07.10.08 -- S to RY

From The McDonald’s History
Thursday, July 10, 2008
Puzzle by Ari Halpern, edited by Will Shortz
STORY (71A. Level … or a three-word hint to 20-, 38- and 60-Across), BLACKEYEDPEARY (20A. Arctic explorer post-flight?), GOLDENARCHERY (38A. Bows and arrows for Midas?) and CORDUROYPANTRY (60A. Storage area for ribbed fabric?) are the interrelated entries of a brief “S” to “RY” exchange exercise featured in this Thursday crossword.
Four eight-letter entries anchor the upper right and lower left corners -- OPERATOR (11D. Zero personality?), ROLYPOLY (12D. Pudgy), GALACTIC (38D. Enormous), and ONEPOUND (39D. Candy box size) evoke an image of a fast-food-fed obese crossword blogger.
Six-letter entries are AMULET (2D. Item worn around the neck, maybe); CAPONS (54A. Choice poultry); DELANO (3D. Presidential middle name); DURHAM (53D. Duke’s home); FIGARO (10D. Singer of Rossini’s “Largo al factotum”); GEYSER (50D. Yellowstone Park attraction); LITCHI (52D. Chinese fruit tree); NORDIC (47D. Like some skiing); and SERAPE (25A. Possible cover for a siesta).
Those of five letters are APERY (57D. Copycatting); BARBS (1D. Unpleasant remarks); ELENI (46A. 1985 John Malkovich drama); KNEAD (21D. Massage); MORSE (65A. Inspector of crime fiction); MYEYE (59D. “The hell you say!”); NOTON (32A. Off); PLAZA (15A. Shopping center); POSER (68A. Model); RAZOR (18A. Symbol of thinness); SPLIT (5A. Fork); SPREE (5D. Binge at the mall); SUMPS (55D. Water pits); TARPS (9D. Temporary covers).
The three- and four-letter entries are plentiful with ACDC, ACHE, AMEX, BADE, EAT, EDS, EEN, EGO, END, EXEC, FORE, GELS, IAM and IUM, IND, IPOD and IZOD, LAZE, MCS, MET, MINI, NAST, NEE, NIB and NIL, OLD, ORSO, RAN, REC, ROOT, RTS, RULE, SAG, SEN, SHAY, SMA, SOLD, TIN, TIME and TONE.
Finally, PLAYER (6D. Ladies’ man) and STUD (64A. Ladies’ man) get the Shortzesque treatment, while THANE (30D. Shakespearean title) and SIR (31D. English title) would BEG (49A. Beseech) to differ with HIM (“THAT guy!”)!
That’s the story…
41. “HASTA mañana”!
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Search information -- Across: 1. Gave an order to; 10. Woods call; 14. Platinum Card offered, for short; 16. Shuffle or 67-Across, e.g.; 17. Eliminate, with “out”; 19. Alternatives to creams; 23. Hatch or Byrd: Abbr.; 24. Formerly, in high society; 27. Mood; 29. Some offensive linemen: Abbr.; 33. “___ Love,” 1975 Jackson 5 hit; 37. Past; 43. Was on the ticket; 44. Major Indonesian export; 45 Big inits. In Hollywood; 51. Convinced; 56. Use (up), as savings; 58. Common suffix on chemical elements; 66. Yearn (for); 67. See 16-Across; 69. Horse-drawn carriage; 70. Switch possibilities; 72. Proctor’s call. Down: 4. Prez, e.g.; 7. What many do on a day off; 8. Polo alternative; 13. Money managers?: Abbr.; 22. Night of poetry; 26. Tight ___; 28. Not even a little; 30. English title; 34. Big Apple cultural attraction, with “the”; 36. Hosts; 40. Pen point; 42. The “I” of Claudius I; 43. Boombox button; 48. Not the party type?: Abbr.; 61. Source; 62. Roughly; 63. Thomas with a pointed pen; 64. Little, to Robert Burns.

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