07.02.08 -- Green, Eggs, Ham, etc...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Puzzle by Daniel Kantor, edited by Will Shortz
Green is THECOLOROFMONEY (17A. *1986 Newman/Cruise film); BELUGACAVIAR (26A. *Ritzy delicacy), eggs; and a GRANDSTANDER (44A. *Showboating type) is a ham; ergo, GREENEGGSANDHAM (57A. Dr. Seuss book … or a description of the answers to the three starred clues), constituting the interrelated entries of this pleasant Wednesday crossword.
COCONUTS (4D. Milk sources) and HINTEDAT (39D. Subtly suggested) are the only eight-letter entries, along with two seven-letter entries, PARTIAL (24D. Like early election night returns) and BISECTS (25D. Halves). Six-letter entries include BLEEPS (25A. Deletes, as expletives); ROUTER (31A. Woodworking tool); CMINOR (42A. Key of Beethoven’s Fifth); PROZAC (6D. Disposition pick-me-up); POORER (10D. More in need); and SALSAS (45D. Dances to some of Gloria Estefan’s music).
OPRAH (5A. Daytime TV staple) leads off the people parade -- LAUREL (46A. Half of an old comedy duo); GRIESE (44D. Dolphins Hall-of-Fame QB Bob); a ZEN (21A. Kind of master); SHEL (3D. “Where the Sidewalk Ends” author Silverstein); HEF (9D. Mag mogul beginning in the ‘50s); a MASON (43D. Secret order member); BARR (35D. Attorney general after Thornburgh); SHUE (54D. Actress Elisabeth) and someone with a TITLE (37A. Heavyweight champion of the world, e.g.).
ANTS (36A. Symbols of industry) and LOGOS (46D. Symbols of industry) are the Shortzesque clues -- OCHO and ECHO are crossing look-alikes. The loosely related OUST and OESTE, ANTED and BETS, TSE and TEST, ATON and TADS, OGLE and PREEN are more like SOLOS. VOL (30D. L x w x h) is about as odd a clue as I can recall -- but clever!
The remaining across: 1. “The aristocrat of pears”; 10. “In addition …”; 14. Parrot; 15. More than miffed; 16. Boot; 20. Jazz session highlights; 23. Vintner’s valley; 32. Meddlesome; 33. Marvelous, in slang; 39. Dance with a wiggle; 41. Languish; 49. #2: Abbr.; 50. Navel type; 51. Alternative to Gmail; 53. 90 degrees from norte; 60. Dinghy pair; 62. “Never follow” sloganeer, once; 63. Gin flavorer; 64. Iron; 65. Try out.
Downs: 1. Takes a risk; 2. Cuatro y cuatro; 5. Standard OIL; 7. Label in a bibliophile’s catalog; 8. Immensely; 11. Kendo motion; 12. Exhaust; 13. Eye sores; 18. Missouri River tributary; 19. Language of Kuala Lumpur; 26. Grill option, for short; 27. Seemingly forever; 28. Renaissance instrument; 29. Put in a stake; 33. It may be mutual; 34. Balm ingredient; 38. Tolkien’s The Prancing Pony, e.g.; 41. Groom; 47. Heard, but not seen; 48. In UTERO (not yet born); 52. Watch like a wolf; 55. Small amounts; 56. Discharge; 58. Seer’s gift; 59. Pitches.
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