of deliverance” in more ways than one, with “solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty … pomp and parade … shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of the continent to the other from this time forward forever more.”
Plenty to LOVE (3D. It is “resistless in battle,” wrote Sophocles) in this puzzle; including 6D. Barbara Kingsolver’s
OTRA América” and SUSAN (22D. Sontag who wrote “In America”) the ROTC (18A. Org. offering college scholarships) and the SAR (38D. Fraternal patriotic org.); however, were it not for the generously interrelated subject of the crossword, a few entries might be difficult to discern from their clues -- no matter, here’s what’s on the Fourth of July MENU (10A. It might include hot dogs and baked beans):
Across: 1. Designer known for his “American look”; 6. Cruel one; 14. Freeload; 15. Wile E. Coyote or the Road Runner; 16. “Three Places in New England” composer; 17. Go-getter; 18. Org. offering college scholarships; 19. “Bye-bye!”; 23. Thurman of “Dangerous Liaisons”; 24. Greenwich Village campus inits.; 25. Blue; 34. Writer LeShan; 35. When doubled, a book by Gauguin; 36. Locale for some Gauguin art; 37. Defeat; 42. “We didn’t do it!”; 43. Like some designs; 45. Trauma sites, for short; 47. Sport UTE; 52. Cupcake; 53. CRO-Magnon; 54. N.R.C. predecessor; 61. Items for Rambos; 64. Ames Research Center org.; 65. Broadcaster; 66. SALK vaccine; 67. Anita who sang “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby”; 68. Where Hercules slew the lion; 69. Mimics mockingly; 70. Sugar amts.; 71. May gift recipients.
Down: 1. Austen’s Woodhouse; 2. Tower; 4. Spring river breakup; 5. Small fry; 7. Slip; 8. Spiral pasta; 9. Make secret, in a way; 10. Ball catcher; 11. “Die Meistersinger” heroine; 12. Volleyball need; 21. Sammy the lyricist; 25. Get into uniform; 26. Shrewd; 27. Ceremonial sites; 28. Like some delis; 29. Teeth: Prefix; 30. Supreme Court justice Stone; 31. Chit; 32. Beamed intensely; 33. “Well, looky here!”; 39. Former CBS chief; 41. Poetica opening; 44. Be afraid to; 46. Opposite of legato: Abbr.; 49. Tent dwellers, maybe; 50. Put back on display, in a way; 51. More gross; 55. Clucking sounds; 56. Without dawdling; 57. They may be caught on a beach; 58. “Garfield” waitress; 59. Want; 60. Pâté de fois GRAS; 62. Get rid of; 63. Nouvelle-Calédonie, e.g.
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